The Forth Inventor

I- I don't know who I am, I do know that I am important. I have to finish what I started on Earth. Hak........ I'm sorry. I.


5. Hello

"Well I think we should look around. I don't know what your looking for so I'll just follow you guys." we were now in the liberty. I was walking around trying to lose them.

"I thought you said you were going to stick with us." said.

I look around. I have to... "I found a good book over here... I didn't get to finish reading it the last time I came here." I smile, trying to ignore the "I can't believe you" face Micheal was giving me.

I ran to the book self I was wearing my bag and got a huge stack of books and placed them in there. The gang was having a hard time knowing that I'm a Warrior. I'm glad that they don't know me that well.... fear struck me like lighting. My eyes widen.

That time I killed them... those innocent people.... my own smaller sister! Why?

I placed my hands over my head and bent down turning into a small ball.

I almost scared half my life out. I wish... that... I wasn't a Warrior... and Healer at the same time. I'm a bad Healer though. Why do they do this to me.

I calm down. But then a memory returns to me. NO!


The town was screaming in horror as I walked down the streets. My eyes blood trusty. My hair almost on fire. I was holding my sword with a smirk on my face.

I was walking down the burning village. There was fire everywhere. The Warrior part of me took over. The only one I won't hurt is thou... Healer... I saw my little sister there crying. Trying to bring me back, but it was too late.


I killed her that night.


I screamed. I don't want to remember! I don't want too! I don't... want too...

I don't want to.. I fall on the ground and get up.

I won't let that happened again.

Now there is a new question.

Who am I?

More like....

What am I?

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