Cross Ends ~ Book One

The protectors, otherwise known as Dhampirs, protect the vampire world from the dark evil forces which are called Shadows or Deaths. Shadows or Deaths are made when a Strigoi vampire is killed violently and the soul doesn't pass on into the underworld for eternity. Instead it haunts the place it was murdered. Dhampirs are a hybrid cross over of Vampire and mortal, making the child more of a superhuman. Dhampirs are assigned by blood to a Moroi or Nosferatu/Deformative, and for life they are to protect the Vampire from Strigois and from Shadows or Deaths.


1. 1

It's been one whole year since my best friend was sold to a new person. I myself always wondered why we had to be sold off and traded for things like human armor. It was quite close to noon as I was waiting for the bell to strike. I looked over at the noisy preteen squal over by the castle gates, waiting for their entrance to their new life. This castle was built strictly for a vampire home, and when they hit 810 years they had to leave. Me, on the other hand, I was born in 1619 in Naples, Italy as Rosalia DeCrucifio. Most students call me Rosie. I am a Dhampir, serving Thalia Lovelace, a Purebreed Moroi. I shook off my thoughts as I walked over to the new group. I was of course their tour guide. "Welcome to Draculani's Home For Vampirics. I will be taking you to your dorms and assessing your classes and courses you will need to learn throughout to live life when you exit this home." I scanned through the small crowd, 5 girls and 6 boys. "I am assuming everyone is here. Follow me," I said, as I unlocked and pushed open the ancient and rusty copper gates. I led them through the underground tunnel, safely locked so no Shadow nor Deaths, or as mortals call Demons, can get access into the castle. "This castle is guarded with Dhampir of all shapes and sizes. I myself am a Dhampir." They all looked mesmerized by my words, looking at my dark red hair and faint royal blue eyes. We stopped at a halt as the underground guard, Xavier, escorted us all to the entrance. "Be aware that if you act all excited, you may be assumed to be a witch or wizard and may be asked to leave. This is a calmed facility," I said as they all nodded their heads in unison. I unlocked the gates, entering into the great hall, where vampires would be classified. It goes like this. Each step into a circle with the Vampire mark on it, which is a circle with a triangle in the middle, one line going through the middle, and the astrological sign of Scorpio engraved inside the triangle. After, the circles would change into the dorms or characters that they would be sewn into, or joined into. There was good and bad Moroi. There were six characters, three of good and three of bad. For good there was Peace, Endurance, and love, for the bad there was Wrath, War, and Death. Those are for Moroi, though. For Dhampir there are only three, good, neutral, or bad. Good was Light, neutral was Moon, and bad was Dark. Mortals refer to vampires as being good or bad, but that is only partly true. There are many types of vampires, as I mentioned above. 

The students where sorted and we went on to the dorms. 

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