Dumbledores Daughter: Finding the real me


8. Shyla

I had owled shyla before we left and got the good to go. I landed gracefully while Fred tumbled out behind me. I chuckled and greeted shylas mom.

I went out back and saw shyla sitting there. We greeted each other and decided to go to a muggle mall. We went and got Fred for he insisted to be our ' protection'. We kicked off on the broomsticks towards the mall. My crutches were magically attached to my broom and disguised. We got to the top when death eaters came out if nowhere. A curse aimed for me hit shyla, and she plummeted to her death. I sped down towards her, and hit the ground with such an impact, I passed out. I fought it long enough to think of how I could have saved I best friend ( that wasn't a boy)

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