Styles Inc. (SNEAK PEAK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) find out.....what this whole alarm is about.... :)

"All the love"



............I arrived at the Styles building, one of the largest buildings in New York, at 10:03 am, which meant I was late.

I got my form and purse, and quickly clambered out of my car, locking it behind me.

I looked up at the building.

                                                                           it said on the top.


I gulped and walked inside.  The building was quite fancy inside, lots of elegantly dressed men ready to help you find your way around. The furniture was elegant, some even decorated in gold. Mistresses walking here and there, dressed in skirts and business suits. Right away I felt that I most definitely don't fit in here.

"May I help you miss?," one mistress asked me.

"Yes, I'm looking for Mr. Styles' office," I said.

"Oh, that'll be on the last floor, once you get there someone will escort you into his office," she said, smiling.

"Oh thank you," I said and made my way to the elevator.

I looked at the buttons. Floor #50 - Mr. Styles' Office. I pressed that one.

I got butterflies in my stomach and I immediately started feeling unwell. The door finally opened and I faced a desk where a woman was standing, like one of those 'front desk' desks.

The floor was covered in shiny white tiles. White furniture was almost everywhere, decorated with different colors of orchids. Soft music was playing in the back.

"May I help you?," the woman asked.

"I, uh, I'm here for a job interview with Mr. Styles," I said, still looking around.

"Ah yes. Miss Warren, right?"


"Right this way, Mr. Styles is waiting for you, "she said, leading me down the hallway to two huge doors.

"Hold on," she said, and stuck her head into his office.

"Mr. Styles?"

"Yes?," I heard a deep British accent.

"Miss Warren is here to see you," she said.

"Ah yes, let her in Sophie," he said.

The woman gestured me in.

I walked in to what looked like any ordinary office. Mr. Styles was sitting in his desk chair, his back to me.

I bit my lip, and cleared my throat.

He quickly spun around.

I gasped once I saw him.

He had shoulder-length hair, with piercing green eyes. He was dressed in a darker grey tux, with a white shirt and matching tie. You could see his biceps through his suit. He stood up, buttoning his tuxedo  button.

"Miss Warren, am I right?," he asked, walking towards me, making me snap out of it.

"Y-yes, that's me," I said.

He chuckled a bit, giving me his hand.

"Mr. Styles, nice to meet you," he said.

"Nice to meet you too," I said, shaking his hand.

"Have a seat," he said, gesturing me to a chair across from his.


.........................TO BE CONTINUED.......................


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