Lola would be the love of anyones life, she is smart, beautiful, and strong everything the all American girl should be. Its no wonder she is the center of Hayden's world but when something changes the way Hayden sees her will it change everything?


3. the first month of meetings

The first month is when i really began to realize this women was special, she was working on her PHD, she has a masters in phycology and is working on becoming a Dr. This women is not only strong and beautiful but brilliant. Lola opens up about her home and her family, the reason she went into phycology. 

"My mother was never around and my dad and brother were the same peroson, it was like they couldn't see it though they would fight and fight. It was like they were arguing with the mirror some day they would say the same words but meaning different things. It was hard to be the one in the middle all the time. they were always using me agents the other. So when i turned 18 I left accepted a full scholarship the the state university and never looked back."

It was heartbreaking to see her go through the pain all over again, to see her remember and regret tings but i knew and she knew that she would be doing so much good. We talk about writing and my new book I'm writing, how i think that I want to write something so different but am conserved my publisher might no like it.

"Why would they not like it? You have written plenty of books that have made them plenty of money, they wouldn't take a risk on you?"

"I think they might and that scares me too, what if i put this book out and they hate it what if they use it and it fails then I'm stuck writing love stories my whole life and thats ok because that is all I'm good at."

"Well what would you write if you could write anything?"

"Something darker, different from what I do. I would like a thriller something suspenseful, maybe with a mystery."

After that first month i ask her to a dinner, she is worried that would be to much to fast so we agree after another month we can go to dinner. I can respect a women who feels a certain way and is strong enough to make it happen. I can't help but count down the days until the end of next month anyway though.

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