Dumbledores Daughter: Finding the real me



I prodded my pizza, which caused mom to look up. " You haven't eaten for days, honey." My mom looked concerned. " Neither has shyla-" my voice trailed off and Carlen hugged me. A tear fell, tracing my cheekbone, leaving a trail through the hollows of my cheek, and finally landing on the table in our kitchen.

I glided away to my room moving as fast as possible. Fawn was bouncing along, trying to keep up. I slowed down and watched as she hopped into the cup holder. Going as fast as I could, I went to my room.

I looked over to my closet door, and felt tears falling down my face. On the curtain rod, a silvery black dress hung, taunting all who glanced that direction. It was a strapless silvery black dress, which ended above the knee. Lace was stitched in, creating a ripple in the unbroken fabric. A yellow belt, measuring about an inch thick, hung on the neck of the hanger waiting to be worn. This was my dress for Shyla.

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