The Last Jedi - Star Wars - Episode VIII

This contains no spoilers of any kind! A war orphan with supernatural powers convinces a disgraced Jedi Master to teach her the ways of The Force, but when she learns his dark secret and is tempted by the Dark Side, she must decide for herself which path to follow.

cover art by: Richie Montez

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1. Chapter 1



A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away....




Since the destruction of the Hosnian System, many planetary governments secede from the New Republic fearful of First Order retaliation. A weakened and leaderless New Republic Defense struggles to protect the remaining New Republic members.

Meanwhile, as the Resistance musters its forces, General Leia Organa sends the young, Force-sensitive Rey on a mission to enlist the help of Jedi Master Luke Skywalker, the last hope of the galaxy....

TILT UP the star field, past mining-colonized asteroids, to a large red, white, and blue marbled planet. City lights twinkle in the shadowed half.

With a whoosh, a Star Destroyer drops out of hyperspace.
A swarm of Tie Fighters and transports launches from its hangar.


The force descends upon the unsuspecting population, and the Star Destroyer leaps away into the stars.


Cranes swing and sparks fly along a row of massive starships under construction in dry docks.
A chubby supervisor, on a floating platform of welding droids, wipes his brow as he gives the work a final inspection. Satisfied, he leans over the edge of the platform and shouts.

SUPERVISOR: Section one-one-five-eight complete! Clear below!

As he descends, he doesn't notice the missile impacts on the ships in the distance, until the blast wave reaches him. Sirens blare as Tie Fighters scream across the sky. The supervisor clings to the platform for life. He turns in shock as explosions erupt from the hulls. The ships list to one side and collapse under their own weight.

Gozanti-class military transports with underslung urban model AT-ATs touch and go in the city center. The AT-ATs' cannons blast buildings and trample everything as citizens flee. Fast-attack hover tanks smash through a fortified perimeter. Two Bilbringi starfighters scramble from a Hangar before the tank's dual cannons pulverize it. The Bilbringi starfighters attack a squad of Tie Fighters but are quickly annihilated. A squad of stormtroopers holds back a crowd, as children are loaded onto transports. A small BLUE-HAIRED BOY. 8, breaks free from stormtrooper NT-8346's grip and sprints toward the crowd.

TQ-7877: Stop him!

The boy almost makes it, but WA-9042 raises his blaster and shoots him in the back with a stun bolt. The boy falls. The NT-8346 casually approaches to collect him.


REY'S young outstretched hand holds the worn lightsaber with confidence, although her face is star-struck. Hesitantly, LUKE accepts it. It feels good, comfortable and yet odd in his prosthetic hand. He cracks a smile of old memories and better days as he runs his fingers across the hilt.

REY: Maz Kanata kept it safe.

LUKE: Of course she did.

REY: She said you'd return and help us.

His smile fades and his eyes go cold.

LUKE: She was mistaken.

Luke turns his back on her. Taken aback, Rey calls out.

REY: But you're a Jedi Master.

The words drag on Luke's heart. He stops but doesn't turn.

LUKE: I'm no Master. Not anymore.

Rey watches he walks away, but legend or not, she won't let him off that easily and chases him down.

REY: People are suffering. How can you walk away from us?

Luke turns and holds out his hand threateningly. Rey stops in her tracks not knowing what to expect.

LUKE: You think I don't know that?

REY: Then do something.

He stares at her, on the cusp of confession, but holds back.

LUKE: I can't.

REY: Why not? I don't understand.

LUKE: It's not for you to understand. Please, leave me.


CHEWIE, on a lift, repairs the damaged quad-laser cannon that hangs toward the ground. A data cable leads to R2-D2. He groans a command to Artoo. The cannon moves but spins wildly. Chewie howls for Artoo to stop. Artoo squeals. Chewie opens a panel and looks around inside with a flashlight. He spots a loose device with small lights. He disconnects the device and examines it. It looks old, but it also looks... Imperial. Chewie stuffs the device into his bag and closes the hatch. The cannon resets into its normal forward position. He turns to Rey as she returns, on the verge of tears.


Artoo projects a full-size hologram of LEIA.

REY: Why can't you talk to him?

Defeated, Rey collapses on the bench seat. She feels small and put-upon with the fate of the galaxy. Leia's hologram sits next to Rey, like the ghost of Obi-wan.

LEIA: If Maz says you're the only one who can reach him, then it needs to be you. I've come to learn she's usually right about these things.

REY: I don't understand why it must be me.

LEIA: Because you have a gift. The Force is strong in you. Show him that there is still hope for the Jedi.

Leia cracks a smile.

LEIA: You remind me of a much younger Luke Skywalker. He had the same doubts about himself. You want to be a Jedi, don't you?

REY: I guess so, but-

Done with the coddling, Leia becomes firm.

LEIA: Then put aside your fears and fulfill your destiny. We're counting on you.

Leia disappears. Rey still has her doubts.


Rey watches the ramp of the Falcon close. Her hair and wrap flutters as the ship rises, turns, and leaves her behind. Alone again, she turns toward the setting blue sun.


Tie Fighters strafe a massive armored hull as they skim along the elaborate surface. Turbolasers shoot down the fighters, but not before they launch missiles.


The impact rattles the bridge but not the crew. The craggy-faced ADMIRAL BASHIER, 60s with one cataractous eye, steadies himself as CAPTAIN CANADY, 40s but boyish, approaches.

CAPTAIN CANADY: Admiral, they've invaded Bilbringi.

From the landing, the Admiral looks out to their sister ship, THE INTREPID, also under siege from Tie Fighters.

ADMIRAL BASHIER: Inform the Intrepid they must stave off the First Order alone.

CAPTAIN CANADY: (in a hushed tone) Surely the Resistance can help with the more trivial conflicts.

ADMIRAL BASHIER: Nonsense. We don't need the likes of an unruly militia. Besides, this offensive is unsustainable. The First Order will break soon enough. Another missile knocks the admiral into the console. He catches himself and a doubtful look from Captain Canady.


Ground crews prep, repair, load, and fuel T-85 X-wing Fighters. Pilots perform preflight inspections on data pads. MYRI, 20s, a thin woman in a flight suit and black bob walks the column of X-wings. She micro-manages the inspection with a helmet under one arm and the air of a superior officer.

KORTU, 30s, a tall, visibly strong, and bald near-human with yellow eyes and chalk-white skin decorated with intricate black tattoos, hands Myri his data pad.

MYRI: Run those calcs again. You can't possibly be burning this much fuel unless you're running away.

KORTU: (stilted) Kortu never runs away. Froog, he runs away.

MYRI: And you've fired as many shots as the rest of the squad combined.

KORTU: Because Kortu shoots down as many TIEs as the squad combined.

She ignores him, turns to the squad, and yells over the noise.

MYRI: It's important we make strong, decisive kills. With the New Republic gone, we can't afford to waste our resources. Be smart. Be efficient.

FROOG, 20s, a gangly man with a chin beard, almost as tall as Kortu, spots Captain Canady over Myri's shoulder.

FROOG: Captain on the deck.

The squad snaps to attention. Myri stiffens even more.

CAPTAIN CANADY: At ease, Rapier Squadron. Your mission has been scrubbed. Secure your fighters for hyperspace. A word, please, Lieutenant Commander.

MYRI: Secure your craft for transport. I want complete flight logs and maintenance reports in fifteen.

The squad collectively groans as Myri joins Captain Canady.

ALEXA, 20s, a voluptuous woman with natural bronze skin and a bit of an outsider's chip on her shoulder mutters to Froog.

ALEXA: I feel sorry for her boyfriend.

FROOG: Alexa, you know she doesn't date. It's not in the service manual.

Away from the activity, Captain Canady turns to Myri.

CAPTAIN CANADY: Your squad has certainly lived up to Rapier's reputation.

MYRI: Thank you, sir.

CAPTAIN CANADY: A little advice from a man who commands thousands every day, go easy on them. It's a stressful job.

MYRI: I will, sir, once the First Order threat has been eradicated.

CAPTAIN CANADY: You may have their obedience, but you won't have their respect.

MYRI: All I need is their obedience and your respect, sir.

CAPTAIN CANADY: You have it.

MYRI: Thank you, sir.

Captain Canady looks about the hangar bay, but something weighs heavy on his mind.

MYRI: Sir?

He looks at Myri and gauges her trust.

CAPTAIN CANADY: (in a hushed tone)

When was the last time you spoke with your father?

MYRI: My father and I don't speak often.

CAPTAIN CANADY: But, you can get in touch with him.

Myri looks confused about this conversation.

MYRI: Yes, sir, but personal communication is not permitted during hostilities.

Teetering, he decides to go for it.

CAPTAIN CANADY: We need the help of the Resistance.

Bemused, Myri relaxes her composure.

MYRI: The Resistance? They're nothing but outer-rim hotshots and old Rebellion war vets.

CAPTAIN CANADY: Maybe so, but we need every fighter we can get. The New Republic fleet is weaker than publicly known, even within the upper ranks, and right now we're at the breaking point.

MYRI: What? I don't believe that.


He hands her a data device, but she's not on board yet.

MYRI: I assume this request does not come from Admiral Bashier.

CAPTAIN CANADY: He's a wise and honorable man, but he's wrong about this. We need help.

MYRI: And if he finds out about your mutinous plot, he'll throw us in the brig.

CAPTAIN CANADY: I'll take full responsibility if it comes out, but I'm hoping-

MYRI: I want the EX-1.

Captain Canady blinks dumbfounded.

CAPTAIN CANADY: That's Steadman's ship.

Myri gives him a steely-eyed stare. He relents.

CAPTAIN CANADY: You'll go far, Lieutenant Commander.

A devious smile appears on Myri's face.


A heavily armed fighter/transport with two hulking engines, an FT-71 MARAUDER, drops through thick rain clouds. It skims across a turbulent ocean toward a floating city.


With a deep moan, the marauder circles the landing site. The engines pivot and set the craft down into dense urban decay. Rain streams down the fuselage and sizzles on the engine. The door slides open and four mercenaries, dressed in tactical gear, jump out and secure the immediate area.

Among them are QUIX, a green-skinned, bug-eyed RODIAN, IG-88, an ASSASSIN DROID gone rogue, KATHRYN, an armored MANDALORIAN woman, and REAGAR, a two head-tailed TWI'LEK. The Rodian signals "CLEAR" and a small, cloaked figure emerges.


Mechanical locks clatter and steel tracks creak as the door of the dark building slides opens and silhouette the team. The unknown figure pushes back her hood and steps forward into a pool of light. IT'S LEIA!

She shows no sign of fear as two unnerving, squid-headed QUARREN guards greet the group. The guards lead them through a maze of slimy pipes, rusted droid chassis, and dripping roof leaks. They arrive at a dim and dirty room occupied by a heavy, metal table and formally dressed AMBASSADOR CHOCOLO, a fish-headed MON CALAMARI.

He stands with respect and gives a slight bow.

AMBASSADOR CHOCOLO: General Organa. I apologize for the precautions, but with the First Order occupation, I must insist on discretion.

Leia smiles at the sight of her old friend.

LEIA: Apologies are unnecessary, Ambassador Chocolo. It's good to see you.

Ambassador Chocolo waves the guards away. The Quarren leave, but the mercenaries stay and establish a defensive perimeter.

LEIA: I want to personally extend my sympathies for the loss of your daughter.

As they sit, Leia hands him an elegant piece of coral.

LEIA: She gave this to me when she first took her post on the council. I want you to have it.

Ambassador Chocolo accepts it and fights back his tears.

AMBASSADOR CHOCOLO: I was so proud of her. You have always been very generous to us. Thank you.

LEIA: We wouldn't be here without your support, which is the other reason I needed to meet with you. The Resistance is destitute. We need ships, we need supplies, and we need people. I've had to enlist these mercenaries at great expense, for we can't spare a single fighter.

The ambassador lowers his head in shame. A subtle thud from the next room piques the suspicion of Reagar. He signals to Kathryn with a nod toward the sound.

AMBASSADOR CHOCOLO: I'm afraid we cannot lend you the aid you require. Even if we had the resources to spare, it would be too great a risk. Right now, we can only hope our people will survive this ordeal.

Kathryn slowly pokes her head into the next room.

LEIA: Ambassador, without the Resistance there is no hope for anyone.

KATHRYN: It's a trap!

Blaster bolts pummel Kathryn's armor. Her body hits the floor. Stormtroopers enter the room shooting. Everyone scrambles. Leia pushes over the table and pulls the ambassador behind it, but not before a bolt mortally wounds him. IG-88 and Quix hold off the stormtroopers as Leia tries to drag the heavy ambassador to safety.

QUIX: (in Rodian) Gimme some cover!

IG-88 lays down a terrific spray of bolts as Quix and Reagar hop an overturned cabinet toward Leia and Ambassador Chocolo.

Reagar takes a blaster bolt to the back as Quix grabs the ambassador by his jacket. He and Leia drag him clear of the fight.

IG-88's blasters smolder and he stops to let them cool.

Quix's wrist holoprojector spawns an image of the blob-like worm GORGA THE HUTT. He quickly turns his back to Leia.

GORGA THE HUTT: (in Huttese) Do you have her?

QUIX: (in Rodian) Soon.

Leia cradles Ambassador Chocolo's enormous head in her arms.

AMBASSADOR CHOCOLO: You still have a chance to flee.

He hands Leia a small blaster.

LEIA: I have to do this.

AMBASSADOR CHOCOLO: Ever the brave one.

His life slips away. Quix grabs Leia's arm.

QUIX: We're getting out of here.

They start back the way they came, but more stormtroopers appear from behind heavy machinery and cut off their escape.

QUIX: (in Rodian) We're surrounded!

IG-88: I'll generate a diversion. Prepare for a rapid departure.

IG-88 launches a thermal detonator from his forearm.


KABOOM! The blast knocks down walls and collapses part of the ceiling.

IG-88: Evacuate. Evacuate.

As IG-88 moves through the debris, CAPTAIN PHASMA's armored glove grabs him through the rubble. He pulls his leg up to free himself, only to drag Captain Phasma out from under the wreckage. IG-88 attacks but Captain Phasma blasts him. He flies across the room and lands in a pile of scrap droids. She turns her attention to Quix and Leia.

CAPTAIN PHASMA: Hand over General Leia and you'll leave here with your life plus twice your fee.

QUIX: (in Rodian) Show me the money.

CAPTAIN PHASMA: I have it here.

Captain Phasma raises her blaster, but IG-88 tackles her from behind.

QUIX: (in basic) I'll get us out of here.

Quix launches a small rocket at the stormtroopers hidden behind the machinery. The explosion topples the heavy equipment onto the entrenched stormtroopers.

QUIX: Come on, we're going.

He turns to Leia to find her pistol pointed at him. He tries to raise his gun, but LEIA SHOOTS FIRST. The Rodian falls to his knees and slumps over. Captain Phasma and IG-88 wrestle and fight hand to hand, but fighting IG-88 is like fighting a broken lawn chair. He slams her into the wall and knocks off her helmet.

That does it. Enraged, she stands, grabs a pipe, and strikes IG-88 with a hostile vengeance. His spindly arms attempt to land a blow, but Captain Phasma deflects each swing until she gets close enough to grab him around the neck.

His arms thrash about helplessly as she rips off his head in a shower of sparks. Victorious, she drops his limp body and tosses his lifeless head to the side. She turns to find a stormtrooper with her helmet in hand and Leia in binders.

CAPTAIN PHASMA: You're right, General.

She triumphantly puts her helmet on.

CAPTAIN PHASMA: There is no hope for anyone.

In the background, IG-88's arm slowly reaches for his head.

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