Kik (Taylor Caniff)


3. shhhhh...

I wake up and I check my phone and I call taylor....

No answer... Ok he's busy

I hop in the shower and my phone rings.. Great!

M- hey

T- hey babe

M- what's up

T- at work

M- I don't think you should be talking if your at work then????

T- ok cya

M- bye

Ok so I know his secret... But he hasn't figured it out yet.....

M- I know ur secret

T- you know I pee in the shower thats not right... How'd u figure it out. Jk. What secret?

M- I know that your famous.

T- really how?

M- first of all you can't be that hot and not famous second I'm in love with you I watch your vines all the time...

T- stalker

M- maybe *blush face*

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