Raina Grey and Shawn Deans are forbidden to be together. its the usual, Rania is the nerd. she dosent go to any high school parties. until Victoriya Lanies, her evolved best friend, drags her to the last day of school one. At that, Shawn Deans annual end-of-the-year party.


4. 3

I fell asleep reading my textbook. I feel so neardy right now. uhhh! I looked at my phone- this, my parents got of me. 

27 messages from Cassi Laines 

3 miss calls from Cassi lanies

107 messages from unknown numbers

2 miss calls from unknown numbers


Cassi Laines, is Victoya. She just really wanted for her contact name to be Cassi. 

I opened up Victorya's texts. 


you go girl!

You sure now how to make an exit

where are you?

come to my place now. 

call me now


im in danger

save me


Victorya was to dramatic. I called her. She picked up right away. 

"so, your in danger? I gather you need my help." I said sarcastically.

"Naw just bored, Where did you go? AND YOU LIAR!" Sh screamed the last bit making my hold the phone like 3 feet away from me. "Wait what? I went home, and what liar?" I was totally confused. "Oh nothing. YOU TOOK MY CAR, AND I HAD TO WALK HOME! Or in small talk did you tell me you were going to use my car and I can't remember?" Now this girl was mad. "Naw, just took it" I said smoothly. "So, didn't your mum get mad when you got home in a party dress?" She changed the topic. "oh, she doesn't know im home." Victorya gasped. "Let me get this straight. Unlimited Nerd goes to a party, makes a grand exit, steals my car, has a go with Shawn, than goes home with out her parents knowing?!? GIRL, CAN I TALK TO RAINA GREY??" I laughed. "okay, you make me sound bad, and had a go with Shawn?? how? " 

"He asked to drive you home, sacrificing the fact that he loves the parties. He is totally into you." she said a-matter-of-factly. "well, I have to go, before my parents call your place and ask for me." I said avoiding the subject of Shawn. "you just said you were home, GIRL, you are so confusing." I smiled. "Wait a sec, Are you still at Shawn's house? Is that the shower I hear?"Nobody knew I spent time in the attic. "well, I got to go, BEY!" I shut the phone before she could question me any further. 




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