The Last Jedi - Star Wars - Episode VIII

This contains no spoilers of any kind! A war orphan with supernatural powers convinces a disgraced Jedi Master to teach her the ways of The Force, but when she learns his dark secret and is tempted by the Dark Side, she must decide for herself which path to follow.

cover art by: Richie Montez

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7. Chapter 6


Wind kicks up sand and whistles through dense pre-fab houses. A dirty little girl, 5, with short brown hair and a coarse linen dress, walks through the street with a worried look as residents hurry into their homes.

LITTLE GIRL: (calling) Maddle.

Tie Fighters in pursuit of X-wings flash by overhead. She finds her six-legged, two-tailed, goofy fuzz-ball under a landspeeder up on blocks.

LITTLE GIRL: Maddle. There you are.

As the girl pulls her pet JURURIE out, she sees a stormtrooper patrol turns down the street. She crouches behind the speeder. The patrol comes closer, and Maddle blurbles loudly. A door from a nearby house opens and YOUNG REY, 5, strikingly similar to the little girl, pokes her head out.

YOUNG REY: (in a whisper) Salis. What are you doing?

SALIS holds up her pet. Young Rey waves her in.


As Salis enters, Maddle squirms free and runs off again.

SALIS: Maddle, come back!

Salis starts after him, but Rey grabs her arm.

YOUNG REY: Stay here. I'll get him.

SALIS: No. Don't go, Rey. They'll catch you.

YOUNG REY: Don't worry. I've done it before. If you see my mom and dad, tell them I'll be right back.


The TICKET AGENT, late 40s, heavy-set and unshaven, in a faded and worn uniform, suspiciously examines travel documents behind the dirty glass window of his small ticket office.

TALLIN MITHRYSE, the early 30s, with a dirty and weathered face, waves a callused hand above the counter.

TALLIN: These papers are in order.

STATION AGENT: These papers are in order. Three tickets for Dantooine, thirty-five hundred credits.

Tallin hands over a burlap sack of credits. Annoyed, the station agent counts them out one by one. Tallin waves again.

TALLIN: It's all there.

STATION AGENT: It's all there.

Tallin turns and hands off the tickets to EZIA MITHRYSE, the 20s, her face sun-beaten and tired. She pockets them.

EZIA: We have to hurry. The rebels have started bombing runs.

She pulls a hood over her long brown, braided hair.


Rey chases after Maddle through allies but stops and hides as a column of Imperial transports and stormtroopers pass. She continues her hunt as the stormtroopers occupy themselves with an anti-aircraft battery down the block from her. Above, a Y-wing lines up his attack run on the battery.


A hefty pilot with a handlebar mustache adjusts his targeting computer to identify the missile battery.

GOLD FIVE: Gold Five to Gold Leader. Request permission to target an Imperial battery within the labor camp.

GOLD LEADER: Target confirmed. Permission granted Gold Five.

GOLD FIVE: Copy Gold Leader.

The targeting computer flashes a lock.


The Y-wing dives and launches its missile behind Rey as she creeps up on Maddle cornered by a low concrete wall.

REY: Gotcha.

She pounces on the beastie just the missile strikes. The deafening explosion knocks Rey off her feet. She stands shaken but unharmed, but her jaw drops as she sees her house, and those around it, demolished. Local residents help the wounded and douse the flames. A bloodied, injured woman in tattered clothes searches through the rubble of her home, frantic.

INJURED WOMAN: Salis! Salis!

A ground transport arrives, and stormtroopers pile out.

PA SYSTEM: (pre-recorded voice) ...evacuate the area. This is now a restricted zone. All civilians evacuate...

The troopers shove people out of the way and wave their blasters as they attend to their own. An angry old man holds his injured arm and stands his ground.

ANGRY MAN: Ever since the Empire got here-

A stormtrooper shoves him. The crowd protests. Through the mounting chaos, Rey sees Tallin and Ezra near the burning pile that was their house.

REY: Mom! Dad!

They can't hear over the crowd, but DM-0117 does.

DM-0117: Stop!

Rey takes off, and a wild chase ensues through the narrow alleyways of the shantytown section of the neighborhood.


Young Rey frantically pushes through the crowd and squeezes through the gate as the transport lifts off. Rey stands out in the middle of the landing pad, exposed, but she doesn't care.

UNKAR PLUTT grabs her hand. Rey tries to pull away.

YOUNG REY: No, come back.

UNKAR PLUTT: Quiet, girl!

Unkar unceremoniously stuffs her into his junk cart. The stormtrooper runs just past Unkar, stops, and looks around.

DM-0117: Where's the girl?

UNKAR PLUTT: What girl?

DM-0117 shoves him in frustration and scans the platform. Unkar laboriously drags his cart away. Rey peeks through a gap as DM-0117 searches through the offloaded cargo. She looks back to where the ship flew off and sees nothing but sand dunes.


The dunes devolve into Luke's sandy brown cloak. Rey returns from her daydream as Threepio crosses her line of sight. Threepio adjusts Luke's monitor. When he moves away, she sees Luke's face and arms wrapped in bandages. Artoo inquisitively tweedles in remorseful tones.

THREEPIO: Don't say such things, Artoo. Master Luke is quite resilient for a human.

Finn joins them with a blanket and lays it over Luke. Rey returns to her work as she repairs Luke's prosthetic hand that lays in pieces on the checkered Dejarik table.

FINN: Do you need a... help with that?

REY: Uh... Here, hold this.

Rey hands Finn a flashlight. Finn accepts the pandering gesture and half-heartedly lights the workspace. Mad at herself, Rey angrily works on Luke's prosthetic.

FINN: You know, it's not your fault.

REY: What?

FINN: Luke. He's a Jedi Master and-

REY: I know.

FINN: Oh. You just seem upset.

REY: I am upset! (tempering her tone) I- I tried, but I was scared. I couldn't help it. I failed. I failed Leia; I failed Luke; I failed everyone, literally everyone.

Threepio looks over at the commotion. Finn shuts up and a thick uncomfortable silence fills the room. Lando notices it when he enters.

LANDO: We're on course to the Both system. The Resistance has a safehouse there.

No one responds.

LANDO: You're welcome.

Lando checks on Luke.

THREEPIO: He's stable for the moment, but he needs a proper medical facility.

LANDO: Hang in there, Luke. (standing) Hey Finn, help me recalibrate our long-range sensor array for First Order frequencies.

FINN: Uh... sure.


Finn follows Lando into the corridor. He looks around for what might be a sensor array panel.

LANDO: Finn, this isn't easy for me. I'm a man who lives by his instincts, and it's served me well, but I want to apologize to you. I was wrong and I hope you can forgive me.

FINN: Thanks, Lando. That means more to me than you know. It's not easy earning trust with my background.

LANDO: I can relate. We both have backgrounds that don't inspire trust. I also see why you joined the Resistance.

Lando smiles and nods toward the lounge.

FINN: Am I that obvious?

LANDO: That's okay. I was lured into the Rebellion the same way.

FINN: Yeah? Anyone I know?

Lando waves his hands dismissively.

FINN: Who? Leia? Leia. Is it Leia? It's Leia, isn't it?

Lando gestures for Finn to lower his voice.

LANDO: You need to learn to be subtle. And if you're going to win a girl, you can't be so aggressive. You need to be smooth and confident.

FINN: Smooth and confident. Yeah, okay.

LANDO: You're wasting your time with Rey.

FINN: What are you talking about?

LANDO: Don't you know? The Jedi can't have intimate relationships. It's part of their code. Something about emotions.

The revelation crushes Finn's heart.

LANDO: Unrequited love is more bitter than sweet, let me tell you.

Lando puts a comforting arm on his shoulder.

LANDO: Don't fret. Stick with me and I'll introduce you to some, uh, nice girls who'd love to meet you.

A warning beacon sounds from the cockpit.

LANDO: Inform the others we're coming up on Bothawui.


Kylo and General Hux kneel before Snoke's projection.

SNOKE: Two Star Destroyers. You were to have crushed them by now.

GENERAL HUX: A minor setback. The Resistance has been eliminated. Only the New Republic remains.

SNOKE: Send no less than eight Star Destroyers. Finish off the fleet quickly.

GENERAL HUX: Yes, Supreme Leader.


General Hux rises and leaves. Kylo remains kneeling.

SNOKE: Rescued by your own subordinates.

KYLO: I wanted to prove my loyalty to you.

SNOKE: By disobeying me? Now Skywalker is no longer in exile.

Kylo stands.

KYLO: He was a feeble old man. He couldn't possibly survive our confrontation.

SNOKE: Your theory is insignificant.

KYLO: What must I do to regain your trust?

SNOKE: Execute General Leia.

Kylo flinches, but he quickly recovers.

KYLO: As you wish, Supreme Leader.

SNOKE: Do not fail me again.


MAJOR VERRADER, 20s, privileged, in a teal uniform, walks tall down the corridor toward a pair of stormtroopers who flank a cell door. He turns to enter, but the guards step in front of him.

MAJOR VERRADER: What is the meaning of this?

AE-1016: I'm sorry, Major. We have strict orders to deny all access to the prisoner.

MAJOR VERRADER: On whose authority?

AE-1016: Captain Phasma, sir.

MAJOR VERRADER: Captain Phasma. Has she secretly been promoted to Grand Moff?

AE-1016: No, sir. I'm sorry, sir. Permit me to inform the Captain.

MAJOR VERRADER: Inform her on your own time. Right now you two will accompany me during my interrogation.

AE-1016: Yes, sir.

The guards open the door to reveal Leia, who looks up from on a bench. As they enter, Major Verrader pulls his sidearm. Kylo, flanked by two stormtroopers of the 501st in their new red-striped helmets, turns the corner of the detention block and marches toward the cell door. He pushes the lock, and the door slides open to reveal two stormtroopers dead on the floor. Kylo swallows a curse.

AL-2112: I'll alert security.

KYLO: No. I'll find her myself.


Major Verrader leads stormtrooper MF-9007 with a repulsor trolley of weapons crates. Two 501st stormtroopers stop them.

AL-2112: What's your designation?

MAJOR VERRADER: What's the meaning of this, trooper? Don't you recognize MF-9007?

MF-9007: (woman's voice) MF-9007.

VH-0812: Remove your helmet.

MF-9007 looks to Major Verrader, then removes her helmet to reveal a young woman with short red hair and freckles.

AL-2112: It's not her.

The stormtroopers continue their search. Captain Phasma feigns interest in a shipment of rifles but watches them closely. They round a freighter to reveal a rickety C-73 Vega shuttle of the Clone War Era. Major Verrader dismisses MF-9007 and pushes the crates up the loading ramp.


He opens the crate and lets Leia out of the cramped container. She looks around the haggard interior.

LEIA: A Vega? This thing is older than me.

MAJOR VERRADER: Can you fly it?

LEIA: Does it fly?

He scoffs, opens another crate, and points out the devices.

MAJOR VERRADER: This is the transponder. (points to data device) This data device contains a revolving clearance code generator, a map of the old Imperial Complex, and Snoke's current itinerary for the next few days. So, whatever it is you're planning, you'd better hurry.

LEIA: I'm impressed, Major.

MAJOR VERRADER: Yes, yes, fine. I fulfilled my part. Can I trust you to fulfill yours?

LEIA: I will as long as you quit taking bribes from Zygerrian slavers.

MAJOR VERRADER: I wouldn't dream of it.

LEIA: Major, if you're in any kind of danger, you can come with me.

MAJOR VERRADER: (playfully) What? And betray the First Order? Never. But thank you for the offer.


Major Verrader exits the shuttle to see Kylo enter the loading bay with several of his new stormtroopers. He spins on his heels in the hopes of escaping Kylo's notice.

KYLO: Stop that ship.

Kylo's stormtroopers open fire on the shuttle. Major Verrader hits the deck. The engine sputters and the ship rises. Captain Phasma joins Kylo.

CAPTAIN PHASMA: Hold your fire!

Kylo and the stormtroopers ignore her.

CAPTAIN PHASMA: Sir, I have a tracker onboard. She'll lead us to Skywalker.

Kylo raises his hand and the stormtroopers cease-fire. Leia's ship passes through the magnetic field and flees. Major Verrader raises his head to find Kylo, Captain Phasma, and the 501st stormtroopers around him. Using the Force, Kylo grips Major Verrader's throat and lifts him off the floor. He claws at the invisible hand and gasps.

KYLO: Major Verrader.

CAPTAIN PHASMA: Strange. You're the one who told me where to find General Leia, and now you help with her escape. I venture to guess you are the one who placed the vibroknife in her stateroom.

Major Verrader turns blue as he fights for breath.

KYLO: What else have you given her?


Poe and his squad maneuver into flight formation as the fleet prepares for the jump to hyperspace. Poe's radio pops.

MYRI: Black Leader, position your squad after Vanguard.

POE: Copy that. (switching frequencies) Okay, Black Nerf Squadron, we're shuffling the deck again.

Black Squadron drops out of their positions and head toward the rear of the convoy and toward the Prominence. Kare' pounds angrily on the canopy.

JESSIKA PAVA: Hey, Dameron. Your girlfriend's taking us out of the game.

POE: Relax, Pava. There will be plenty of action once we reach Obroa-Skai. Our job is to protect the Prominence. Let the New Republic take point on the Solstice. It's their ship.

Poe's team positions itself next to Green Squadron.

NIEN NUNB: Poe, I didn't expect to see you here with the rest of the rebel scum.

POE: Bashier wanted me to keep an eye on you. There were complaints about Green Squadron cheating at Sabacc.

YOLO ZIFF: Poe, is it true that Specter Base has been overrun?

POE: That hasn't been confirmed. Comms went down shortly after we left.

NEV LEK: They say that survivors escaped and are holed-up on Bothawui. And, well, Wedge-

POE: Wedge can do what he wants. Rogue Squadron isn't officially part of the Resistance.

BASTIAN: Since when did we become so formal? We're not Republic Defense. I know, because they won't let us forget it.

POE: I've never abandoned a mission, and I'm not going to start now.

L'ULO: Poe, we may need to pull out of this. Our mission to reunite the New Republic fleet is failing. We've lost more ships than we've saved.

KARE' KUN: Why are you so loyal to them? They didn't even try to save the Echo.

POE: Look around you. These are your brothers now. They need us. They must survive if we're to have any chance at defeating the First Order.

ODDY MUVA: I'm staying.

JESSIKA PAVA: Me too. I'm here to fight.

L'ULO: I'll stay. I won't be the one to deliver the bad news to your father.

NIEN NUNB: It's because of bureaucrats exactly like Admiral Bashier that we formed the Resistance.

BASTIAN: I'm sorry, Poe.

Several Resistance starfighters drop out of formation.

MYRI: Black Leader, get your pilots back into formation. You're in the New Republic now. Orders are not optional.

They jump into hyperspace. More starfighters drop out.

POE: They're not stormtroopers. Their loyalties lie with those who are loyal to them. The New Republic hasn't exactly earned their respect.

MYRI: Why are you still here?

POE: My loyalty resides in the mission. Besides, what's the point of being the best pilot in the galaxy if you're not around to see it?

MYRI: Hilarious. If you're staying, merge what's left of your squad with Rapier, but I need you to command the wing.

Poe smirks as he calculates coordinates on his navicomputer.

POE: A promotion? And here I thought you didn't like me.

The starfighters power up and jump to hyperspace group by group, followed closely by the Prominence.


The Falcon skims through craggy, snowcapped mountains, into a valley, and toward a towering metropolis.


The Falcon drifts over dense slums of tall, skinny buildings composed of repurposed cargo containers and transports. The Falcon settles into the center of a dilapidated arena. Telescopic booms extend out around the roof perimeter followed by a canvas patchwork of awnings to enclose the field.


Lando, Finn, Threepio, and Chewie disembark into the refugee camp of old portable buildings and dusty sunbeams. Resistance fighters mill about, despair written on their faces. The white-bearded MAJOR CALUAN EMATT greets them.

THREEPIO: Major Ematt, where is everyone?

MAJOR EMATT: This is it. What you see here is the last of the Resistance.

LANDO: Chewie, get a doctor. Who's in charge?

MAJOR EMATT: You are, sir.

LANDO: No, no. I haven't been part of the Resistance in a long time.

MAJOR EMATT: Your actions at Specter Base had me believing otherwise.

LANDO: Then put Finn in charge. He's the hero of Specter.

Finn does a double take, blindsided by the complement. Major Ematt shakes his hand. Finn fills with pride.

MAJOR EMATT: Excellent work, son.


Rey anxiously watches DOCTOR KALONIA apply bacta bandages as an FX-7 medical droid sets up an IV.

KALONIA: I'll take care of him, love.

REY: He'll live?

Dr. Kalonia smiles warmly.

KALONIA: I'm afraid that's not up to me.


Rey finds Finn waiting for her.

FINN: You saved his life.

REY: Maybe.

Finn makes an awkward attempt to hug her. She recoils.

REY: What are you doing?

FINN: Sorry. Did I do it wrong?

REY: (realizing) Oh. No, it's me. I'm sorry. I'm not used to it. There's not a lot of hugging on Jakku, at least not for free- not that I-

FINN: Oh, yeah, no. I know. I mean it's not like stormtroopers hug at all. They're kinda the opposite of hugs. I just remember my mom, she used to hug me, like a lot. It's one of the few memories I have of her.

REY: My dad too. He always smelled so bad from working in the mines all day, but I didn't care. It made me feel safe, ya know?

FINN: You're safe here.

Rey moves in close to him. He takes her into his arms and they push through the unfamiliarity into genuine affection. They hold each other for a long moment. Rey sheds a tear and then composes herself as they separate.

REY: Thanks. You're a good friend, Finn.


Finn floats down the ramp. Lando nears with a raised eyebrow.

FINN: We're good friends. Rey and me, not just friends, good friends.

LANDO: (shaking his head) That's too bad.

Finn frowns. He chases after Lando.

FINN: Bad? Wait. What do you mean 'bad'?

Lando nods to Major Ematt. He and several armed soldiers crank open a large door to the outside. A short, masked MERCENARY clad in thin armor and several lion-faced BOTHANS enter with a repulsor trolley of supplies.

FINN: You don't think she likes me?

MERCENARY: (raspy synthetic voice) Don't listen to him, kid. He's a scoundrel, that one.

Lando and Finn look to the mercenary as she pulls off her mask to reveal Leia.

LANDO: Leia! (stumbling) I'm glad you're here to see you.

FINN: (under his breath) Smooth and confident.

Lando elbows him in the ribs.

LEIA: What are you doing here? Thought you left the Resistance for something more profitable.

LANDO: When I heard you were captured, I couldn't stand by and do nothing.

Leia gives him a coy smile.

LEIA: You've always been a good friend.

MAJOR EMATT: You're here, so you've heard about Specter Base.

LEIA: Did Admiral Statura make it out?

MAJOR EMATT: No. The list of survivors is short. He did brief me on your mission. You took a great risk.

LEIA: If the intel from my informant is accurate, it was worth it.

Leia hands him the transponder and data device.

LEIA: We need a plan, and soon.

MAJOR EMATT: One transponder and a few dozen men. We don't do things easy, do we?

LEIA: We make the most with what we have.

MAJOR EMATT: Yes, ma'am.

LANDO: Leia, Luke's here. He's in pretty bad shape. The doctor isn't sure if he's going to make it.


Kalonia gently slices through the bloodied bandage on Luke's face and peels it back to the ugly mess underneath. Leia enters as the doctor cleans the surface of his cheek but finds only a fading bruise. Artoo beeps. Chewie grunts a greeting and stands.

LEIA: How is he?

KALONIA: It's hard to say. He's suffered severe burns. It'd be just a matter of time if he were anyone else.

Leia leans in close.

LEIA: Luke, it's Leia.

Luke doesn't respond. She takes a moment with him and strokes his hair, happy to see him again, but deeply concerned.

LEIA: Oh, Luke.


Rey lowers her goggles, aims a power coupler, and shoots an electrical arc at Luke's prosthetic hand holding his weapon. The blade's brightness intensifies. The dejarik holographic game pieces flicker. The whole table sparks and smolders.

REY: Whoops.

She shuts off the power and wafts away the smoke. She gently removes the lightsaber and tests the prosthetic. The fingers move one by one, ball into a fist, then relax. She sits back, satisfied with her work, and gives Luke's lightsaber a wistful inspection. She tightens her grip and concentrates. She closes her eyes. Luke's voice echoes.

LUKE (V.O.): I'll come back for you.


Human contractors repair and paint the adobe of the sunken courtyard with the help of several construction droids. A blue female and brown male Twi'lek, with long head-tails, install a vertical hydroponic garden. A walrus-faced Aqualish grunts orders to three little hooded Jawas as they tilt up a new harvest purification system.


Han swaps Luke's old tri-winged T-16 skyhopper scale model, suspended above the crib, for a YT-1300 light freighter.


A pregnant Mara Jade pours a glass of blue bantha milk as Han enters with a stuffed Wookiee doll wrapped in a bow. She smiles, but it collapses into depression.

HAN: I know, Tatooine isn't a cultural center, but it's safe and quiet and a perfect place to raise a child. No one is going to find you here.

MARA JADE: I can't do this. I'm not a mother.

HAN: What are you talking about? The sharecroppers will handle the farm, you'll have a nanny to help with little Biggs, and I'll drop by all the time to check on you.

MARA JADE: His name's Anakin, and he needs his father.

Guilt pierces Han, and he fumbles his excuse.

HAN: Mara, he has an obligation. He wants to be here, he wants to teach him the ways of the Force and watch him grow up, but I... he can't.

He instantly regrets his words. Mara gives Han Luke's lightsaber, from her pocket.

MARA JADE: He'll be looking for this.

Han rolls it in his hand, then gives it back.

HAN: No. He can come and get it himself.

Mara puts on a weak smile.


Through a pair of macrobinoculars, the Falcon lifts off, and Mara returns to the farmhouse.


Mara enters the dark room with the Wookiee doll. She switches on the light and gasps to find Young Kylo in the middle of the room holding the model of the Falcon. She turns to the door, but it slides shut. She trembles.

MARA JADE: Who are you? What do you want?

Kylo smashes the model against the wall. She jumps.

KYLO: You should have never gotten involved.

Kylo pulls a small blaster.

MARA JADE: No, please don't!

KYLO: You won't take my father from us.

MARA JADE: Father? (realizing) Ben? No, Ben. Wait!

Mara reaches for the lightsaber. He shoots, and she crumbles to the floor. Kylo breathes heavily, his hands shake. He picks up the lightsaber and realizes to whom it belongs.


Rey looks up from the lightsaber to see Leia.

REY: How could he abandon his wife and child?

LEIA: He had no choice, and he didn't abandon them.

REY: He did have a choice.

LEIA: You don't understand. If he stayed, they'd all be in danger. It's what happened to our mother and father.

REY: If abandoning your child on a desert planet is what it means to be a Jedi, I want no part of it.

LEIA: You think you're the only one who's suffered? My son murdered my husband. My father murdered my family. Yet I continue to fight for your freedom. You've been given a great power, and you think you have no obligations?

REY: You used me. That's why you sent me to Luke, not to bring him back, but to make me a soldier for your war.

LEIA: Without the Jedi, the galaxy will fall into darkness. I can't allow that.

REY: A darkness brought on by your family. Find someone else to absolve your guilt.

Rey pushes Luke's lightsaber onto Leia as she passes. Leia angrily pounds the bulkhead, defeated.

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