I Know You're Out There

Sierra Volcaos, a succubus princess, is sucked into the human world after a bad incident with the Time Masters' son, Oliver Hayes. Meeting up with the human boy she saw in the orb, she finds herself mixed with these feelings she's never had until recently. With her parents desperate to retrieve her and her growing love for the boy. What path will lay its' self before her?


3. The Truth Revealed / The Runaway

I shift uneasily in the chair between mother and father as well with Gladias behind us. "So you didn't use your powers?" My principal is a fellow succubus, like my family, though that hasn't change anything.

"Sir, I've- She has never been able to use her powers until now. I've told you of the incident and I don't wish to repeat myself," Mothers' words slowly become edged and hissy. Father places an arm in front of her.

"Dearest," Mother bows her head before staring at my principal intensely. Probably imagining flames sprouting around him, "Excuse her Sir. After thee um," He coughs, clearing his throat, "incident, Sierra hasn't been able to use her powers until now. We do express our deepest apologies to Harzald Teme and his son, though I do not honestly think it is fully, her fault. I know we should have kept a close watch on that as well as her developing age. She is to be one hundred and seventeen and she just now unlocks her powers. My deepest apologies."

Warm tears run down my cheek slowly as I listen to my father defend me. Incident? I've never heard of this incident. Why haven't they told me? Is that why my powers just now unlocked? So many questions, "Gladias, take her home please. We will settle things here." I look at my mom with her long silver hair as a small comforting smile appears. A hand places itself on my shoulder before I'm hugged close to my father, "It wasn't your fault dearest, remember that for me,"

The only thing I can do is nod or else I'll sob out uncontrollably. Mom leans over and hugs me as well before I'm lead out by Gladias, "I'm sorry this happened to you Princess Sierra. I shall brew you some of your favorite tea when we get home, and then maybe a game to cheer you up, hm?" My head moves slowly as it feels like nothing. No feelings running through my veins such as anger, sadness or grief. Nothing, I feel nothing.

"Am I a screw up? Gladias?" He turns around quickly before taking my hand and shaking his head.

"Sierra, I should have helped you when you were younger to learn about the possibilities, but your mother, being  who she is, fiercely decided against it." I look up into his red eyes as large tears drench my cheeks. Stepping forward, I bring my arms around to hug his waist tightly, crying like a child who was just found after being lost. "Don't you ever say that you're a screw up Princess Sierra. Your father would have me killed for allowing you to call yourself that."

A choked laugh escapes my lips as I'm held close with a caressing hand to my head. Gladias, thank you. "Now let's get home before they do. You know how your mother gets, so quickly now!" Grabbing his warm hand, we dash down the hall before getting to the main door. I spread my black developing wings while his large red ones unfold. The bright outside blinds me before we take off into the air, set for home where not a problem, happens.


"Check mate Gladias! I win again!!" Throwing my hands up to the air, I dance around him as he stares at the board confused. Grabbing me by my waist, I'm tickled mercilessly.

"Check mate Sierra! I've got you!" My laughing echoes in the room along with the sounds of my struggle to get away. Gladias has always been able to make me feel better, whether or not I needed it. My birthdays are always filled with joy when no one but him and I are there, only when mother and father are away doing business. He lays me on the couch as I pant for air, sitting on a different chair across from me before huffing out a tired breath.

"Gladias," His red eyes look up from the floor to meet mine, "How old are you exactly?" Stretching his back, he groans and leans over, putting a tired head in his hand.

"I think I'm about two hundred and twenty three? No one has asked me that in such a long time that it's hard to keep track!" We share a good laugh before I look out the window, seeing dusk approach slowly. Thinking back, I sit up and hug my knees to my chest. "What's wrong Sierra?"

"Will I ever find my someone?" I ask Gladias softly, letting my blue eyes with his red ones. They start to glow into a deeper red as I look away. Maybe it's my eyes that do the trick. So I can't look at anyone? What if it's smell or do I put out some type of- "Sierra." I snap out of my alluring thoughts. Gladias is now crouched and kneeling on the floor in front of me. His black nailed hand takes my soft and milky one before kissing the back of it.

His red eyes look up at me, passionately? "Maybe not tonight, maybe not tomorrow, " He does remember! "But someday, there will be a somebody to your someone." I blush softly, staring at him before he stands with a smile I've seen all my life. "Let's have some dessert and then relax with a final game, before your parents get home, shall we?" I smile and nod, returning his smile before prancing to the kitchen, giggling. Maybe, Gladias could be my somebody. No no, that's not possible.

A large slam of the door startles Gladias and I as fathers enters with a fit of yelling rage, "I told you we should have told her! This would have never happened if you had listened to me! Women!" His hands are thrown up as he stops short from mothers' reply.

 "Well if you are so smart you narcissistic husband of mine, then why didn't you just ask Harzald?! He would have told you or gave you some advice like how to run a family!! Futue te ipsi!"(Fuck you) Her red spade-tipped tail lashes against the air before she 'calmly' walks up the stone stairwell to repress her anger. "Fiocci non faccio!!"(I don't give a damn) My father yells back up in latin to my mother as his black tail swishes angrily from side to side. She doesn't answer to his reply.

Father grabs a nearby vase and slams it onto the ground, shattering it easily which causes me to flinch. "Father...?" He whips around quickly, black eyes of pure anger staring and causing my fear to leak out. He faces back around to roughly brush back his once slicked back hair with an unsteady hand, "Yes Sierra." His voice is low with a calm anger to it underneath as if to try and calm himself.

"An incident happened? W-Was I a mistake- Princess Sierra!" I look to Gladias as he has stood up from his chair, My hand is raised, stopping him from any further movements. "Sierra, you, are my dearest child, of them all," His shoulders slowly sink, his body caving in as he crashes onto the floor, kneeling now. Stepping over quickly, I watch my step from the broken vase pieces, "You were born much later than the date we anticipated. We thought this wasn't really unnatural due to us mythical creatures having a different time for birth depending on the creature. Though you showed no powers at all, no energy, no anything. We consulted with the family doctor and found out that you were actually," he paused, building a bad feeling in me before I pressured him further.

"What father-" His kneeling form stood before his pitch black wings unfurled themselves quickly. I fell back and looked up at him scared. Fathers eyes were as black as they could be, his chest puffed up as his tail lashed at the ground fiercely before a whimper escaped those tight lips of his. "half human...." My eyes widened as I tried to speak, tears gathered and fell rapidly before mother walked down the stair case.

"Orpheus, what is happening-" Her sentence cut short from the scene of fathers wrath mixed with disappointment as well as the broken vase, "Orpheus, stop, you need to stop!- Say it's not true father please!! Say It's Not True!!" I screamed at him, getting to my feet shakily.

"I didn't want it to be true either Sierra, but it is. I don't know how but, yes I do." I looked up at him slowly, my wide blue eyes full of bad anticipation, "Centuries ago when we were more savage than how we were now, we once had to mate with those god awful creatures just to get an offspring. They were killed though due to acting demonically and the unknowing humans feared that. The doctor said it could be from that, Sierra- SIERRA!!" 

I ran out of the room and up the flight of stairs to my room. The tears never stopped and the shock almost stopped my heart. I can barely breathe. I feel like I'm choking. Slipping on a step, I fell onto the stone staircase. Soft whimpers echoed gently before I got up and winced at my cut hand. The wound wasn't deep and it'd heal in a few minutes. Wait a minute.

Flying to my room quickly, I locked the door as well as the windows, shutting gate curtains for complete concentration. The incantation I learned in school. "I don't think you should look more into that, it's a bad idea." Thank you Oliver.

Grabbing a piece of paper, I drew the incantation and thought of the boy, the human world, the earth, anything from here. Smoke slowly forms and falls over my desk, a bright blue light shining just as it did in class before. Shielding my eyes, I thought back about the other spell she taught us, teleportation.

Chanting the magic words, I could feel a little spark inside my chest ignite. I whimpered but kept chanting, seeing the blonde boy walking down a dark street. A large portal drew itself in space itself, unzipping like a jacket. I grabbed the sides of it and moved it inside the orb.

I'm sorry mom. I'm sorry dad. Gladius, take care of them for me. I took a spare paper and wrote my letter before jumping into the portal.

My body crashed in his terribly, knocking him over as his stuff scattered over the road. I groan while holding my head as I'm grabbed gently by the arm. I look weakly up at the owner, seeing the familiar golden locks, the boy from the orb. Oh god, I feel so dizzy. I-I think I'm gonna pass.. out....

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