Is this Real?

Camille James is a shy, nerdy and a quirky girl. Her best friend forces her to a One Direction concert. She ends up finding out a deep secret about the band that nobody else knows. But will she risk her life helping the boys?


5. Secrets Reveal part 2

Camille's POV

"So um I can I have my phone back now or...?" I ask

Niall handed me my phone back.

"Okay so I'm going to head off no...."

"WAIT!" Louis shouted

"Why?" I ask

"Because you know our secret and your just going to tell everyone". Zayn said

"Why would I tell anyone Hope is my only friend and even if a tell her she wouldn't believe me". I say

"Still your living with us from now on". Harry said

"Well unless you tell me something about we Louis can turn into a bird and the whole werewolf I'm not going anywhere with you guys". I say

"Okay we'll tell you". Niall said

"Okay well..."

When Liam said the well everything went pitch black. I couldn't move. I couldn't talk.

What is happening? 




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