Raina Grey and Shawn Deans are forbidden to be together. its the usual, Rania is the nerd. she dosent go to any high school parties. until Victoriya Lanies, her evolved best friend, drags her to the last day of school one. At that, Shawn Deans annual end-of-the-year party.


3. 2

Just want to let you know this is Izzixxy not Ivy. 


Me and Victoriya walked into a room full of blasting music. "Would you kill me if I told you I was already getting dizzy?"I asked Victoriya. "Defiantly." I smirked. "well I am." I yelled over the loud music. She gave me her death stare and started chasing me all around the house. Thanks to Victoriya's long dress I borrowed I tripped and my head hit someone's chest. "oww" I said. "You OKAY there.. what's you're name?" He asked. "Yha, just tripped. Name's Raina."

"Hey! Your that nerdy girl in all my classes! Right?" I rolled my eyes. "what are you doing here anyways, don't you nerds stay at home and study?" Once again rolling my eyes I replied, "Well for starters..." I punched him right in the middle of his stomach. "You do NOT call me Nerdy Girl, and second, ya' know my best friend Victoriya? She dragged me down here. Didn't want to come, and don't have a ride home." Shawn's mouth shaped and 'o' "well... umm, I could drive you home, i'm sure the guys won't mind." I laughed . "Thats sweet of you but I'd walk in a pool of mud than get in a car with you." Shawn, taking it sirusly, turned around. "EVERYONE!" The house went silent. "MAKE A MUD POOL IN THE BACKYARD!" I kicked his shin. "IT WAS A FIGURE OF SPEECH DUMMY. Anyways, I think i'll take the bus.BEY!"

Mouth opening and closing, hands on his shin and stomach, I  left hm hanging and the silent room. "VICTORIYA! I'm going now, bey!" I guess I sure did know how to make a grand exit. I walked to Victoriya's car and reached underneath her car.  Once I felt her car keys, I pulled them out and drove to my house. Climbing up a Vine ladder I make when I was younger, I got up to  the attic. I went to the attic when I should have been at Victoriya's or something and didn't feel like going. Nobody knows I'm up here. Up there was basically a whole house. Mini kitchen/bar, bathroom, bed, dressers, bookshelf, and a side table. I had books, flash lights, and a change of clothes. I opened my frezzer and took out my Ice cream. In my frezzer I keep all my chocolaty junk food. I reached my bed and pulled out the IPod I bought myself.  

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