I Know You're Out There

Sierra Volcaos, a succubus princess, is sucked into the human world after a bad incident with the Time Masters' son, Oliver Hayes. Meeting up with the human boy she saw in the orb, she finds herself mixed with these feelings she's never had until recently. With her parents desperate to retrieve her and her growing love for the boy. What path will lay its' self before her?


1. There's Always Somebody For Someone

Lacing in the last daisy, a small breeze blew over my skin making me shiver. "Sierra? Sierra, where are you?!" My father shouts before a bush rustles in front of me. I look up and see my father scowling at me, "Your mother said be inside before dinner is ready," He spreads the bush and steps to where I am easily, picking me up by my waist and holding me. His jet black wings open and take us high into the sky.

I hold onto my daisy crown, seeing all the different types of flower bushes I could use to make other flower crowns while we soar over. The kingdom gets closer as my father places his hand on my head, descending onto the ground while the guards open the door. "Come, we must hurry to get there before she's there." Holding onto my left hand, he takes large strides while I have to jog to keep up.

"Before dinner was set, did I not say?" my mother questions fiercely while sitting in her designated chair, hands resting in her lap while her glare says it all. I look up at my father to see him scratching the back of his neck nervously while chuckling.

My small and bare feet pad me over to my mother where she soon looks down at me with a criticizing stare, "I made you a crown mommy," I say softly, almost a whisper.

"Look at this darling crown my baby made for me!" Mother squeals in excitement before standing abruptly while picking me up at the same time. I place the crown on her head and fix an out-of place daisy before she places me down. "My darling could make crowns all day! I must say though that you have improved your work my dear. Now sit and let's eat, shall we?" Mother gives a sinister smile to my father as he sits down at the head of the table between her and I.

A small smile covers my lips while I go sit. I dig into the mixed vegetables first, being that vegetables are my favorite. "Have you been practicing your magic lately?" Mother looks at me with a raised eyebrow.

I swallow what I'm chewing before answering, "Yes mother, I have! Would you like to see?" I ask her enthusiastically. A smile of warmth covers her lips before she answers.

"Maybe after dinner, also Orpheus; you received a letter from the Pier family. They were wondering if they could visit us tomorrow. Maybe Sierra could have a new companion?" I look at my father quickly, he glances with a slightly disapproving face while I can't help but try and hide a smile. He doesn't let a lot of people, much less boys, over here. I guess being the princess isn't the best at times.

"I guess, it's not bad, though," A firm stare settles on me and I freeze in my movement, slowly raising my eyes to his, "You have to take a bath tonight." I physically cringe and start on my lamb chops. Gladias comes around to the table and pours wine for mother and father.

"A great idea your majesty." He glances at me with a teasing smirk."Isn't Maria supposed to be back from her honeymoon soon? I know it's a honey moon but, at least lay off the- Orpheus!" My fathers' shoulders cave in as a loud shout erupts from mother.

I finish my plate quickly, scooting out of the tall chair before grabbing my plate and glass. I bump into Gladias. He takes my plate, "Where are you going Prin-" I dash off to the kitchen with my cup and see the master chef. He glances at me and bows, "Princess Sierr- Sierra," he looks at me, "Please call me Sierra, Master Chef." I curtsy to him as he laughs heartily, taking the cup from my grasp and nodding his head, "Yes Sierra."

"At least let me do my job Princess Sierra," Gladias takes my hand and leads me out of the kitchen whilst I wave a last goodbye.


A soaked Gladias meets my eyes as I laugh. A sigh of disapproval escapes his lips as he slicks his bangs back against his head, scowling at me. I giggle while watching before he grabs my arm, tugging me easily to the edge of the tub, "What exactly was that for, Princess Sierra-" I splash him once again, pulling on my held arm.

"That was for calling me Princess Sierra, and I do not want to be called Princess Sierra. Sierra is just fine- Ah!" Gladias suddenly releases my arm, causing me to fall back into the water. He laughs out while I part the curtain of hair in front of my eyes. He stands, holding out his hand to me. I blush furiously but take his hand, standing and stepping out of the tub. A soft fluffy towel covers me before I'm walked back into my bathroom-connected room.

I sit on the window protruding seat while staring out into the darkening day, "Gladias?"

"Hm?" He sounds as a response.

"Will I ever find my someone?" I ask softly, seeing the stars light up the night while an almost full moon uncovers itself from the clouds. Gladias' flame slowly goes up and down my bare back, drying my white hairs as well as my skin. I shiver from the relaxing feeling.

"Of course you will Sierra," his flame disappears as I hear him stand, leaving me there to myself on the seat before bringing back my sleeping clothes. I slip on my panties and the white silky night gown that comes to my knees before walking to my bed. "Maybe not tonight, maybe not tomorrow; but someday there will be a somebody to your someone" Gladias closes my window and pulls the curtains shut, strolling over to my bedside.

Gladias is so wise, I think as he brings the covers up to my shoulders, and begins to walk away; but not before I grab his wrist. "May you sleep with me tonight, Gladias?" I look up at him while his red widened-eyes glow gently in the dark. Clicking his fingers, the magical lamp dies down before he takes off his shirt; climbing in next to me and pulling me close.

"Yes I may, Sierra," his warm breath whispers into my ear after placing a gentle kiss on my temple. I curl into his figure until he's spooning me before sleep catches up and gently places me in the unconscious, "Good night Princess Sierra."

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