""Thats her!" Someone shouts and suddenly Im on the run."

In a world where the colour of your hair determines your social role and personality, having more than one colour is dangerous.

The colour bandits, the Splits, all have powers associated with their hair colours, and more often than not, bad attitudes.

Kat is a rare Pink Orange split- will she ever find another?

Honour has no place in survival.


3. Theres Always An Exception

By midday Mikey had returned to getting me "tech-d up". The situation of earlier today was left completely in silence and ignored. Mikey has a black eye forming.

"So." Mikey says, running his hand through his hair. "This is the tech suite."

The room seems full of different weapons and I get slightly excited.

"Uh... First things first, youre going to need some clothes."

With that Mikey walks off and grabs a pile of clothes. He comes back with 2 clothes hangers of black clothes with silver stitching.

"I think this would suit you best. Whats your bra size?"

My mouth drops slightly. My bra size? Mikey asked my bra size. Silent, shy, coy-

"I mean, Ive guessed already but I want to make sure Im correct."

"32 D?" I say quietly and he nods.

"Exactly what I thought. Here are your clothes."

He hands me the clothes hes holding. How the hell does he know just by looking?

Wait... He was looking!

"Try them on!" He points obviously, hinting for me to hurry up.

I follow Mikeys pointed finger and walk in the direction of a curtain. Hesitantly I start changing clothes.

"Youre a knife person I assume?" He shouts across the room.

"Yep!" I reply, adjusting the bottoms.

"Ill get you some of these fitted... What size shoe are you?"

"I thought youd be able to tell?"

He laughs and I start to pile my old clothes up.

"Im a 6."

"Of course, of course."

I come out from the curtain and in moments Mikey has walked over to me.

"Perfect." He pulls on the shoulders of the long sleeved top a little. "These are designed to resist heat, surprisingly. They also go perfectly with these boots."

He lifts up platform boots and I wonder how Im going to run in them.

"If I lift them above my head at a speed, a knife comes out the platform. I feel like theyd be perfect for you."

He passes them to me and I try them on. Theyre a little heavy and the platform stands me at about Ray or Gerards height.

"Try them out, Ive got a dummy in the closet..."

Mikey retrieves one of the dummies from earlier, wrestling a little with it, and I try and run up to it, wobbling a little. I certainly need practice with these, thats for sure. When I reach the dummy I swing my leg at its head and a knife springs out, slicing off the dummies head. To push it further I stand on one leg and stab the doll in the stomach with my other. Fluff starts to emerge from the slice and I laugh.

"You need practice, but its promising..."

I press a button on the side of the boot and the knife retracts. I have to show Frank this!


Its 5 past 4, meaning Im late. Ray said be there at 4... And Im late. Day one and Im late.

I run my hand through my hair, parting it to the side. If I act cool theyll be fine with it.

I open the door and stride in. Mikey, Gerard, Ray and Frank sit around a table and theres a Kat spaced gap there too.

"Hey guys." I nod, sitting in the gap between Gerard and Frank. "I got a bit lost, what have I missed?"

"Youre going to join us tomorrow." Ray states.

"I still think shes a liability." Gerard cuts in.

"She isnt, Ive tested her."

Gerard slams his hand on the table, giving a sharply pointed look towards Ray. "I think shes a liability."

I stand again, turning to face Gerard. "I could replace you and all would be fine and dandy."

He stands up to face me, just taller than me even with these platforms and hes using it to his advantage. "You cant use a gun, youve got no weapons, youre powerless."

"Oh? Tell me more." I state, stepping closer to him.

"Well-" I swing my leg up and the knife pops out, just grazing Gerards hair. Someone gasps as I swing it again, chopping off a few stray hairs before pressing the button on my boot and regaining composure. A couple of red hairs float through the air and I reach out and grab one, holding it up in his face.

"Youve got no weapons, youre powerless." I say, mocking Gerards voice. "Oh no! Come and fucking save me!" I state before sitting back down.

Theres a silence and I can hear Gerard muttering to himself.

"And on that note..." Ray says. "Welcome to the team."

The rest of the meeting, Ray explained strategies for saving the next split and how everything worked. Gerard sulked quietly. I got my role in the team sorted.

We walk out at the end and wait for Mikey to get the car. Gerard grabs me by my sleeve and drags me to the side, by the wall. I try and resist but he seems almost desperate.

"Why did you do that?" He asks. He seems weirdly sane. "Are you trying to take my place? Make me less powerful?"

"Are you kidding me?" I laugh, crossing my arms and leaning back. "What place would that be?"

"Wow, youre one sassy bitch..."

"Are you trying to start a fight?"

"I dont fight girls."

I raise my eyebrow at him. He seems deadly serious.

"I fought a girl once and it ended up killing her."

"You killed her?"

"No, but what I did lead to it."

I slump further against the wall and nod at him. "Fine... But... You know I wouldnt die, Im better than that."

He smiles awkwardly for a moment before Mikey speeds around the corner. Frank calls shotgun and the rest of us pile in the back of the van. I look over at the cage in the corner and shake my head to myself. How could they...

"Why dont we just head off now, theres barely enough time to go eat anyway." Frank says.

"Good idea, lets just go." Ray states and Mikey nods.

The car swerves and turns around, speeding down the dust path.

"Run in, grab them, run out. Easy, Right?" Ray says. "No, not so simple. We just stole Kat who is a really rare split so theyre going to be pissed. Just be smart."

Frank rolls his eyes at me and I try not too laugh at him.

"Especially for you Frank."

As we enter the city Mikey swerves to the side of the road, putting the breaks on so suddenly that we all fall out our seats. Without being told we jump out the side of the van and start to jog towards a massive silver building.

Frank grabs my arm. "We are going to hit the fourth floor with G, the other are going to keep an empty path. Stay between us and dont let your guard down."

I follow them into the building, jogging with them. Gerard pulls a gun from his pocket, holding it down by his side and I start to panic. Gerard has been trusted with a gun. Gerard has been trusted with a-

We skid around a corner, meeting a glass window, and Frank just runs through it. The glass shatters like wind chimes and Gerard lifts the gun, running after him. I look around to check the coast before realising I am meant to be between Gerard and Frank.

Two arms wrap themselves around my stomach and my eyes widen in panic. I lean forward and reach between my legs, grabbing the guy by the ankles. I yank at his ankles and we both fall backwards onto the floor. He must have a good grip... I land on top of him and he makes a strangled sound, meaning I must have winded him. With that I tear his hands off of me and turn over so Im sitting on top of him.

I kick my leg at the wall above him and the knife shoots out of the toe, and while I stand, I slowly bring it down to rest on his neck.

"What do you want from me, asshole?" I look down at him.

His mouth is slightly open in shock.

In the spur of the moment I lightly slice across his throat, just enough to leave a scar, not enough to kill him. I repeat it up his neck before retracting the knife and turning to run through the glass.

I see Frank running at me, pointing behind me and Gerard behind him running with someone in his arms. I turn to run, slamming into someones body. I shove them violently into the wall and he yells out, sliding down to the floor.

"Go! Downstairs! Now!" Frank yells in a panic.

We both race down the stairs, Frank sliding down the bannister and Gerard missing steps with the body yelling in his arms.

We run out the front door and slide around the corner to where Mikey is parked. I dive in the back, followed by Gerard and then by Frank. With that the car speeds off and Frank is crushed between the door and me and Gerard.

"Pinkie fucking shoved this guy into a wall and he couldnt breathe. All she did was shove him." Frank gasps a breath.

"I panicked!"

I hear the sound of the cage locking and look over at the new split. Pink and orange. Oh shit. "Also that guy lying on the floor, what did you do to him Pinkie."

I keep looking at the guy, he seems passed out. His hair is short. "I slit his throat a few times." I state, trying to check his roots from afar.


The Pink Orange looks up and meets my eye for a second. His face lights up as his eyes travel to my hair.

"You dont just go and fuc-"

"Dont worry, he wont be dead."

"What if-"

"He was trying to kill me anyway. Frank, let it go."

In the corner of my eye I see him lean back in his chair, but Im really focussing on the new split. Gerard steps between us, opening the cage and picking him up and throwing him over his shoulder.

The van door opens and we all step out. The sound of applause hits me again and I cant help but smile. We saved a split. I wave at everyone but I realise theyre actually applauding the fact its a pink and orange.

I follow Gerard to the infirmary and he keeps giving me weird looks.

"What do you want with him?" Gerard says.

"Have you not seen him!" I roll my eyes at him before holding up a chunk of pink and orange hair.

Gerard gives me a look before dropping the guy on a bed and raising his hand in the air. "All yours, honey."

He seems passed out so I take the opportunity to pick up a lock of his hair. Its chopped raggedly around his face and I freak out quietly because it seems quite real.

They must have chopped it to weaken him...

"It was once down to my waist." The pink orange is suddenly awake and conscious and I step back out of confusion.

He was just passed out and now he is back.

"They just... Cut it off."

Tears well in his eyes and I cant help but imagine what they would looking like slipping down his sculpted cheeks.

"Im so weak now. Theres nobody like me anywhere- they dont understand."

"Im orange and pink." I state softly.

He looks up at me for a moment and I feel like drooling on him. I could so use him...

"I know how you feel." I nod.

His mouth opens to speak but Hayley walks up to do a check and I dont want her to know my intentions so I just turn around and walk away.

I walk straight through the door without looking back.

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