A Falling King

Atem........ why are you doing this? They are your people! They need you!


1. Healer!

It can't be! Healer?

My heart started to pound hard.

I-I thought......

I ran to him, almost hugging him.

Nope! Not going to happen.

I turned around. Healer was surprised.

"Wha?...... Didn't you miss me?"

"Of course I did Healer!" I crossed my arms.

He went red. "Stop calling me Healer!"

"Ockitsuko! Ockitsuko! I'll call you Hak! OK? Ochitsuita?" I asked.

He nodded. "Why are you here, though?" I asked him. Giving a considered look at him.

His eyes went wide. "Atem! Atem! Atem is in trouble!"

Why is he always getting into trouble?

"It can't be that bad.......... can it?" I looked at him.

"Oh! It can." He said slowly.

Atem!? What have you gotten into this time?

I turned quickly to face Micheal. "Sorry I have to go."

I bowed towards him. I handed him a small golden clock.

"As in a token of my graduated I give you this small clock. If you need my help push the small button on the top of it. Thank you for all your help. I'm not needed in this world any longer. I leave this world in your hands, young inventor."

My voice cracked. I don't what to leave my friends.

They showed me that not all will turn against you.

I gave him a weak smile. I stood straight up.

"I won't be coming back to this land. Where I was born once again. Please tell my Aunt, that I'm sorry."

I waved at him. Then toke off with Hak.

I didn't look back once. I don't want to see his face.

"Are you sure you're OK with this? Anzuna." Hak asked.

"No. I'll miss them. They showed me many things I never knew about. Or at least I have forgotten from my past. That card was well guarded. I'm sorry I left you without a warning."

I apologized.

"I guess it's Ok........ or maybe not."

"I said I'm sorry! You don't hear me say that often He- Hak."

I corrected myself.

"You have changed in a way haven't you Anzuna?"

"Huh? In a bad way?" I asked him.

"No....... In a good way"

I smiled. "I'm glad!"



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