Not Far

Jean is subjected to a rude awakening when she parts ways with her best friend. She makes her way to Washington D.C. before finally running into a group of survivors, but is she in for more than she bargained for? Will she slowly lose her mind in this lonely world of devastation and no hope?


2. The Beginning

Just a warning..this chapter contains attempted rape and sexual content. If this makes you uncomfortable feel free to skip to the next chapter.


It's been days and several miles since I saw my best friend last. We had gone separate ways after leaving our apartments in South Park, Colorado. She was heading back to Islip, and me, well, I was going wherever the wind took me. 
  It was getting dark and I was contemplating on whether or not to go into the forest in front of me. It was clear that I shouldn't, but I was delusional from the lack of sleep I had and I wasn't thinking clearly. I decided to go into the forest and hoped that I wouldn't run into a horde of walkers. 
  While making my way further into the forest, I heard rustling around me. I brushed it off but still remained cautious. In this world, you can't let your guard down. Walkers were everywhere. It's sad when you realize that, at this point, walkers were outnumbering people. After tonight, I wouldn't care how many people were left. I would only care about one person and that person...wasn't me. 
  I cautiously moved through the darkening woods. Another rustling noise came from behind me. I pulled out my gun.
  "H-hello?" I asked stupidly. I saw a person come out of the bushes. I breathed a sigh of relief. 
 "Thank Ryuk. It's another person." I muttered to myself as I put my gun away. Which was a huge mistake.
  Next thing I knew, I was being tackled to the ground by someone. I struggled in their grasp, they pinned my arms above my head and spread my legs apart with their legs.
  "W-wait! I'm not a walker! Stop!" I shouted. The man looked at me, he was covered in dirt and had a 'W' on his forehead. He smirked at me as others emerged from the woods behind and in front of him. 
  "We know. We just really need a release..and supplies." He said as he looked at my bag. I kicked my legs to get him off of me, but it did no good. The man began to undo the button on my shorts.
  "N-no!" I shouted, not caring if it attracted walkers. Hell, that might even be my strategy to get out of this situation. The men around me chuckled at my futile attempts as they grabbed the stolen guns and ammo from my bag. Just as I thought there was no hope left, someone yelled. 
  The man on top of me looked over his shoulder as another man approached. I began to panic again. Who knew if this guy was really here to help me. 
  "I hope you're in the middle of killing her.." He scorned. The man on top of me straightened up as he looked up at this guy. He had long brown hair, and enchanting dark brown eyes. He-also-had the 'W' on his forehead. The man on top of me stood up. 
  "Yes..of course." He said nervously. I looked up at the man who just stopped this man from raping me. I noticed that the others surrounding us had seemed to shy off, looking nervous as this mysterious stranger glared at all of them. He held out his hand, not even bothering to look at me. 
  "I hope you're..fine.." He trailed off as he smirked at me. He helped me up and I couldn't help but stare into his memorizing eyes. I was scared, I bet he knew it too. It was the way he looked at me. It was almost as if he were trying to exploit my fear and uneasiness. He pulled me closer.
  "Y-you saved me..but why?" I asked. He ignored my question. 
  "I could let you go, but you have to let me do what I want." He whispered. I looked down as a blush spread across my cheeks and I nodded shyly. He smiled at me, showing his imperfect smile.
  "Good." He began quietly. He looked up and around at the men gathered around us. They dispersed quickly and he turned to me. I was still facing where those people were standing. One hand was placed on top of my shoulder while the other traced my hips. 
  "I..." I couldn't say anything else. He buried his face in the crook of my neck, placing small, barely recognizable kisses up the left side of my neck. 
  "'I' what?" He whispered before biting my earlobe. Slowly, he guided me down onto the ground. He began to whisper dirty things that I'd prefer not to specify. He looked up at me again, a smirk on his face. I sat there while he undid my shorts, pulling them down along with my underwear. 
  "Don't take off anything else. It'll be easier to get dressed and run if any walkers come through here." He told me. I nodded as he undid his pants. I looked away, too timid to watch him. He smashed his lips onto mine, this being the first time he actually kissed me. I didn't realize that he had entered until he started thrusting. I moaned into the kiss. 
  He pulled away and buried his face in the crook of my neck again. I whined and moaned softly at every little movement he made. He began to thrust at an animalistic rate, causing me to moan a bit louder. He wrapped a hand around my throat to stop me from moaning so loudly. I wrapped my legs around his waist. The pleasure stopped after I did this, he had pulled out. He flipped me over.
  "Get on your hands and knees." He commanded. I did as he told me and picked myself up. He entered me again and continued. I let out a shaky moan as he sped up again. He bent over me and began to whisper in my ear.
  "You'll be crying wolf by the time I'm done here." He said jokingly, I didn't realize that though. His thrusts became sloppy and I felt an intense feeling of pleasure build up and burst as he grazed a certain spot in me. I moaned loudly, still unsure of what his name was. He pulled out as soon as I came down from this little high I had. 
  "I don't think we'll see each other again. I want you to know, that this could've ended worse than this." He told me. I nodded as I pulled up my pants. 
  As I watched him walk away, I realized something. Why would he save me if he didn't care? That's exactly my point, if he didn't care he wouldn't have saved me. If anything, this experience taught me something, not all survivors are good. They aren't all like him. 
  Little did I know, that this was just the beginning.

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