Cross Ends ~ Book One

The protectors, otherwise known as Dhampirs, protect the vampire world from the dark evil forces which are called Shadows or Deaths. Shadows or Deaths are made when a Strigoi vampire is killed violently and the soul doesn't pass on into the underworld for eternity. Instead it haunts the place it was murdered. Dhampirs are a hybrid cross over of Vampire and mortal, making the child more of a superhuman. Dhampirs are assigned by blood to a Moroi or Nosferatu/Deformative, and for life they are to protect the Vampire from Strigois and from Shadows or Deaths.


3. 2

I sat down in the Dhampir chambers on my bed and in my room as a gazed at the ceiling. It had paintings of stars up there and on the wall there was a painting of my house in Naples, where I would return over the summer when all of the ones here would go home to their families. I didn't have a family, my dad took off and my mother died when I was half a century old. Today was September 5th, 1999. Tomorrow I would be three centuries and eighty decades old. In Dhampir years I was only 3 years and a little over a half, soon to be 4 in 20 decades. I was the oldest Dhampir here, but I looked younger to their surprise. I've fought off more Shadows and Deaths than they have, and I saved my mom from a Death, who had the plan of eating her soul. But a day after, she died from wounds and blood loss. Deaths have to enter the heart, for the heart is where the soul lives. They eat the heart, since the soul and spirit is in them. When it disintegrates, the soul nourishes the body while the spirit gives them strength. That is why Dhampirs fight them off. Well, I'll get back to the story. As I said I was looking at the paintings in my small room, but Xavier, Xavier Williams walked in. "Aye," he said, looking straight at me. "Aren't you supposed to be in duty, Rosie?" I looked up at him, with confusion twinkling in my pale eyes. "No, that was the only batch for this whole month. One of the guards, I think Jarome, took over for me. I'm on break for this week." Xavier nodded, "Ok then. Have a nice break." I turned over to see a painting of my mom in 1620, with my father holding me with my mother. I was so peaceful looking, the palest skin and the reddest hair like my mom, but the nose and features like my dad, who had jet black hair, red eyes, and a very slim figure. The only Dhampir who still had parents alive was Chandler Bone, my good friend who I used to play with all the time. Chandler was buff, with amber eyes and a very slim, pale, and smooth face. His hair was hot chocolate brown with tinges of blonde and black, but he used to be a blondie back when we used to play. He's 249 years old, turning 250 in August. He's French, actually. According to VampireMedia (a magazine I read), France is one of the least populated Vampire countries. Oh boy, I really have to stop reading that magazine. It's a 1,800+ magazine... Let's get back on track. I also am good friends with Marcus, and nobody, not even himself knows his own surname. He's a little shorter than average, he has jet-black hair, emerald green eyes and tanned skin. He's also 150, so he has to keep taking Protection class. He's the youngest AND he's the only servant Dhampir still taking a class. Funny for me, actually, because I got done taking classes at 138. I slowly laid down on the bed, drifted into my thoughts and then into a well deserved sleep.

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