""Thats her!" Someone shouts and suddenly Im on the run."

In a world where the colour of your hair determines your social role and personality, having more than one colour is dangerous.

The colour bandits, the Splits, all have powers associated with their hair colours, and more often than not, bad attitudes.

Kat is a rare Pink Orange split- will she ever find another?

Honour has no place in survival.


5. You'll Always Regret Wearing Heels.

My neck is cold. My neck is so cold.

My arms are shackled to the walls almost as far as they stretch and my legs are slack on the floor.

Something earth shattering hits me.

Josh tricked me. He fucking tricked me.

I pull at the shackles violently but I feel weak, I can barely move my arms.

My neck is cold.

Im in a prison cell. There are bars. If I see Josh again...

Why is my neck so cold?

I look down to the floor and almost pass out again. Spread across the floor is pink and orange chunks of hair. My hair went down past my chest. I say "went" because I assume thats why my neck is so cold.

Reflected in the glass outside I can vaguely see my outline. My black clothes are covered in pink and orange hair. My hair tickles my jawline and I have a fringe, shorter than any fringe should be, just an inch or two long. My hair isnt even cut nicely, its been torn at. Its ragged.

"Oh my god." I breathe. "Oh my god."

Josh betrayed me. He took my hair. Im not even angry that Ive been caught- Im angry that I trusted him.

How could he? He is a Pink and Orange... Surely...

The door to my cell creaks open and I see Josh walk in. Its not Josh how I remember him though, he has blue hair. Bright blue, just like the blue bastards that took me in the first place. It takes all my effort to stay on the floor.

He has a dustpan and brush and slowly sweeps my hair into a pile, leaving some of the hair on my tshirt.

I stare him down as he walks around the room. I could just rip his pretty little face to shreds.

"Im going to take it for testing now. See why you and your scum kind are so mutilated."

I look up at him with vicious eyes and start to pull on the chains. Im weaker than Ive ever been before, I can barely tense the chains.

"Whats it like to feel mundane and weak?" His voice holds malice in it and I feel like I always knew this would happen.

I consider ways to escape and sigh when I realise half of them include breaking through a window or using another of my powers. Ill just await my death for being so stupid.

Its just, Im so angry at myself.

Josh walks over, the heels of his shoes clacking on the concrete. He runs his hand through my hair slowly, mocking me and I just stare up at him.

"Hey." I state as he seems to be ready to go. "Wait. Lets at least... Move on from making out." I keep solid eye contact with him and watch as he wavers a little.


"No ones here... I know you know what I mean. Im weak anyway, what am I going to do?"

He leaves my cell for a moment and disappears. I think he rejected my idea. I swear quietly, thinking of a new idea... But then I hear a click of a button and he walks back around he corner.

Before even clarifying he takes off his tshirt and slides down between my limp legs. He grabs my waist and leans in, pressing his lips to mine. His lips are so juicy I almost lose track of my plan.

"I put the button on that makes them think Ive got control of you... I mean..." He sucks on my neck and I cant sink into the ground any further. "I think I already do."

I breathe out heavily and try and straighten myself up, but to no avail. 

Instead I try and lean in to deepen the kiss but the chains restrict me and I purposely whimper. I see Josh falter before removing my right arm cuff.

My arm drops to sling around him and we continue to kiss. His arms move to my sides as he tugs up my tshirt and I let out a small groan as my tshirt reaches my cuffed arm.

"Restricting." I breathe onto his lips and I feel him shiver.

In a spur of the moment I feel him remove the other cuff, but grabbing my wrists. He throws me against the wall as he sucks a line down my chest, leaving me weak at the knees. I let out a small moan and I feel him grin.

I slowly push forward and climb on top of him and run my hands through his hair as I kiss him. His hands make his way around my back and I feel him fiddling with my bra. So I quickly unzip my shoe and wave it in the air, the knife retracting.

In a moment my knife is on his neck and he is frozen. I draw a small line, not enough to kill him, but enough to distract him as I stagger to the door and down the hall.

The hall seems quiet and I cant concentrate on where Im going, but I drag myself down a load of stairs, clinging onto the bannister.

The feeling of being weak is such an uncomfortable one. Anyone could do what they want with me and Id have no way to stop it.

Thats when I hear feet tapping down the hall. Internally I panic. Id have to face the consequences with Josh, and who knows what he could do.  My hands are clutched tightly around my shoe, the knife facing the sound of the steps.

Thats when I see red and orange hair pass into the hall. My knees lean inwards and my fingers dig into the foam platform of my shoe.

"Gerard!" I try and yell but my voice is quiet.

"Kat? Arent you meant to be in a cell or something? I was looking for you..." Gerard jogs down the hall and I press the button on my shoe, and let my legs drop me to the floor.

Ive found Gerard. They came back for me. Gerard seems unexplainably shocked as he approaches me. He puts his hand over his mouth as he stops in front of me.

"What did they do to you?" He breathes.

I look up at him directly.

"Look- okay- uh... Explain later- lets get out of here."

He holds out his hand and I consider for a second before putting my shoe back on and grabbing it.

"Rays outside waiting." He mentions, dragging me down the hall.

"Uh hu." I mumble, feeling my head swim.

We stumble possibly 100 meters before I know I cant go much further.

"Are you okay, you look really pale?" Gerard turns to look at me with concern.

I nod as we jog around a corner.

His hand grips mine as he drags me and I know Im ready to pass out.

"Actually wait." I breathe as it gets too much for me. "Stop I need a break Im going to pass out."

He stops and holds me by the shoulders. "We are getting out of here now, whether you can walk or not."

We start to run again, slower this time. I gasp in as my right ankle gives way, the whole boot tilting to the side. Gerard grabs my arm as I trip, seeming a little frustrated, before just picking me up and starting to run.

"We are close to the door, its fine." He breathes.

We turn another corner and start to run down some stairs. I make sure my arms are tightly secured around his neck and he makes sure to go as fast as he can.

"Hey! Stop- get back here!" I hear someone yell and I panic a little.

"No fucking way." Gerard yells back, bolting through the door.

Theres the sound of a shot and I can see it bounce on the ground a few feet from us. Thats when Gerard really starts sprinting.

Another shot bounces closer and I can see Ray revving the van just a few meters away. Gerard runs around the back of the van- where Ray has the door already open- and climbs in.

As Ray speeds away there is a final shot- I hear it hit the back of the van and in my panic I grab at Gerard. His eyes avert to where Im grabbing his chest for a moment before Ray cuts us off.

"What the hell happened?"

I take a deep breath, panicking a little. "Josh lead me through the building because he had been there before and..."

My head hurts from speaking so fast so I put my head back and close my eyes.

"Hes actually a blue. Hes a plain blue."

I breathe out a heavy sigh.

"Im sure we all already knew that, tell us what happened inside the building though... And tell us why youre topless."

I realise Im in just my bra. I never picked up my tshirt in the panic. I put a hand to my face and cant stop blushing. Ive been running around in my bra...

"I-" I force myself to get over my bareness, breathing, before starting again. "He cut off all my hair. When I woke up he was there and-"

"What are those pink things on your chest?" Gerard states, staring.

"Love bites." I laugh. "I made him believe that I was going to fuck him and he untied me. I then slit his throat with my shoe. I panicked and left my top..."

"Oh." Gerards mouth forms an 'o' shape and I realise hes still holding me.

I slowly climb out of his lap and squeeze in between him and Ray.

"You slit his throat?"

"What was I meant to do? Ask him nicely?"

"How do you feel now... Now your hair is gone?" Ray asks, looking quickly to the side before going back to driving.

"Theres a 90% chance Im about to pass out." I state. "Ive never been so..."

And for some reason I cant say the word "weak". I just cant let it leave my lips in that context.

"Ive never felt so..."

"Weak?" Ray tries to help me but tears well in my eyes and I look down at my lap.

I nod. "Yeah."

The rest of the ride is silent and within minutes I fall asleep from pure fatigue and lack of energy.

I wake to the sound of cheering and the feeling of movement. I flail about in a panic but Im clamped into position by Gerard, carrying me through a crowd.

Oh man. I wasnt dreaming.

Gerard seems to be fake smiling to the small crowd, which seems vaguely unlike him. Hes normally all about this shit.

We get bustled into the hub where he wonders into the hospital, placing me carefully on the nearest bed.

I can see Hayley notice us from across the room and run over.

"Hey Kat- are you okay?" Her smile fades as she reaches us.

Gerard looks over at her and her mouth drops open a bit.

"Oh- well- uh... What can I help you with?"

"They chopped all her hair off. Thats probably the worst of it. Im going to call Mikey to get you a tshirt... Ill be back."

He pulls out a phone and jogs to the exit.

"Ill get you a drip- hold on." Hayley jogs in the other direction.

I lie down properly on my back, resting my head on the pillow. How could I let it get that far? Its because they cut me a fringe, didnt they...

My eyes blink shut and I open them again to a new sight. Its dark outside and a drip hangs over me. Im also wearing a tshirt that is a little large on me. Who owns a tshirt that big?

It must have been a while...

I slowly sit up to look around the room. Its empty other than a bare bed across the room and the drip over my medical equipment. Theres also table to my left, which has 4 different coloured flowers on it; red, blue, brown and cream.

How thoughtful of them.

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