Dumbledores Daughter: Finding the real me


4. presents

I woke up to the Weasleys downstairs by a mound of birthday gifts that could not be muggle carry ons. One of them was huge. I unwrapped it and saw a gleaming cello. I never knew that they knew I played the cello. I outgrew my old one two years ago. I played a tune that was Hedwigs theme. I loved the ability to wow them!!

" Me next Laylean! Me next!" Ginny came barreling toward me with a box. I laughed and then gently opened the box. An adorable pigmy puff with large blue eyes was staring back at me. These were so hard to get. " Thank you thank you thank you!!!!" I squealed. " mom helped me get it. No usjng it for bludger practice Fred. Or George." They looked around shamefully and I gripped my pigmy puff closer. "Ginny, please help me name it." I smiled. The said "How about...Fawn!!" I nodded continually and smiled the biggest one I could muster, while I was thinking of my biggest fear. The vision.

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