Cross Ends ~ Book One

The protectors, otherwise known as Dhampirs, protect the vampire world from the dark evil forces which are called Shadows or Deaths. Shadows or Deaths are made when a Strigoi vampire is killed violently and the soul doesn't pass on into the underworld for eternity. Instead it haunts the place it was murdered. Dhampirs are a hybrid cross over of Vampire and mortal, making the child more of a superhuman. Dhampirs are assigned by blood to a Moroi or Nosferatu/Deformative, and for life they are to protect the Vampire from Strigois and from Shadows or Deaths.


4. 3

~In Transylvania~ *New P.O.V*

I woke up in terror, wondering where I was and wondering where Rosalia is. I was in a dark cave, with red glowing fire for light and a throne in front of me. Nobody was on the throne but a mere shadow with glowing red eyes and pointed teeth and claws. "I say..." the Shadow said, coming down from his throne and in front of me, "Beautiful, aren't you, my dear?" He chuckled. I looked down, trying to ignore his staring and chattering. You see, I was kidnapped one year ago today, but I was passed out. Let's continue. "Let's see..." he put his claws on my jawline and stroked down lightly across it "where are the children? If you can lead me to the exact place my dear..." he paused for a moment "eternal life on earth..." he chuckled, "will be yours!" I looked up at him in confusion. "You don't have the power to do that." I was trying to think of a way that wasn't possible, but it simply wasn't possible. "Hm. A clever girl I see... what if..." he paused again, "I gave you your father back?" I gasped, and jumped forward. "M-my father?" He chuckled and smirked at me. "Of course! Anything for a beautiful Moroi." I smiled as tears rolled down my face, knowing that I would get to see my dad again. "But, one condition. You must help us get through the guards and into the building. And as a bonus, you will be known in history! What do you say... Elizabeth?" I smiled, "Anything to get my father back."

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