Is this Real?

Camille James is a shy, nerdy and a quirky girl. Her best friend forces her to a One Direction concert. She ends up finding out a deep secret about the band that nobody else knows. But will she risk her life helping the boys?


10. The blame game

Camille's POV

The next morning I'm woken up by the boys arguing. I stay in bed and check Twitter. I'm scrolling through when a hashtag caught my eye. #onedircetionexposed. What was that about? I clicked on the article.

One Direction fans have been shocked to find out about the truth. A girl has been reported to be living with the boys for a few days. Sources say each of the boys have some sort of supernatural ability. Louis-Shape shifter. Zayn-Werewolf. Liam-Ghost. Niall-Fallen Angel. Harry-Demon. With all the supernatural rumors floating around authorities will have to look and find the boys.

What? How is this even possible? 

Zayn's POV

This is bad. Harry, Liam and Niall all think Camille did this, however me and Louis know it can't have been her.

"Well who else would it be? Since day one Louis has been dying to tell so he must of told Camille!" Liam screamed

"I didn't tell her anything!" Louis shouted back

Oh boy.

Camille's POV

I had two choices. 1. Go out of my room but risk that boys seeing or 2. stay in my room and have the boys think I'm doing something. Option 2. The boys burst open my bedroom door.

"GET OUT!" Niall screams

"Why?" I ask sternly

"You told everyone about our secret!" Harry yelled

"How am I supposed to tell everyone if I don't know the secret!" I yell back

"Camille just leave". Liam says sternly

Storm out the room slamming  the door behind me. I start walking away when the bedroom door caught on fire.

What the hell is going on?

A.N What's going to happen next? Question of the day- which two boys should fight over Camille?


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