The Forth Inventor

I- I don't know who I am, I do know that I am important. I have to finish what I started on Earth. Hak........ I'm sorry. I.


1. A Start


I- I just want to- to- help this world.

What did I do wrong!?

I didn't mean to!

I was on my knees on the floor.

Watashi wa, nani o yatta no?!


I ran through the brambles.

Alo! Yun! Shina! Haku! Please... I don't it to be like this! I can feel there prescience fading.

I held onto the dragons pendent. Holding it like I'm going to lose to time.

Amethyst. The only thing I have from my mother. Mother please don't take them!

I don't want it to be like this! Haku! Please help them!

I crash into the thick brambles. Please..... not them.

"Shina! Alo! Yun! Haku!" I yelled with my eyes wide. "No!"

"Haku! Shina! Yun! Alo!" I said, "Please answer me."

My eyes started to tear up. I'll never forgive you guys if you guys die on me. Please?!


All my friends were dead in front of me. Why? I couldn't save them.

I got my first sword and placed it on the ground, I held on to it. To make sure I don't fall to the ground. The ritual to moan the dead.

I started to cry. I felt all there spirits beside me. I'm sorry! I wanted to, but, I couldn't make it in time.

I just want to die! I don't want to stay here by myself! Why is that I can't ......? Why?

I just want to rest, and be with my friends. My love. My brother! Why?

I just........ want to be in peace, for once.


I looked up. No! I will not fall now. Not ever! I'm not thinking of breaking my promise right now!

I got up and pulled my sword. Not....... now. I won't fall now. I summed all my stringent.

"I don't want it to end like this....." I said quietly my voice cracking. "I won't fall now!" I yelled. A tear rolled down it hit the floor. The placed changed, it changed, as if I was under the deep water.

I got to first fighting position. I'm ready. I adjusted my eyes.

I saw "myself." My older sister to be exact.

"Tea! Why are you here!" I say.

"Am I not allowed to come visit some time?" she asked.

She attacks. I dogged. That was close. She has the same speed as I have, so.... it's going to be hard to beat her.

"I would like it if you don't come visit," I gently say all most ready to cry again.

She attacks again. This time I dogged and attack her, but she was quick. She shield my attack. I bounced off from her sword.

We were both doing around ten attacks in less than a millisecond. I lost her! There was sand in the air. The cloud was really thick neither of use could see through it.

There was then black energy. I'll use my gift!

I turned my minds eye on.

Insistently I saw black magic around her.

I am able to see her next move now.

She was going to attack my leg.

I shield my foot. There was loud Bang!

My footing all most slipped. That was a close call. I then attack her. I aimed for her head.

She was fast and shield my attack.

She is too strong for me.

My body told me: Wolf runs like the wind.

My other gift! I went under her and got up less than a second.

She attacks I wasn't ready for that blow, and there was a deep wound down mt waist. I fall, I then clash my sword with hers. Ow! I started to bleed heavily.

I manged to return the deep wound to her. She smiles.

We then clash our swords together. We backed away. There was dust in the air. When the dust cleared she jumped and attacked up high. I was quick this time and shield it.

She retreat and started to run around me. Trying to get me dizzy. I close my eyes, she attacks. My eyes close I shield it. I listen for her next attack. I get up slowly.

I attack in .00000004 of a millisecond. I open my eyes. She then runs up to me. Her sword angled to make sure she hits me. I get my bow and arrows. I shot. She then reflex's.

"I see you've gotten better. Warrior." She said with a smirk on her face.

I smile too. "Yes I have. Tea. Sister." I said back.

The wind was blowing hard.

"Why don't you use you gifts?" she asked.

"You are no threat." I say.

We both attack. I slipped my footing and went past her. I stomp my foot onto the ground and turn back. Dirt went loose into the air. Our swords clash again. There was a hint of fear in her eyes. But yet furry.

I had a cool anger in my own.

I turn around like I'm dancing and we clash swords. She mirrored me!

She chuckles. "See you next time, but please, don't fall to the ground next time," she said.

"I thought you were someone else. Your harmless tough." I replied with a smile.

She laughs. She bounces off from my sword. Then turns into a speck of dust.

I get dizzy. Long time since I've fought with her. There was a tears in my eyes

I fall to the ground. I start crying a bit. That's what happens when you take on too many names, Anzuna.

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