I Know You're Out There

Sierra Volcaos, a succubus princess, is sucked into the human world after a bad incident with the Time Masters' son, Oliver Hayes. Meeting up with the human boy she saw in the orb, she finds herself mixed with these feelings she's never had until recently. With her parents desperate to retrieve her and her growing love for the boy. What path will lay its' self before her?


2. The Awakening

"I was so excited when he asked me to the magical dance!"

"I know right?! Oh my bloody stars, I knew he was going to ask you, all the way, you know?" I physically cringed at their high pitches and speed up my walk. A hand catches my shoulder, pulling me back to them, "What's wrong Sierra?"

My face meets up to Travis Lamoureaus, one of the other rich families like mine. His eccentric red eyes meet my soft blue ones, as I let out a breath I didn't know I was holding. "Oh Travis, I didn't realize it was you. Nothing, I'm fine as you could say. So many girls are spewing out their own details about the magical dance and, I can't stand to hear it any longer." I turn sharply into a hallway on my right.

I can hear Travis walking behind me, trying to keep up as I dodge all the irritable people in my way. A small grip on my wing causes me to whimper sexually, a dark blush coating my cheek before I snap back at Travis. He stands strait with a slight blush on his face. "Ahem!" His fingers release my wing. My spade-tipped tail flicks around flustered as I've noticed some people have stopped to watch us.

"Sierra, Wait!" I jog over to the window, clutching my stuff before jumping out and fluttering down to the ground safely. Entering my class in time. I go to sit by the window, pulling out my textbook and sighing. Travis you are so stupid! I've warned you about my wings!

"You have all been very cooperative these past days, so I'm going to teach you all some interesting things today." Mrs.Gales says calmly before pulling out a black book that looks rather old. She blows on it as dust flies off like sand, "The forbidden spells," She glances around, catching some ears, "we are going to learn about."

"As much as you love that one somebody, you can not bring them back to life. That is an obvious thing. I know we may be demons, fairies, and other magical creatures but life and death is not decided by us. Well, they are but you know what I mean!" Laughter fills the room before she starts again, "We will be learning the dimension mirror as well as the teleportation spells." Some groans echo in the room seeing as some of them are naturally born with it.

I bite my finger enough to write in blood the incantation on the paper she's given us. Smoke slowly forms and falls over my desk, I stand and gaze down at what's happening. A bright blue light shines, blinding me before turning into a floating orb figure. "Good job Sierra, thank you for the demonstration, and as for the rest of...."

Her voice drifts off as I'm captivated and curious about this new magic I've just learned about. A boy passes through the orb. Poking at him, the orb focuses on him while I sit again. His blonde curly hair bounces while he runs in a grassy field. Maybe he's a nymph?

He pulls back his leg and kicks a white and black-spotted ball towards laced threads, before cheering. I stare at the orb confused, "Ah, the human world." I jump back startled, looking up to see Mrs. Gales, "Wasteful and disgusting creatures. That's an easy dimension to summon. Though I'm still glad you were able to conjure up one." I rest a cold hand on my racing heart before nodding my silent thanks.

She strolls away slowly while I watch her. I didn't even hear her foot steps. She is scary sometimes. My attention returns to the boy. So he is a human. I touch the orb gently, looking as if I'm touching his back. He jumps and turns around frantically, I snatch my hand away hurriedly. He looks in my direction as I hold my breath. C-Can he see me? Another boy comes over, talking to him. He waves a hand dismissively before looking around again, jogging with the recent boy.

"Mrs. Gales?" I raise my hand after smearing the incantation, making the orb disappear. She walks over quickly with a small smile, "Yes?"

I pick up the bloodied paper, "Are they able to see us, or feel us when we touch the orb?" She laughs at my question before doing an incantation of the human world but a sleeping girl appears this time. She pokes at the girl. She does no extreme reaction but continues to sleep. I tilt my head confused but nod, "Thank you Mrs. Gales."

"Always happy to help." She says before walking away, I open my textbook quickly and search for a possible chance where it can happen. A large ring sounds as people bustle out the door for lunch period. Mrs. Gales leaves as well after grabbing the forbidden book. A small tap comes to my shoulder. I turn around to find myself in the purple eyes of the time masters' son, Oliver.

"I don't think you should look more into that. It's a bad idea." I huff and start to pack up but not before he jumps over me and lands on the other side of my desk easily. "I'm warning you Lady Sierra." His voice is firm and strong which causes me to look at him annoyed. Does he really think I'll listen to him, just because he's the time masters' son? Wait, he can see into the future like his father!

"Oliver have you seen something?" I ask him quietly while dusting off my pink-plaid skirt. He looks at me uneasily, replying hesitantly, "No, I just um, No. No I have not. Do not look into it though it is d-d-dan-g-gerous..." I take off my jacket from the warmth in the room, timing it around my waist before finishing the pick up of my books.

Cocking an eyebrow at him, I place a hand on the desk and slip from the paper I missed, being bent over at this point. A small groan escapes my lips as Oliver places a hand on my back, grazing my wing beforehand. "Mmm!" A bright blush covers my cheeks as I scramble to sit up properly; only to be turned and trapped between the desk and Oliver.

"You know Lady Sierra, I-I've always had a thing for you. Ever since I saw you enter this school three years ago." His breath is minty as it fans my face, his form pressing on me slowly. W-What is wrong with Oliver?! H-He's never done this to me before!

"Oliver I don't know- Say it again, please." His purple eyes darken slowly as they look into mine, "S-say what again?" I stutter as his hands trails down my back before resting on the top of my spread thighs. It feels like my heart skips a beat when he looks at me that way.

"My name, Sierra." His voice is now husky, as he whispers it into my ear. I can't help but whimper as he moves closer between my legs; I curl my hands in a fist on the desk behind me to keep me propped up. A light smell of a manly scent leaks into my senses as I sigh sensually. He roughly kisses my neck, wrapping his arms around the small of my back before sitting back on the bench behind him, bringing my small form to straddle his lap.

"Oliver! W-We can't do this! Mmm~" He nips at the skin of my neck, ignoring any warnings and continues. Laying me on the bench, he towers over me and pants heavily, his eyes now a very dark purple. A small fear blooms in my chest. W-will this be my first time? Here?! I-I don't want this.

His warm hand tugs up my shirt and kisses my skin before slowly reaching the elastic of my skirt, "O-Oliver no," a shaky voice comes out but to no avail does it work. A few tears escape my eyes before Oliver starts slipping them down, "Oliver plea-" Terrified, a sinister smile covers his lips just as he unbuttons his pants. Those deep purple eyes boring into mine, the soul of myself as well. No. Please no!

"Gladias!!!" I screech as the windows shatter, Oliver falling to the ground covering his bleeding ears while crying out in pain. A hand covers my eyes as I panic, clawing at them before a voice calms me, Gladias. His hand pulls up my skirt as I cry into him, "I was so scared, I-I though he would..." My whimpers cloud my words before I can finish a sentence.

A comforting hand pets my hair and shush's me like a child. Pulling me into his grip, I'm rocked as Mrs. Gales runs in alerted. "Who are you?! Sierra, what- Oh my goodness!! Oliver! Oliver!" Gladias whispers a spell in my ear before the comforting, isolated, darkness consumes me. What happened to me... What have I done? I don't remember how this even happened... Gladias, Mother, Father.... I'm so sorry...

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