The Forth Inventor

I- I don't know who I am, I do know that I am important. I have to finish what I started on Earth. Hak........ I'm sorry. I.


3. From magic and dragons to strange visions



I groan and sit up slightly, my head pound's against my skull as if someone is beating my brain. I blink a bit and sigh, I have remembered my past life....finally and not knowing, I feel something wet go down my face. I put my hand on my cheek and look at what it is....tear's...why?

I remembered why I'm here. It's only to protect the worlds. But... I think it's my place. I think....

I think, that, they are tears of joy. I think...

Now I know why I can't really control my gifts. They are so many for one small girl to handle. I smile.

I think I know what's next.

But first, I have to do things down here in Earth.

Before I leave. I hear the door open, I look over and see Micheal.

"Good morning." I say a bit cute since I'm little.

Micheal look's over and waves with a smile, "Good morning! I hope you slept well because we're gonna be leaving soon." He says.

"Were!?" I asked. I didn't get my studies!

"Were going to see Atlantis! Um... can you help us around? I think you know more about this than we do." he says rubbing his head.

I think he's trying to ignore that fact that I tried to run away and that he found me on the floor in the middle of the lost city.

"Sure!" I say with a warm smile. I need to get my studies fast!

He nods with a smile. I get out of bed and start looking for my cloths. My sword! I look for my stick sword that was on my back. Were is it?! I start looking all over the place of it. I was about to trash Micheal's room when he came in. I turn to face him.

"What are you looking for?" he asks.

I look down to the floor. He comes over and gets my cheek. "Are you looking for your sword?" He asks, he has warmth in his eyes. I nodded.

He hands me my sword. It was a light stick. He looks at it surprised. "It was a sword just now... I." I laugh.

"It is! Look!" I take hold of it. It then slowly turns into a sword. But then I let go because a shock went trough my body.

"It's in bad shape right now. Dark energy is trying to take over it." I place a hand over it. "There this spell should help." His eyes widen.

"So... the other worlds are real?" He asks shocked.

I nodded. "I'm a warrior that protects all world from harm.... it's... amazing to meet new people..." I look down. Why am I telling him this? Hak I'm sorry. But I have to go. Please, may you forget about me soon.

I look around my neck. My Dragon crescent! My Amethyst! Were is it! I look at him again. He laughs. He then hands me them.

I take them and hug them with all my might. I'll never lose them. Never. Haku....

"I'm sorry I took your things without asking you." he starts to say.

"It's Ok. At lest you had them. What can I call you?" I ask him.

He looks at me. I look at him back his eyes. Then there was a flash back. "Sister look what I brought!" Said a small voice.... he looks like my older brother. A tear starts to form. No... I won't... cry....

I start to cry. "Big Brother!" I say between my tears. He hugs me. "Big Brother!" I hug him. Even the smell of him is like my brothers. I smile.

For once I feel like I'm the smallest.

Noa comes in. Micheal looks up to see Noa. He's surprised that I'm hugging him. I let go of him. Them look up at Noa. They'll need super vision if they are going to Atlantis. "Do you have any spear parts I can use?" I ask Micheal.

"Um. Yes. They're over there with the extras. In the box." He says. I slowly walk up to it. I grab the book and sit down on the floor. I start looking for things.

I need this... I start pulling a piece out, And this.... Now I need a thing... I get a green chip. I place it over something I had in my hand all ready. I place my finger over it and started coding it. There!

Micheal was looking over my shoulder. I handed him my small devise. It was a small piece of glass and a small micro-chip. "Place it over your ear and adjust it to your right size." I instructed him. He did so.

"How... what up with all the colors?" he asks.

"It work! It lets you see the energy around you. So you can see what others can't see now." i told him. I smile.

"We need two more for Noa and the other guy." I said.

"What about you?" asks Micheal.

"I don't need them." I simply say with a smile.

Noa looks at Micheal with a smile. "What?..." I ask.

They face each other and smile.

What I do?

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