I Know You're Out There

Sierra Volcaos, a succubus princess, is sucked into the human world after a bad incident with the Time Masters' son, Oliver Hayes. Meeting up with the human boy she saw in the orb, she finds herself mixed with these feelings she's never had until recently. With her parents desperate to retrieve her and her growing love for the boy. What path will lay its' self before her?


6. Exploring the Escapee

"Stay here and do not, I repeat, do not; open the door for anyone, answer a phone, or let anyone see you. Stay in my room and if you really need food, then be careful. Here," He handed me a folded sheet of paper, "I made this for you so don't lose it. It's a map of the house. Do not leave my room unless you absolutely need to.- Harris! Do you need a ride to school honey?" His mother called up as I could see him tense and turn to open the door.

"I will walk today mother. Thank you though. Have a good day at work!" He called down, I crept over and floated, flapping softly to peek over his height at the rest of his house before he closed the door. "Please don't fly either in my house," He stared frankly up at me as I floated down softly, folding my wings,"Thank you."

"Do I have to really stay in your room all day?" I questioned him, tilting my head before I went over to plop down on his bed. He sighed before adjusting his glasses, "Yes, please stay in my room. This is your safe room, if you leave I can't guarantee that you'll be safe if anyone were to look in or someone were to come home and see you."

Nodding slowly, I yawned and rubbed my eye, "Okay, I get it. I'll stay here," another yawn over took my lips before I felt a hand to my head, guiding me gently to his pillow. "I know it's early so get some sleep, I'll be back in about eight hours. I promise Sierra." All I could hear was the door close and my conscious fade on me, luring me back to sleep. His bed is so comfortable.


I'm so bored, and hungry. I rolled over on his bed, staring intensely at the door. A small smirk came across my lips as well as a thought. Maybe one tour wouldn't hurt? Floating over to the door, I opened it before peeking my head out. It is rather large and roomy for such a small amount of people living in here. Hopping down the hallway, I opened doors left and right. A bathroom. A girly room. He probably has a sister. Another large room.  Maybe it's his mothers? Now stairs. Sighing, I float down and onto the wooden floors. Looking around the house, a rumbling sound slowly appears from outside.

"Hm, I wonder what that is." Floating over, a click sounds from the door. Crap!! Flying up quickly to the ceiling, I watch and hold myself quietly up in the corner, breathing softly. The door opens further to reveal a male with a messy head of blonde hair. Harris! Floating down to a good height, I drop myself on his back, "Harris, You're home!"

"What the hell?!" Being shaken off violently, I fall onto the floor landing on my bum. "You!" I don't remember Harris being this violent, wait, me? I look up to see a matured male standing before me, anger and confused, as well as scared. Crap I got it wrong cause of their hair!

Scrambling to my feet quickly, I'm seized by the wrists and held tightly, staring into blue eyes. "I know exactly what you are and you will not harm this house!- Don't harm her! Nathaniel!" Drawing our attention to the door stood Harris. Biting Nathaniel's wrist, a cry came from his lips before his grip released me. "Harris why?- She means no harm Nathaniel!-" Dashing over and behind Harris, I glared at Nathaniel intensely.

Placing a hand on my head, Harris spoke, "I found her- well, She crashed into me one day after school. She really means no harm, please don't tell Mother." Harris, is protecting me, even though he doesn't know me at all. I could feel my heart soften as I looked up at him. His green orbs shined brightly with truth and a plea. I think I know why I like him.

"Why here of all places?! Why not some where else?! Harris you know what she is though right? A succubus of all things! A succubus!" His finger pointed at me critically as he took a step forward. My spade tail whipped around angrily. A small growl escaped my throat as he took another step forward. Being gripped by the arms, I was lifted to stand strait and stare deeply into Harris' eyes. Wait!

"No!" Freeing myself from his grip, I outstretched my wings and flew back to the room quickly. I-I don't want to hurt him. I don't know how to control it!

"Sierra?" I jumped and looked at Harris over my shoulder before turning around, becoming sad from my thoughts. "Sierra, Are you okay?" He's asking me if I'm okay?

"You're not going to molest me?" I held myself tighter, closing my eyes tightly as if that'd keep out the truth.

"No of course not! Why would I? Sierra, please look at me." I can hear him getting closer, step by step.

"I can't, I'm afraid to," my cold hands covered my face as I whimpered, "I don't want to hurt you Harris." a  small warmth enveloped me. "H-Harris! What- Let me hold you, please." Harris is so warm. I wish I could stay like this forever. Turning in my position, I hugged Harris back gently. I've missed hugging someone.

"So you don't only come out at night?" I opened my eyes to see Nathaniel staring at us from the doorway. Startled, I flew up quickly, hitting my head on the ceiling. Harris now laid on the floor from my sudden ascending.

"Nathaniel! She's not comfortable around you! You have to- Do you only come out at night or is that just a myth?" His sharp blue eyes stared at me before I floated down softly, tucking away my wings.

"It is a myth. We don't come just out of your dreams or when you're in a deep sleep. We're always here, but we never reveal ourselves. Except for me." I spoke confidently but soon dashed back behind Harris who now sat himself up on the floor.

His eyes never seem to leave me. I think I'll have to watch out for this one. "As Harris has already said, my name is Nathaniel," His hand brushed through the curly blonde mess on his head. "I am his older brother, if you couldn't tell. I'll keep this a secret but," a smirk slowly crossed over onto his lips, "only if I get to do my own research about you." R-Research?!

"Nathaniel! That is unfair and harassment- I'll do it." Harris looked at me astonished and bewildered. I know what I'm doing and I want to test my limits as well but I'm not sure how.

"Nathaniel! Harris! Are you boys home?" A woman's voice called before they both stiffened.

"I'll be back with dinner," I heard Harris whisper in my ear, "be careful please." Then he was gone and out of the room, continuing his normal life once again while I stand here, hiding in this room.


A creak sounded as footsteps approached, Harris? Crawling out from the closet, I met eyes with Nathaniel before shying away. A smirk covered his lips as he chuckled at me. I'm not sure if I want to go along with his deal.


"So you're a succubus. You can fly, you have a spade-tipped tail, and you have horns with white hair. You are not what I imagined, especially with that sex appeal." I choked on my bread before downing it with water, clearing the passage. What does he know about sex appeal? I'm a succubus, I can make you think I'm the hottest thing you've ever and will ever see! "Have you ever had a boyfriend?"

I lifted my eyes to meet his, "No I haven't-" cut off short by his laughter, the door opened to reveal Harris.

"Nathaniel! Be quiet or else mom will know, you stupid!" Harris whispered loudly before slapping a hand over his brother's mouth. I suppressed a giggle while watching the two brothers fuss quietly. "Has he harassed you at all?" I shook my head, looking down into my dwindling water. Spreading my wings, I quietly floated over to this bathroom, turning on the water and getting some more before returning to my seat.

"How does it feel to fly?"

"It's second nature to me honestly, I've been learning how to fly ever since before I could walk."

"How high can you fly?"

"I'm not really sure, though, higher than humans can obviously. I'd say to your tallest mountain and still be comfortable." The scratching of a pen worked furiously, as Nathaniel wrote down my every word. Why does he care so much about this?

"Do you have any other powers?" Powers? Well they're not really powers to us, just things we've had since birth.

"I can fly, you humans would consider that a power. I have the ability t-to," My words stopped short as I glanced at Harris through my fallen bangs. He was sitting on the edge of his chair, looking curious and very much interested on my answers, "s-seduce anyone, though,- Though?" Nathaniel questioned quickly while looking at me. I shook my head, "I can't control it..." I admitted sadly while bunching up the shorts he had let me borrow.

"What do you mean you can't control it?" Nathaniel asked persistently as I shook my head, feeling my hands tremble.

"I-I don't know, I just can't control it. Please- So how does it work?" Another question was thrown at me while I tried to answer quickly and be done with it.

"Usually when I look into someone's eyes- Does it work on everybody?" Please stop asking!

"I-I guess it does-" Before I knew what was happening, I was grabbed and held up to stand, staring into blue eyes like a stormy sea. No, Please no! I shut my eyes tightly, trying to pry off his strong stubborn grip, "Look at me Succubus and seduce me! Seduce me if you can!" Nathaniel commanded loudly as I felt tears brim my eyes.

"No!!" I shouted loudly as my tail wrapped around his arm tightly, ripping him off while throwing him to the ground. Flying over to the window, I fumble with the lock as a stern hand grips my wing, making a loud sensual whimper escape. Not again! Please not again!

"Grab her Harris!!" I could hear Nathaniel urge desperately as arms wrapped around my waist. No don't touch me! I lifted the window open, flying through easily and escaping into the night sky.

Humans are so frightening! Their desire to know so much is horrifying! The questions never stop, they get a mad look in their eye if you tell them something good to them. I-I'm not sure if I ever want to go back, e-even if...

I glanced over my shoulder to see a Harris reaching out for me from his window with a certain look I couldn't quite place. Worry? Loneliness? No, he wouldn't be worried about me so soon, It's only been a day since I crashed into him.

I'm sorry Harris, but I'll find another way to be with you. Without the questions filling every bit of me and frightening me of this human world. Without a second thought, I flew into the sky, further and further away from Harris and his elder brother. Soon, we'll be together soon and I'll practice my magic to get better at it.

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