Lola would be the love of anyones life, she is smart, beautiful, and strong everything the all American girl should be. Its no wonder she is the center of Hayden's world but when something changes the way Hayden sees her will it change everything?


1. Lola

When i was 10 my mother told me something about the women i would fall in love with, now she had no idea it would be Lola or that she was an angel on earth, but she did know that it would fit when i was in love. 

When she looks at you and you look at her your life will just be right.

​You won't feel hear see or be anywhere but in that moment with her. 

You will be head over heals in love.


This Was true from the moment i meet Lola. The day she walked into the common room she had her carmel hair pulled into a pony tail the curls danced off her back as she walked brushing her back below her shoulders. Then she just walked over to me and sat down were i was writing, it was like she didn't see another human being in the room just me as i only saw her. She stared into me with her green eyes, they saw me, they knew that i was looking at her and not just her beautiful completion or the way that she held herself at the table that told me she was important. 

"Hello, my name is Lola. Is it ok if i sit with you?"

I almost couldn't respond right away she was so stunning and i was just amazed she saw me, its not that I'm unattractive I work out take care of my self and I went to a good college, but Lola was a goddess. 

"I would like that, my names is Hayden." My voice sounds amazingly calm and even when my body is screaming. All i want to do is reach out and brush the shorter piece of hair that has escaped her pony back behind her ear, because nothing should obscure the full view of her beautiful face.

This was the day my life would change and she would become my everything and i knew it instantly. 

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