Raina Grey and Shawn Deans are forbidden to be together. its the usual, Rania is the nerd. she dosent go to any high school parties. until Victoriya Lanies, her evolved best friend, drags her to the last day of school one. At that, Shawn Deans annual end-of-the-year party.


1. 1

Raina Grey's pov

           ''Come on Raina! lossen up!" Victoriya Laines, my i-have-no-idea-how best friend said on the last day of high school. ''It's the last day!" I shoke my head. "I would rather do anything than do to one of those random person  parties." I stated clearly and slowly as if Victoriya couldn't understand my English. "if you really rather do anything than go to some random person's last day of school party, than what about we go to one of Shawn De-" "it's still a party Darling." i cut her off. "but it's not Somebody's party, it's Shaw's famous party." she got me. i'v known Shawn since kindergarden. sadly. "fine," i admited. "but i need something to wear." she rolled her eyes, like i wasn't the smartest in the class. "your going to borrow one of mine Honey"  oh no. I was not about to wear one of her dresses. Victoriya is a total party girl, she had every dress imaginable. well, the party type ones anyways. 

***time skip to Victoriya's house after school 'round 5***

          "This one would look marvelous in this one," Victoriya held up a dress from under her bed, that's where she hides all her dresses. Okay, now this one looked good, black fading into green;dark green mind you. It compemented my eyes.

(outfit and characters in next chapter)

I took it from Victoriya's hand and changed in her bathroom. The tag was still on like she never wore it. taking it of, i changed into the long dress. 

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