Kik (Taylor Caniff)


2. New message

I was sitting in bed and I got a kik it was from a girl named Taylor.... Ok

And I opened it... (T for Taylor- M for Macy)

T- hey beautiful

M- hey!

T- what

M- ur a girl

T- no I'm not

Then I seen he sent a picture and omg he was hot

M- how do I know that's u?

T- wanna skype or FaceTime? Letme getcha #?

M- ok it's macyblatt97 and 213-742-9483

T- thanks babe

I get a call from 231-473-4728

Ok that must be him... Nope it was my ex boyfriend he wants to get back together but I hate him

'On the phone'

Ex- hey beautiful wanna go out again?

Me- oh now you wanna get back with me since they released you from prison

Ex- it wasn't my fault I was in prison it was yours

Me- yup, sure... Ur the one that raped me!!!!! Goodbye

'End of call'

My phone started ringing again I instantly picked it up and said

Me- I'm not getting back with you...

T- what are you talking about? This is Taylor...

Me- Oh my gosh I'm so sorry I thought you were my ex

T- no biggie.... But why won't you get back together with him?

Me- don't tell anyone this.

T- ok

Me- he raped me and went to prison and now he's saying it's my fault.

T-omy gosh what? Where does this a-hole live

Me- idk

T- alright I have to go I will talk to you tomorrow

Me- Bye


That was wierd... He sounds really familiar and looks really familiar too...,.

Oh my god that's taylor caniff

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