Is this Real?

Camille James is a shy, nerdy and a quirky girl. Her best friend forces her to a One Direction concert. She ends up finding out a deep secret about the band that nobody else knows. But will she risk her life helping the boys?


8. Zayn's Secret Reveals

Camille's POV

It all made sense now. Werewolf. Louis turning into a bird. It all made sense but who is who? I'll have to keep looking around for clues hopefully there's something.

Harry's POV

"So let me get this straight. You flirted, she wasn't buying it and you didn't get anywhere". Liam said

"Well I did find out something about her". I add

"That doesn't help Harry and it's not like you found out anything". Liam said annoyed

Liam was pissed. But he never gets pissed or angry.

"Liam why are you so angry?" Niall asked

"Sorry guys its just I don't wan anything to happen to Camille. Like Stacy". Liam said

"Yeah was suck a shame". Zayn said

"Stupid werewolf". Niall mumbles

Zayn walks away with his head down. What's the problem with Zayn whenever we bring up Stacy.

Camille's POV

Okay so it's wrong to eavesdrop but hey I know a lot already. I waited till the all left. Niall went to the kitchen. Harry and Louis watched TV. Liam and Zayn were in their room. I wasn't going to get any info now so I may as well just go to me room. I walked down the hallway towards my room when Zayn accidently bumped into me.

"Sorry Camille". Zayn said in a sniffle

"It's okay Zayn. Hey are you okay?" I asked him

"Yeah I'm fine". Zayn said

"No your lying what's wrong?" I asked him again

"You wouldn't know". Zayn said

"It's about that girl Stacy isn't it?" I asked

Zayn looked at me with wide eyes.

"Come with me". He said

He put his hand on my back and leads me towards his room. He opened his bedroom and then shut it tight once we were in the room. I sat down on his chair while he sat to down on the bed.

"Okay there was a girl called Stacy. She found out our secret like you did and we kept her here since she threated to tell others. I started dating her until I found out she was an enemy and she cheated on me with another guy". Zayn explained

"Wait Stacy, Stacy that name sounds familiar anyway continue". I say

"Well one day saw her and couldn't control my anger so, I may of killed her". Zayn says sadly

"Was this at night?" I asked

"Yeah". Zayn replies

"Stacy. Dylan and Stacy umm night clubs every night .....  just friends wait. Zayn your ex-girlfriend was cheating on you with my ex-boyfriend". I say

"Really? Holy shit!" Zayn shouted

 So Zayn is the werewolf I guess that's what he's hiding from the boys.

A.N Hey guys hoped you enjoyed the update. Ps I'll be using swear words yeah.

Questions of the day: 1.Why do you think Zayn let Camille know his secret? 2.Should I have a fandom name for this movella? 3.Who should Camille go on a date with? Let me know in the comments below.





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