Lola would be the love of anyones life, she is smart, beautiful, and strong everything the all American girl should be. Its no wonder she is the center of Hayden's world but when something changes the way Hayden sees her will it change everything?


2. The begining

After the first day I went back to the same table hoping that she would walk through the doors and ask me to sit again, we would talk, she would ask what I'm writing and i would tell her my new book. She would then relize that I am in fact the writer that has written all the tragic love stories, there almost as amazing and tacitly sad and beautiful as Nicholas Sparks, but not quite. Then I would ask what she was doing and why she came back to the table and why she wanted to know me.

Finally a week later I looked up from my novel right in the middle of a fight between the war hero Nolan and his ex lover Witney when i hear her voice. I hear her laugh, now here is where i should say it sounded like bells or music but she snorted and it looked like her whole body was shaking. It was just as attractive, more so than if it would have been perfect like the rest of her, this made her real it made her human. She turned to see me watching her, she smiles and walks towards me.

"Hayden, may i sit?" I nod trying to seem casual but really Im ecstatic. 

"Im sorry its been a week, I have been thinking a lot about you in fact i even googled you."

And here it is, she found out. 

"your a writer... I have to say i didn't see that coming you were so casual about your journal like it was a hobby not your life work, work that you are quite good at."

"My mother taught me not to brag that if you were really as good as you think you are, and other people agreed they would do the bragging for you and it would mean just that much more if they were the ones talking about you. It always seemed like good advised." 

"well your mother was a smart women, because i have been to a book signing and you are modest and yet your publishers never seem to have enough of your books even though all you seem to do is release a date and retailers, no other advertising simply word of mouth."

"She was a smart lady, I try to live up to her expectations every day."

We talk for hours about my mother, the weather, her family everything finally the sun is gone and the yellowing artificial lights are getting hard to tolerate. Lola leaves for a meeting for work and I head for home. We agree that once a week on Wednesdays at 1 we will meet at this table. 

And we do.

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