Just Keep Snapping

This starts out with a few short stories about the monster of the book then starts the story at about chapter 4! Hope you like it!


3. Cameron, Brooke, Charlotte and Max


The next story was a group, campers actually, who were out in the same woods late at night. They sat around the campfire, telling scary stories into the night. They had just finished telling Johnny’s when they heard a rustle in the bushes.

    “It’s the thing!” Charlotte cried out, grabbing onto Max.

    “Your such a baby,” her brother, Cameron told her. “It’s probably a squirrel. You want me to go check?”

    “Cam, don’t. What if it’s not? What if it’s-” Brooklyn, Cam’s girlfriend, tried to get him to stay.

    “You too? Brooke, come on. Your not scared are you?” Cam taunted her. She stood up and crossed her arms.

    “Am not.” she snapped back. “Go ahead and get killed for all I care.” Cam walked slowly towards the bush, arm outstretched. Charlotte was gripping Max very tightly as Brook started to chew her nails. He had just touched one leaf when suddenly,

    “Ahhh!!!” he screamed out. His arm was pulled in the bush and he started to scream. Brook, trying to be brave and save her boyfriend, jumped up. She ran to Cam and pulled him out of the bush. Yet, when he was out, he was laughing his head off.

    “Oh my god! You actually fell for it!” he guffawed. Brook watched him stand.

    “I can’t believe you would do that!” she yelled. “I thought you were gonna die!” and with that she slapped him across the face. He touched his cheek and then looked towards Max.

    “Come on dude, it was funny, right?” he asked.

    “Not cool,” Max shook his head and pulled Charlotte closer to him.

    “Let’s get ready for bed,” Brook walked towards the tent and hopped in. Charlotte followed her and Max went after. Cam rolled his eyes and followed them in. He had just put his foot in the tent when he felt a hand on his chest. He looked up to see Brook pushing him out.

    “What?” Cam snarkily said.

    “There’s only room for three.” she threw a sleeping bag at him and he stumbled back. “You sleep outside, where it is.” she pointed to the vast expanse around and rolled her eyes.

    “No way! Let me in!” he screamed as she zipped up the tent from the inside. She hooked the zipper above the door so it couldn’t be opened from the outside. Cam harrumphed and walked over to where the burning embers of the leftover fire still sparked. He laid out the sleeping bag and hopped inside, realizing how cold it had gotten. He went to check his phone and saw that it had died. In the tent, the three others were conversing.

    “Was I too hard on him?” Brooke asked.

    “He got what he deserved.” Charlotte told her. “Now let’s get some sleep.”

    “Agreed.” Max shook his head and rolled over. Charlotte nuzzled next to him and Brook lay awake for sometime, as did Came outside the tent. It had been about a half an hour after Cam had finally drifted to sleep when he was awaken by the snap of a twig. His eyes shot open as he scanned the wooded area from his sleeping bag. He saw nothing out of the ordinary. He was about to close his eyes when he saw something dart across his vision. He felt a chill run down his spine.

    “B-brooke?” Cam spoke softly, hoping it was her. There was no answer. “S-stop it. It isn’t funny.”

He heard a slight growl come from close by. He scanned his eyes once more.

    “It’s just my imagination.” Cam told himself. “Just my-”

A growl surrounded the forest right near his head. Cam barely lifted his head to see two beady black eyes staring down at him.

    “AHHH!” he screamed and rolled towards the fire. The monster growled happily at the small chase he would get out of him. It scurried over as Cam sat curled in a ball. It sat behind him waiting for him to think it was gone.


Brooke’s eyes shot open. Had she really heard Cam scream? Or was it her imagination?

    “Charlotte?” Brooke pushed her slightly. “Did you hear a scream?”

    “No.” Charlotte moaned as she rolled over. “Go back to bed. He’s playing us.”

    “Okay…” Brooke rolled over and drifted to sleep.


The monster stared down at Cam’s still body hungrily. Cam, who was trying very hard not to look over, lifted his head. The thing backed up just enough so Cam could roll over. Cam turned his head to face the monster and his eyes opened wide. It was a little smaller then him and stood on it’s hind legs. It was hairy and all black so it blended in well. It had eyes about the size of his fist and teeth like a saber tooth tiger. Cam opened his mouth and screamed as loud as he could,

    “Brooke!” Brooke heard through the tent. She couldn’t take it. She was scared. But she told herself, stay in bed.

    “Stay in bed.” Max patted her reassuringly. “It’s him playing tricks.”

    “BROOKE!” Cam screamed and then continued his screams over and over as the monster bit into his leg. It spun him around and made his screams sound more easily. Suddenly it all stopped as the monster slurped up Cam, by biting his head and then slurping up his body like a noodle. Brooke sat in the tent very disturbed. It all sounded too real. After an hour, she drifted back to sleep. She woke up a few hours to Charlotte screaming outside.

    “Cam! Cam come out! It’s not funny!” Brooke stepped out of the tent. Charlotte and Max were roaming around the campsite and there was no sign of Cam. Brooke started to help look and called for him too. She was walking by his untouched sleeping bag when she noticed something, a print in the mud. She looked at it carefully. It didn’t look like anything she had ever seen. It had 3 points where the toes should be but they were each at least half a foot long. She saw that these tracks were all over the campsite and suddenly saw they continued away down the path where they had come. She followed them with Charlotte and Max and were brought to a clearing. And there was the most horrid sight they could have ever seen.

    “Oh my god!” Max screamed as he looked away from what he saw. Charlotte buried her head in Max’s shoulder as Brooke screamed. They were looking at the grotesque sight of Cam’s head on a stake in the middle of a field.



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