Styles Inc. (SNEAK PEAK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) find out.....what this whole alarm is about.... :)

"All the love"




  Hello lovely Movellians!! 


Long time no see. Ahhhh. My break was fine, but I MISSED YOU SO MUCH! And guess what? I'm back in 2017 with a new story almost all ready to publish...yes, yes, that short thingy you read in the other chapter in just a teensy-weensy bit of what my story is about. It gets really exciting, trust me. I got excited just writing it. Anyways, as the title of this thing says, this is just a sneak peak, a trailer sort of, of what the actual book will look like...

The official date of Styles Inc. release date is *drum roll*...........February 14th. (one month from today)


So are you excited? Hmmmmm? Well I know I am :) I have missed Movellas so much! And most importantly I missed all my readers. <3


So, if you want to be the first to know when exactly the book will be out, follow me on here, and you'll receive a notification when I finally release my book. ;) I'll try and get it out by 4 pm. EST. 


What else am I forgetting....???



I LOVE YOU TONS xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxooooooxxxxooooo



"All the love"

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