Is this Real?

Camille James is a shy, nerdy and a quirky girl. Her best friend forces her to a One Direction concert. She ends up finding out a deep secret about the band that nobody else knows. But will she risk her life helping the boys?


9. Cherry Cola Lips

Camille's POV

Zayn and I hung around for a bit. We found out some stuff about each other like with both like to draw, we both like to sleep and our nicknames to call each other. Stuff like that. I went out into the kitchen to get some water we Niall called me.

"Camillllllllllle!" Niall shouted

"Yes!" I shouted back

"Come play with us!" Niall shouted

I rolled my eyes. I knew I would have no choice. I've been around boys like them before and there either going to play spin the bottle or Truth or Dare. I walked over to the circle and sat down and there lying right there in the middle of the circle was a bottle. Great.

"Who's idea was this?" I asked

Louis' POV

I smirked. Technically Liam gave me the idea since he was like 'remember when we all used to play spin the bottle'. Plus I really want to kiss Camille. What, she's hot, smart, funny and awkward. And if or when I do kiss her I'm going to tell her the truth well about me stalking her. Yes I stalked her but when you work in Toys R Us and you see a hot co-worker  you don't really have the courage to up to her.

"Earth to Louis". Harry said snapping me out

'Oh right. Who wants to go first?" I ask

"ME!" Harry shouts

"Any other takers.....No. Good. Go on then Harry". I say

Harry spins the bottle. I lose focus in the bottle as I see Camille playing on her phone not really instead in the game.

"Played this game before, hey?" Liam asked Camille

"You have no idea how many times so skip my go if it lands on me". She says  

"Yes!" Harry rejoiced

I looked at the bottle to see who it landed on. Great.

"Oh jeez". Camille says

Harry's POV

"Aww c'mon gorgeous it'll be fun". I say as Camille walks over to me                  

She rolls her eyes at me. She sits down next to me.

"You better make it quick". Camille says

"No promises sweetheart". I say

Camille leans in. I lean and our lips meet. Our lips move in sync for a couple of seconds until we were pulled part  by Liam.

Niall's POV

"Okay my turn". I say

Camille walks back to her spot and continues to look at her phone. I spin the bottle and its lands on the one and only angel.

"Some ones lucky". Louis says

Camille sighs. She walks over to me and sits down. Camille leans her head on my shoulder.

"Don't worry I'll make it quick". I say

"Good". Camille giggles.

I lean in to peck her lips three times.

"Short n' sweet". I say.

Camille walks back to her spot and focus' back on her phone

Liam's POV

"I guess I'll go". I say nervously

I spin the bottle and wait until it lands.

"Oh my god, okay after this I may as well just kiss Zayn and Louis". Camille says

I landed on her. Score! Luckily I'm sitting next to her. I put my hand on her cheek then meet my lips with hers. Our lips move in sync for a couple of seconds until I pulled away.

"Right I guess I'll just kiss Zayn and Louis". Camille said

Zayn's POV

Camille started walking over to me. We had become close today. I really like her a lot. But I don't want anything to happen to her. She sat down next to me a gave me a peck on the lips. I wish it was longer but at least she kissed me.

"I'll give you an extra one later". Camille whispered in my ear

As she got up she winked at me before moving to the sofa where Louis was sitting.

Louis' POV

At last my turn.

"So how do you wanna?" I asked

Camille just responded with a couple pecks on the lips. More than Zayn's and Niall's. Enough for me to taste those cherry cola lips of hers. Yep I even know what kind of lip balm she uses. She's perfect.

Camille's POV

"Night guys". I say as I finish pecking Louis' lips

"Night". They all respond

I walk to my room thinking why I promised to kiss Zayn again. Then I remembered that he had the least amount and that I should give him one.  

A.N Lonnnnng chapter. Question of the day: which two boys should fight over Camille? Leave your comments down below.


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