Is this Real?

Camille James is a shy, nerdy and a quirky girl. Her best friend forces her to a One Direction concert. She ends up finding out a deep secret about the band that nobody else knows. But will she risk her life helping the boys?


7. Flirting ways in

Liam's POV

I waited till Camille left to start talking again when I knew she wasn't there or in sight I started.

"Louis you can't tell her now". I sternly say

"Camille is a smart girl Liam she'll find out sooner than later. She got into Oxford University and she has A's and B's". Louis explained

How did he know all of this?

 "Look when need to find away to take her mind off what Louis told her". I say

"What if we wipe her memory". Niall suggested

"No. Last time we used that thing it wiped that persons whole memory". Zayn said

"What if we get one of us to be her 'boyfriend' then she'll like be more interested in that like the movie kinda thing". Harry suggested 

Everyone agreed and everyone agreed that Harry would be the fake boyfriend. Damn, why didn't I think of that? I really like Camille. She's smart, funny and awkward but that's why she's so likable.

Camille's POV

I was eating breakfast at the breakfast bar when Harry walked in.

"Hey gorgeous". Harry said

"Hi". I said weirdly

"What are you up to today beautiful?" Harry asked while leaning against the bar table.

Let's just play along for now or at least use what he's doing to get me point.

"Nothing much handsome. Now what do you want?" I asked

"How do you know I want something?" Harry asked

"Let's just say I have secret of my own and I won't be telling you until I know what yours is". I say

'Aww c'mon tell me please". Harry pouted

I got off the bar stool.

"Nope". I say as I walk to my room.

I jumped into bed and sat down on it. I remember something about Dylan and he asked me to move in with him after I found out some sort of secret. I saw this book on the beside table about vampires. I remember how he would always disappear at night time. Wait Dylan was a vampire. That means. I know what the boys are hiding from me.    

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