Memories I'd rather forget

Life keeps coming in flashbacks to Mya's mind. She has memories of a different person. She can't help thinking she's adopted but something tells her it's more. Was she kidnapped? She is responsible for her sister and has to save them both, but has no way of escaping without drawing attention. But what if she really wasn't kidnapped? What are these memories?


1. Flashbacks

Eyes. Gray eyes... just like mine. Sweet smile... a resemblance to mine. Nose... pointy but round.... also like mine. 

I wake up to sweat on my forehead. These flashbacks are tearing me away from everything I've known. I know that woman I see in my mind is my real mother and not my imagination. Memories keep flooding me and now I'd just rather forget them and have everything go back to normal. My twin, Lia, is also having these. I know a secret and I can't have others find out what I know.  I've pieced these flashbacks together and I think I solved the puzzle. A dark mysterious puzzle.


I was four, almost five... I know because we were out camping for my bout to be birthday. My mom, not the one I live with..the one I thought was my mom, went to get something from the car. I heard something in the woods. Lia did too. There was a puppy.... I love puppies.... so of course I went and Lia followed. There was a woman.... this was the one I called mom my whole seventeen years of life. I knew I shouldn't talk to strangers but Lia insisted we at least say hi and ask to hold the puppy. I wouldn't budge. I looked around and I couldn't see my mom. I was lost.

"Hi" Lia noticed I was too worried so she went ahead not knowing the dangers."Can we hold the puppy"

"Of course darling" The woman sounded cruel. mischievous like she was on too something. But at four I didn't know this.

A man appears and my protective instinct came on. I told Lia that we should go...find mom. Lia finally budged after a couple of pleads. 

"Hold on" The man wasn't going to let us through. 

As I finally realized what was happening, I was already roped together with Lia crying and screaming for my mom. 

"We're your family now" Again that planful voice. I try to scream again... and then I blacked.

When I awoke I found I was in a house-the same one I'm in now. The one I thought was mine. Lia was eating breakfast and I hesitated to join her. The evil woman came back and told me to at so I ate. I called for my mom out of habit... and I heard a sweet manly voice talk.

"We're your family now. I'm your father. That's your mother" It too Lia a couple weeks to believe that.. It took me a couple months. We were brainwashed and no memory of the kidnapped happened. Until my seventeenth birthday.

Now I just need paper and a pencil. My mischievous mind was onto something.

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