The Forth Inventor

I- I don't know who I am, I do know that I am important. I have to finish what I started on Earth. Hak........ I'm sorry. I.


6. Unknown Women

Micheal came running to me. He was holding a worn out book in his hand. He dropped the book and held me in his hands.

I was crying like a child.

"Micheal... What am I?" I looked up at him. I smiled and wiped my own tears.

I have to stay strong. If I don't...... many life's depend on me. I hugged him. Brother! I get up and jump. I pointed at the book he had dropped.

"What that?" I asked him. He was surprised. "I don't get you sometimes.

I smiled. Of course you don't. He got up.

"It's about a unknown Warrior and a Unknown Women. Also a Healer." He rubbed his head. I can't read this language but I understand this so far."

I get the book. "The unknown warrior protected this world for as long as the world lived. She was the daughter of thou lady. Her friend was thou Healer. No one every knew her name. For one day they wished her dead. She killed her own mother and her own sister and brother. But she had incredible powers no one could master. She wasn't from this world. But from the heavens above."

I closed the book and handed it to Micheal and started to walk away. I didn't do that... I think...

Noa screamed. I turned around with eyes widen. There was a man in black and he had what seemed like a sword. He had pined Noa down. I grabbed my second sword and attacked from the back. He fell from the blow and landed on the sand.

I smirk. Micheal ran to get Noa out of the way.

"What you want from them?" I asked the man in black. "Shadoweye?"

"They're trying to stop my plan from destroying Earth!"

"Well... you answered my question without hesitation. And I'm trying to kill you!" I turned to see Micheal. "Dragons are coming alive, Micheal."

"I know what I said I'm sorry!" He said back.

I turned back to Shadoweye. "Tell Shad this world is under my protection right now. And if he wants to destroy this world.... he'll have to kill me first." I smile.

He smiles back liking the idea. "Very well then. Shad sends his regards."
"Tell him I don't want them. Now leave or you'll have a taste of this sword." I yelled at him.

He smiles. "Your mother said 'hi'," he laugh.

I grab an arrow and shot at him.

"Thanks. I found your weakness." Then leaves.

I turn around to face them. "Are you Ok?" I asked them. They all nodded.

"Don't worry.... You guys are now under my protection." I smile.

Look at me. A 12 year old protecting a group of adults.

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