Just Keep Snapping

This starts out with a few short stories about the monster of the book then starts the story at about chapter 4! Hope you like it!


4. The Bathroom Stall

(I got inspiration from real life for this chapter xD)

Jefferson Middle School was a bleak place. The walls made of brick and the halls full of gray lockers and white floors. A regular middle school if you think about it, but the one thing different was the upstairs girls' bathroom. With its yellow walls and putrid smell, it wasn't very pleasant to begin with. While most wouldn't think twice about it, the bathroom still had its creepy factor. The end handicap stall had a grate above the toilet, but only the most observant people would see it. Once you saw it, it gave you chills, with all the dust hanging off it and the darkness behind the grate. The first time Violet walked into the bathroom stall, she was pretty disgusted. The drains in the sink were corroded with rust and soap suds, while the mirrors look like they hadn't been cleaned in years let alone weeks. Violet's nose crinkled up as she smelled the bathroom's stench. She pushed the door open to the first stall to see toilet paper littering the floor. There was a small stream of water slowly dripping off the handle to the toilet. It splashed into a pool of water making a drip drop noise. Violet hurried to the next stall which was just as worse as the first. The third stall was locked from the inside and there was no way she was going to crawl under the door so she resulted in going in the back stall, which seemed the cleanest to her. She opened the door slowly, peering inside, then she walked the rest of the way. She was just about to sit down when she heard a noise among the drip drop of the first stall. It at first sounded like a breath, a small one. She thought nothing of it for a few minutes but as she was getting up to leave it got louder. She slowly backed away from the toilet and, with her back to the door, unlocked the bathroom stall and ran out. She didn't bother to wash her hands as she ran back to her class. Inside she was holding in a scream.


I was walking out of Mrs. Miller's room when Violet O'Mare slammed into me. She was running at top speed so she ran into me at full force. Violet was always quiet, never really talked much but answered the few questions she had to in class to get participation credit. She was a B average student. She backed up a bit when she hit me and I looked at her with a weird stare. She had a look of terror in her eyes I'd never seen before but it was quickly masked by a saddened stare. She came over to me where I had fallen down and offered a hand, that was shaking I might add. 

"I'm so sorry I was," she trailed off. "um, I was just running back to class."

"It's fine," I responded, brushing off my brand spanking new bright orange lace dress. "Really, think nothing of it."

"Are you sure?" she asked. "Like, you're not mad?" 

"Why would I be?" I smiled at her. "Accidents happen."

"My name's-" she started. I cut her off quickly.

"Violet." she gives me a surprised stare. "I'm Lindsy." I stuck out my hand. She grabbed it shakily and shook it then looked at me.

"I didn't think anyone knew my name here."

"You might be hard to see," I giggled lightly. "But you still stand out, not like a sore thumb or anything," I said, trying not to sound rude. She laughed in response. I smiled at her.

"Wanna be friends?" I asked, truly meaning it. She gawked at me.

"YOU wanna be friends with ME?" she asked, I think herself more than me.

"Yeah! You're really nice Violet." I told her, smiling.

"Could we, like, have nicknames for each other?" she asked, getting carried away. "Ooh! and share each other's clothes! And have sleepovers! And. . . I got too carried away didn't I?" I giggled at her.

 "A little bit, but sure. Wanna come sit with us at lunch today?"


Lunch. Lunch? Lunch! I still can't tell if she's joking. I look at her with a smile on my face but inside i'm questioning so much. What was in the bathroom? Why is she talking to me?Why am I still here talking to her?



"Earth to violet!" I waved my hand in front of her face. She snapped her head out of wherever her mind was and turned to me.

"Lunch?" she asked. I nod. "Well, then I'll see you there?"

"Mhm! Bye Vi, can I call you Vi?" I asked her, loving the nickname. She smiled.

"Mhm, can I call you Li? Wait," she stopped. "That sounds stupid." I giggled.

"It's fine, see you then." and I walked away.



Lunch. Just the word runs through my head as I walk back to class. That means popular table, which means popular cheerleaders and wherever there are cheerleaders, there are jocks and wherever the are jocks. . . The cycle repeats in my head over and over. I walk back to class slowly and steadily and Li walks back to class. I still can't believe I'm talking to the MOST POPULAR cheerleader ever and I can't even think of how this happened. I get into class and I see the other cheerleaders talking to each other about me. I sit down in my seat and start to listen.


I walked back into the classroom slowly, thinking about how i'm going to tell my friends this when suddenly I heard,

"LINDSEY ANN CARMELIA!" my friend Tori yelled at me from down the hall. Running up behind her was Maddie, my other friend. "Is it true?"

"What?" I asked her, rolling my eyes.

"SOMEONE SAW YOU," I gave her a look to quiet down. "Talking to Violet O'mare!"

"Yeah, so?" I asked her. "And she's sitting with us at lunch." Maddie and Tori's mouths stood agape.

"O'mare. Is. Sitting." Tori started.

"WITH US?!" Maddie finished.

"Yep. I'll see you then." and with that I walked away, really mad at them. I quickly turned around and yelled down the hall to where they stood whispering. "And I swear to god if you call her O'mare I WILL KILL YOU!" and with that I walked back to class.


Hi guys, thought i'd take this from a short story to a real one so I hope you liked this chapter! Here's the first picture for this book, this is Vi! Love you all! 



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