Cross Ends ~ Book One

The protectors, otherwise known as Dhampirs, protect the vampire world from the dark evil forces which are called Shadows or Deaths. Shadows or Deaths are made when a Strigoi vampire is killed violently and the soul doesn't pass on into the underworld for eternity. Instead it haunts the place it was murdered. Dhampirs are a hybrid cross over of Vampire and mortal, making the child more of a superhuman. Dhampirs are assigned by blood to a Moroi or Nosferatu/Deformative, and for life they are to protect the Vampire from Strigois and from Shadows or Deaths.


2. Information about home


The castle is plain and old from medieval times, Rosalia DeCrucifio was born 200 years after it was built. This castle used to be used by witches as a school for witchcraft in Ireland, but was closed down because of the Great Bombardia War, the war against Witch and Vampire. The war was almost a tie, but the vampires won. It was a 50 year war. The witches fled to Scotland and the great great grandson of Dracula took over the castle as his own. He used his power to fog over the land for security and protection. Now, Belina Dragomir took over the castle when he had died, and changed it into a schooling and home for vampires. For the first 10 years it had only 10 students, but then by the 1600's it had almost 2,000. 




Rosalia DeCrucifio (Light Ground Keeper and guide)

Xavier Williams (Moon Ground Guard and Main Escort)

Marcus *unknown last name* (Light Peace butler) 

Chandler Bone (Dark Endurance butler)

Amara Cristalin (Moon Love maid) 

Brutus Alistor (Dark Wrath butler) 

Maria-Adela Morris (Light Dhampir chef and prepare)

Axle Longwood (Moon Moroi chef and prepare) 

Shalina (Shady) Rosewood (Dark Death maid)

Brady Rosewood *Shalina's twin* (Dark War butler)

Cleaning ladies: 

Marina Alura (Moon Dhampir) 

Amina Alura (Light Dhampir) 

Clarissa Alura (Dark Dhampir)

Moroi staff

Alastor Bonesack (castle ruler)

Gertrude Paris (Good characters official)

Arionna Flora (Bad characters official)

Paris Moran (Peace attendee) 

Denise Merit (Endurance attendee) 

Aphrodite Lovelace (Love attendee and counselor) 

Belinda Warren (Wrath attendee) 

Lauren Morley (War attendee) 

Lucinda Bolt (Death attendee) 

Amelia Way (activities council) 

There are 200 blood donators 

Adeline Serenity (nurse) 



Squirrel chasing 3:00 AM - 5:00 AM 

Phy. Ed. (Mon-Wed 5:30 AM - 7:00 AM) 

*breakfast break* 

Activity switching (swimming, archery, hunting, and sports) go through 12:00 PM



Literature (poetry, books, and projects) 12:30 PM to 1:00 PM 

Genetics (vampire body system, diseases, and cures) 1:05 to 1:45 

*lunch break*

Protection (Dhampirs only, safety, and guarding) starts at 5:15 AM and goes through 12:15 PM 

History (for all, vampiric studies) 2:00 PM to 2:30 PM 

Advanced Mathematics (Scientific maths *optional*) 2:35 PM to 4:35 PM 


Free time from 6:00 to 8:30 must be studying, doing work, or at choir or sports 

Dinner from 8:35 to 9:00 in dorms with or without roommate 

Sleep time 10:30 through 2:00 

Bath in morning and assigned dress 

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