The Forth Inventor

I- I don't know who I am, I do know that I am important. I have to finish what I started on Earth. Hak........ I'm sorry. I.


7. Mother

"If you mind me asking.. who is your mother?" Micheal asked the next day.

I look down. "The thing is.... I can't remember anything about my past. My mother and father are long lost from my memory. All I know is that I'm someone who protects these worlds from danger. But I have to go visit the other realms. It's been about a millennia since I've been in these realms. The others need me too. But I have to do some things before I leave. But enough about that! Lets see what we are going to do about that cool thing that is putting this world in danger." I tell him quickly.

He shakes his head.

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