The Forth Inventor

I- I don't know who I am, I do know that I am important. I have to finish what I started on Earth. Hak........ I'm sorry. I.


9. Boom!

I smile at Micheal. I leave the library and started walking. Then,


I look back and see the gang running behind me.

I look up and see a strange looking cloud. You got to be kidding me! "Go to the-!"

Another explosion. I fall back. I get up slowly and grab hold of everyone. "Hold on tight!"

I run and jump off a cliff. And we all died. Jk.

I spun while jumping and I got moonlight wings. It was getting dark so my wings were made of light to help me.

Micheal's eyes went wide and he just had to touch my wings. "They feel so... so..."

"Cool?" Noa suggested.

"No... breezy," asked Fred.

"I don't know a word to describe them..."

"Hold on! I have to drop you guys to the shore that way I can fight that thing!"

I drop them and they all scrambled to the shore off the waves. I close my wings and started walking on the water. Micheal wanted to do the same thing and failed.

He got wet. I giggled.

I started walking again and then I ran at full speed. Slash! My sword went on the things throat. Was it a wolf? A beast wolf.

I strike again but this time it was ready. It threw me off.

I fell back and someone caught me. The blue haired girl. "Need help?" I nodded.

"Northern lighting strike?" she asked me. She had such a calm voice. Yet a harsh one.

"Yeah," I get up and I was about to use my best sword.

"Not the mirror sword! It's... weak," she had placed her hand on my sword to stop me.

I take out my other sword and place it high up in the air. So did she.

Then the red fire wolf took hold of her. "Run! I'll hold him off! If I find a way to run," She said.

I look up to where she was. Clutched in the claws of the wolf and back to the boat where the gang was looking at me with wide eyes.

I shake my head then look at the beast. I hold my sword up high. The wind flowing through my hair with a lightning storm above me.

I close my eyes. "I call upon the Nor..." my voice trailed off as everything seemed to slow down. Time itself slowed in front of me.

I was in a small meadow and in front of me was my younger me when I was about 4 years old. The me from about four trillion years ago. In front of my four year old me was a woman in armor with a purple sword on her back.

With brown eyes and black hair. Her light brown skin against her white skin. My skin.

She was crying and was telling me something very important.

"Remember... knowing someone's history is your biggest weapon; and the strongest,"

She hugged her and everything went white around me. I open my eyes and everything was the same as if I had never left.

"RUN!" yelled the blue haired girl.

I stood there and put my sword away.

"No! I'm not running away!"


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