The Forth Inventor

I- I don't know who I am, I do know that I am important. I have to finish what I started on Earth. Hak........ I'm sorry. I.


2. Dragons

Everything went black. I felt the wind around me as I fell on the ground. Not.... again....

I'm not use to fights like that. How did I even become a Warrior?

Why did the Elemental dragons even choose me? I'm not even a good sword fighter. I just know how to protect myself. Why..... d-?

I was fighting a fight that will tell me with ever I live or die.

The roar of the crowed sounded like a thunder storm. Do they want me dead!? I thought that day. I swing my sword, burly able to shield the attack from Ver.

He made me fall with a single blow onto the sand. I'm as good as dead.

Then there was a light coming from the heavens above. What... is going on?

A blue cloud swirled above the arena. A storm came. The cloud opened.

Then there was a purple light, followed by a red light, a green light, a white light, and a light blue light.

But then, there was the most beautiful color I have ever seen. It was a mixed color. A... slate color mixed with blue. Or a light blue. No! Maybe not slate, but silver, or grey?

I grey-blue? Then the color reminded me of the color that bird has. A jay bird. Jay-blue!

The flowing lights slowly turned into what seemed like dragons. Dragons? Wait. Dragons? I can't believe my own eyes! How.... how in the galaxy did they.....

They slowly turned whole. They were coming closer to us. It isn't time to get a new warrior. The jay-blue light was still a just a light.

The dragons closely examined us. Ver is going to win this. I closed my eyes. Then I heard a loud scream, it was Ver. The dragon had gotten close and was trying to throw him out?

As soon as Ver ran for his life all the dragons came close to me. I stood frozen not knowing what to do. Someone, please help. I look up to see Prince Atem, hoping that he would come help. He didn't move from his spot. He shook his head saying he can't help.

Then all the dragons bowed before me. I turned around, for what seemed the, THE Elemental dragon himself. How can it be? He was gone for over 99 million years.

Around his neck was a stone. A beautiful purple stone. It hung around the dragon. I touched the stone. Right away I was in an other world. The dragons around me formed a perfect circle. He all bend there heads low. Even the Elemental Dragon. I too bowed. Going on my knees.

The Elemental dragon came up to me, he wanted to give me a gift? But then he backed away. The green dragon came forth and he wanted to give me a gift? I placed my hand over his stone. The stone was rough and had a sandy texture. I went on my knees. The power was pulsing through me like a river of pure Chi.

What is your name girl?

My name is.... my name is Zina!

I am the dragon of Earth. Use this power to protect those who can't protect them self's'. You are now one with the Chi.

I slowly toke my hand back. One with the Chi.....

My vision started to blur.

Then a the red dragon came forward.

I am the dragon of fire. I give you the gift of knowing knowledge to protect those whom you love the most.

How many name will you take girl?

How many ever you want fire dragon.

Very well then, you shall take in how ever many you want.

I nodded at him. I then placed my hand over his stone. His stone was smooth and the color was red. The energy was to strong for me and I fell to my knees without wanting to.

I then slowly take my hand away. Now I was losing my balance.

The dragon of ice came forth. His white skin glowing.

I am the Dragon of ice. I give you this gift. Use it well Warrior.

I placed my hand on his stone. His stone was clear and had golden in it. The ice strikes me in my very heart. My eyes widen as I fell to ground. Still having my hand over his stone I replied.

Thank- you... for such.... kindness.

I let go slowly. All the energy flowing threw me. I can see it, all over me.

You are now one with the worlds.

The purple dragon came.

I am the dragon of wind.I give you this gift with all my heart.

This time the dragon had no stone. But instead he lift me into the cool night air. I looked up, there were many stars, all different colors. The leaves started to lift along with the fresh air. I then felt a cool energy flow through me. This time it did not hurt. It eased my pain.

I give you the gift of kindness and laughter young one. Bring joy to the world. It may not seem a lot but it will help you along your long journey.

I am very great-full. Thank you.

When the wind dragon backed away the light blue dragon came.

I am the dragon of water. Please use this gift wisely.

He too did had a stone around his neck. But he wished to grant me my gift another way. He bend his head and let me touch his rough forehead. As I placed my hand it lit a cool but yet furry energy through me. As I touched him I was able to see all the colors of the worlds. I saw visions and energy I never knew existed. I slowly let go.

I give you the power to see beyond your eyesight. Beware though for it might hurt you.

Thank you very much.....

I was about to leave when the elemental dragon came before me.

You still have one gift left...... Zina.

I look deep into his eyes, they were full of color and wisdom. They looked like pools of energy. All most like another world you see from afar.

As I look into his eyes I feel yet another power flowing through my body.

I give you the gift, the gift of not feeling pain whatsoever. Use it to protect your people, Warrior. And the power to wield all elements.

Thank you.... But why are you giving me all this? I'm only suppose to get one gift. Why?

I asked them.

We want you to look after the worlds and the five dragons for us.

And.... why would I do that? I asked. I'll do it. Only if you give you names. Your real names.

They all looked at each other.

My name is Guen. said the Earth dragon.

And my name is Yu. said the dragon of fire.

My name is Shi said the dragon of ice.

My name is Ha-gan said the Wind dragon.

And my name is Ao-san said the water dragon.

The Elemental dragon came forth.

And my name is Zin.

My name...... I nodded my head. Agreeing to help. Thank you. It is an honer to be serving the Dragons.

No it an honer for us to be serving the .......... Warrior.

...... Warrior?

They all bowed and nodded at each other.

Everything went black.

The something Warrior.....


"Do you think she is alive?" said voice one.

"Of course she is alive!" said voice two. His voice on the other hand was genital.

"Well I hope she is..... she's the new warrior." said another voice.

"Hello? Are you alive!" a forth voice said.

Then a fifth voice said. "Her name is Zina. I've meet her before. Zina! You alive?"

"Get out of the way!" This person was pushing his way through.

"Warrior! Warrior Zina!"

I get up. Everything is a blur. When my vision clears I see five Warriors looking at me. One of them, that's the leader, Haku was wearing the dragons crescent, the Dragon Warrior of Wind.

The young prince was looking at me.

"Are you ok?" he asked.

"Yes...." I rub my head.

If I tell them I got a gift from all Dragons they'll fear me..... I won't tell them.


"Girl! Girl! Are you alive?"

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