Styles Inc. (SNEAK PEAK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) find out.....what this whole alarm is about.... :)

"All the love"


4. Just Ten More Days......

Hello lovely people of Movella!!!!


I just want to give you a kind reminder, LOL, that "Styles INC. comes out in less then ten days!!!!! I do hope you're as excited as I am. I'm excited for my own book lol. sure to follow me on here, on Movellas, to be the first to know when the book comes out. Yes, it'll be out on the 14th, but what hour, I'm still not positive. I'll try like 12 pm eastern time, but my plans might change, since it's Valentines Day, no no, you're kidding me, I don't have a me. My cat is my Valentine, thank you very much. Haha. But plans might change a bit, but I promise you it'll be out on Valentines Day, don't worry. This Sneak Peak book will be deleted the day after I publish the real one, so yeah...just wanted to tell you that and, guess that's all.


Thank you for everything....and until the 14th....


"All the love"




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