Dumbledores Daughter: Finding the real me


11. No.

I was screaming louder and louder and would never stop. By now, Dad, with Carlen, and my adopted mom had all apparated to St Mungos. "No! It was my fault she died! They were meant to kill me. Meant to hit me. I should be DEAD!" I was yelling at no one. Everyone. " First I had a vision that Ginny died, shylas dead, your going to die," I said softly to my father. So soft it sounded dangerous. It was.

After much reassurance, I finally calmed down. I stopped moving. " Shylas mom." It came out softer than a whisper but still audible. " She is ok. I promise. And if you didn't know already, shylas dad has passed on." I nodded, then asked " we need a memorial service. She wouldn't have wanted a funeral, she would have wanted people to remember the good times. She helped me with that when I learned I wasn't allowed to walk. She was great." I muffled a sob, trying to keep myself together. It was Mr easy.

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