""Thats her!" Someone shouts and suddenly Im on the run."

In a world where the colour of your hair determines your social role and personality, having more than one colour is dangerous.

The colour bandits, the Splits, all have powers associated with their hair colours, and more often than not, bad attitudes.

Kat is a rare Pink Orange split- will she ever find another?

Honour has no place in survival.


4. 'Trust' Is Mostly Made Of Rust

"Another Pink and Orange eh?" Frank shoves me off the pavement playfully.

"You know that if I move fast enough my shoes shoot knives?" I warn him jokingly, shoving him back.

"Hey! I could dodge that!"

I roll my eyes, trying to hide my grin.

"Two of you in a week- I think its a miracle!"

"We are just a number to you assholes?" I grin at his giddiness.

"Dont try hiding under the violence how you feel." 

Frank shrugs, chuckling, as we drop into the food hall. Pink Orange sticks out like a flower in a patch of weeds and I suggest to Frank that we go and sit with him. His eyes flicker over to the table where I can see Gerards hair but he agrees.

I grab a tray of food and lead Frank to where Pink Orange is siting with some blue blacks. Why is he with the blue blacks...

"Hey!" I try and grin, sitting down opposite Pink Orange. "I never caught your name?"

Frank sits down next to me and immediately starts eating, regardless of manners. "Im Josh."

"Nice to meet you Josh, Im kat, with a K."

He nods, a smirk growing on his face. I bet they only wanted him because he looks so good. His lips practically match his hair-

"Stop eye fucking and eat, jesus." A Blue Black had been waiting for us to start politely.

"You blue blacks have no manners..." I scoff, a blush growing on my face.

"You pink oranges are manipulative, violent assholes-"

"Jesus christ..." Frank mutters under his breath. "Can we not be civil for a moment- Im trying to digest!"

We all look at Frank, hunched over his food. He lifts up his fork obviously. His hair is a darker blue black, almost navy, compared to the brilliant blue and greyish black of the others on the table. Ive only met a few like Frank.

I take another mouthful of food and wait for the silence to pass over. Frank gives me a look that suggests he regrets sitting here and I roll my eyes.

"So, whered you come from Josh?" I ask, leaning forward towards him.

"South side." He states, taking another mouthful and nodding.

He even makes eating look good. Im silently hoping thats all Pink Oranges have the common trait of being hot.

"Near Kokos factory." He looks up from his food to look me in the eye.

"Well I was from the north side-  near Poseidons." I reply, ruffling my hair.

"Isnt that where the blues live?"

"I stayed in the fish house, I was hiding."

"Yeah! I know the fish house. How long you been here?"

"A little bit now, I-"

"Shes been here 3 days." Frank cuts me off, looking up to stare me in the eye.

I kick his foot under the table before scraping the rest of my plate. Josh laughs at Frank catching me out and I roll my eyes before standing to rid of my plate.

"Bye. Ill see you at training... Frank." I state, giving him a pointed look before stamping out the door, into the desert.

Outside I see Gerard just staring at something on the horizon. I carefully step near to him and squint to see what he is looking at. I lean a little closer in the hopes of seeing what he sees until my shoulder gently brushes his.

He yells and I stumble back.

"W-what do you want?" He turns to look at me.

I consider asking him about what he was looking at but I stop myself. "Just wanted to ask for a lift to training?"

"Im waiting for Mikey to drop around the corner with the van." He states, staring me in the eye sceptically.

I nod slowly before falling back onto the wall and inspecting my nails.

"Do you know where Frank is?" He asks after a long silence.

I look over at him for a moment, looking him down before contributing; "he ate with me and the new split."

"Oh..." He frown and looks away.

A van turns the corner and I sigh, walking forward to the end of the road.

"Hey! Could we grab a lift?" Josh jogs out with Frank walking casually behind him.

Mikey nods from the window, fiddling with the gears inside the car.

We all climb onto the back and sit quietly, waiting to hit the training centre.

"We testing Josh today?" I ask. "See what his powers are?"

"Sure." Frank nods, putting his feet onto Mikeys head rest.

Sand forms clouds behind us and I watch them dissipate into thin air. Josh is laughing with Ray who I didnt particularly notice in the back seat and we pull into the centre.

Mikey starts counting down, revving the engine to signify for us to piss off. We all scamper out the car and trip onto the pavement.

Ray immediately starts setting up for Josh and I decide to set up for the dummies, just to give Ray an easier job. By setting up I mean painting my arms and face grey so I look like a mannequin and posing. I want to see what Josh has to offer other than an excellent facial structure.

I hear some yelling in the next room along and collect my hair into one of Rays hats hanging on the wall at the back. I run to a space in the room and glaze my eyes over. This is going to be intensely excellent.

I hear them come through the door. Ray calls out my name, obviously not seeing me, maybe 20 feet away from him. I try not to grin like a child, but its so hard.

Then I see josh sprinting. He takes out the first 3 dummies in a few seconds and I start to panic. The nervous energy builds up and my eyes feel like theyre focussing and blurring at the same time as he approaches me.

His fist lifts up and it is inches away from me before I raise my hand and catch it, staggering back a step.

What am I meant to do now? We both pause, our eyes locking and then his other arm swings in from the side, knocking me over and across the floor. I slide on the concrete before ripping off the hat and running back at him.

I push my hand into his chest, making him fly across the room, into the wall. As he recovers I sprint up to him, swinging my foot so the knife retracts. I hold him against the wall for a moment with my foot, hovering between sitting and standing, but I dont see panic in his eyes, just a stupid smirk on his face. I step back and swing my leg, chopping a few centimetres off his hair. On the way down I press the button on my boot.

I never noticed that the sides of his head were shaved. Maybe the institute did it... Im distracted-

Suddenly I feel a palm, right below my collar bones and a ripple of power. Suddenly I feel myself in the air, the wind blown out of me. I yell out, slapping down on the concrete and skidding to the wall. I hold my palm up, trying to give myself a break but he obviously doesnt notice as he grabs my arm, holding me up by it, and pins me against the wall. My feet barely touch the ground but once I make eye contact I dont move it. My body swings a little and he starts laughing, with malice.

I raise an eyebrow before lifting my leg and slamming it straight into his crotch.

He drops to the floor, releasing me to drop to my feet and I step over him, walking over toward the others. I pass the final dummy, standing in front of Ray, Frank and Gerard, all who seem to be in great distress.

"He passes." I state before my legs give way and I flop to the ground.

"Is that a Pink Orange mating call?"


I hold the icepack gingerly on my head and watch as Josh runs on the running machine. Im convinced we are going to the next mission together. He seems to have passed the same things I have, unsurprisingly.

He is an Orange Pink...

I would so do him- if you ask. He has a great figure and a flirty attitude. Nobody has been like me for years and suddenly he turns up...

"You passed." Ray taps his clipboard with his pen.

Knew it.

That afternoon I watch Ray work. I havent been given a specific job yet so I just need to find what I enjoy.

Ray counts up the amounts of each split and start to organise information about them. I watch over his shoulder, vaguely bored, partially tired. 

I feel a hand brush past mine, and then grab me by the wrist. The hand tugs me backwards and drags me out. My eyes follow up the bare arm to Joshs face and a smirk slips onto my face.

He pulls me out of the warehouse and drags me around the corner, behind the building. Before we even exchange a word he has me pressed against the wall.

"So... You want me?" I raise an eyebrow.

"Why else would I pin you against the wall behind the warehouse?" He replies, leaning in.

I kiss him. He kisses me back, hard. The kiss is desperate, but loveless, which is just what I need.

I jump to straddle him, wrapping my arms around his neck and he kisses across my collar bones. I gasp, clenching my fingers in his hair.


I adjust the straps on my boots in the car and Josh is cracking his knuckles.

"We go in, Kat take care of Josh and dont kill anyone (I cant believe I actually have to say that). Frank and Gerard have the split down and Mikey and I are gonna be on the ground, keeping it running smooth." Ray lists.

The car starts slowing down and I reach my hands up and then to the sides.

"Youre acting like a professional." Frank states.

"Im in charge of Josh, Ive got a real job now. Im serious." I shrug before bursting out laughing.

"Lets go then." Ray opens the door as we slow down, jumping out as we reach an appropriate speed.

I jump out after him, just before Mikey swerves the car, Frank jumping out behind me.

Frank and Gerard go straight through the front door and I start to follow them.

"lets go." I wave Josh over, sprinting towards the building.

"Stop." His commanding voice stops me and I skid in the dirt.

I turn to look at him and he points to the side of the building.

"Youre gonna run in the front door and follow them?"

I roll my eyes and follow him through the side door.

Its quiet in the halls and his shoes click on the ground. I point at the stairs and he nods, following me up to the next floor. I skip steps in the attempt of speeding myself up.

"Hey! You!" A voice yells at the top of the stairs.

Its a white. Whites are so weak. I run up the steps, grabbing their wrist and tugging them towards me. Clinging onto the bannister I pull the man down the stairs, watching him plummet past Josh before running up to the landing.

"Which way now?" I ask myself.

"I say left." Joshs voice fades behind me. He seems hesitant.

I nod, breaking into a jog. The halls seem like office block halls and some of the rooms have blinds. Josh is really cool, hes a hot Orange Pink that can fight- which is really attractive. Hes just like me.

"So... We are alone now... Again." He breathes behind me as I break through a door.

"Yep." I state, searching the room before moving on.

"Well, I worked two things out whilst walking up the stairs." Joshs voice become rough and sexy.

"Yeah?" I reply, turning left down the hall.

"First, you have a great ass-"

I slow down and put my leg out, tripping him over, before speeding up again.

"-and you could take anyone down."

"It seems my only weaknesses is my hair." I take a leap and trust him with this fact.

"Youre powerful..."

"All you have to do is cut someones hair short to completely disable them."

I turn round and smirk at him, knocking through a door with my back.

"Turn right." He states and I follow suit.

"Howd you know where to go?"

"This is where they got me from- I had been here a while." He nods.

Im now completely lost. I dont recognise any of the building we are in but I trust in Josh to get me to the high security section. I plan to find another Orange Pink split- weve had good luck recently, whos to say itll end?

Someone rounds the corner and I step run at them, but someones arms grab around my waist, grounding me. Suddenly Im practically surrounded by several Black and Whites, all grasping onto one of my limbs.

I can see josh just behind, just standing there, vague amusement in his eyes. A bald man... Wait- the bald man- shakes Joshs hand and leads him away.

The men holding me are plotting something among themselves until suddenly I hear a snip at the front of my head.

The pain is overwhelming and everything fades.

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