I Know You're Out There

Sierra Volcaos, a succubus princess, is sucked into the human world after a bad incident with the Time Masters' son, Oliver Hayes. Meeting up with the human boy she saw in the orb, she finds herself mixed with these feelings she's never had until recently. With her parents desperate to retrieve her and her growing love for the boy. What path will lay its' self before her?


5. Closet Girl

I awoke on a feeling of clouds, so soft. I took a smell, it smells nice too. Wait, clouds don't have a scent. Sitting up, my eyes were met with a medium sized room with the galaxy painted across the walls while the ceiling held the moon. My mouth dropped open in amazement before the door opened, I stood but fell from my foot being wrapped in a blanket. "Miss, are you okay?" I'm in a guys' room?!

I peeked over the edge of the bed I fell off of before staring at the boy. His eyes gazed into mine easily with a curious interest. My light blue eyes widened from the captivating green held in his eyes. They remind me of a flourishing field where the fairies stay. I looked down to his hands past the navy vest over a white shirt to see, food?! I restrained myself from jumping over to take it before glaring at him. "Hello?"

I looked up to him and said softly, "Food," He leaned forward physically before stepping further into the room, I backed up against the wall behind me to be next to a mahogany dresser, "I'm not going to hurt you. I know what you are as well." I shot up surprised.

"How do you know what I am?! Did you already sell me out to the scientists and you are their helper!?" He placed down the silver tray full of food. He chuckled before sitting in the chair next to the table he placed it at, crossing his left leg over his right and folding his hands over his lap before making eye contact with me. "I already told you that I am not going to hurt you, Succubus."

I sucked in a breath to retaliate against what he had said but not before my stomach groaned allowed. A blush coated my cheeks as he laughed and nudged the tray closer to the side of the table facing me. I glanced up at him. I'm so embarrassed.


"So how did you get here, or is that a secret?" He asked while hiding the extreme interest in his voice as I ate the sandwiches he brought. I looked up at him and finished chewing before swallowing, clearing my throat with some chamomile tea he also brought. "Well it's not classified to me but you have no way in using it." I sat up strait in my chair as when I was taught at a young age. He tilted his head as in indicating a further, wanted, explanation.

"Everyone is born with magic- So I can use it then?" I stared at him irritably for interrupting me, "Sorry, go on," I opened my mouth and waited, eyeing him for any more questions. "Some are able to keep their magic more than others and you humans, have lost most of it. " His face dropped slightly but still held interest in my little lesson. "Some, however, have trained themselves to gain back their magical abilities, but the human life is too short to fully master is. There are also the ancient myths of how we "monsters", as you humans call us, came to being." I took the cup half full of tea and sipped it quietly, as I was also taught when I was young.

He looked down questionably at his lap with a hand covering his mouth. His green eyes are so pretty! they must have some type of nymph or fairy in him- "So I do have magical abilities?" He questioned, motioning a hand to me. I nodded. "I can't ever truly have them though can I-Harris! I'm home sweetie!" Harris tensed and looked around frantically as I stood up calmly.

"What's wrong Harris-" His hand clamped over my mouth as he made a shushing sign with his finger over his lip. "My mother can not see you, can you turn invisible?" He desperately asked as she called again, "Harris?" I shook my head as he groaned before looking back at the door. The woman' foot steps slowly got louder and closer  before he grabbed me by the shoulders, opened a door and pushed me into a dark room. Slowly closing the door, he whispered, "Please just keep quiet," before closing it fully. I wonder who scares him this much to hid me. Wait. I am a succubus with horns and a spade-tipped tail. No wonder Harris had to hide me. The door opens suddenly with a woman' loud voice calling out, "Harris?!"

"Yes Mother?" Harris said rather calmly to his mother. Oh his mother? Mother...

"I was calling for you! Did you not hear me?" I could hear her step into the carpeted room, my tail swishes slowly with interest.

"I am sorry Mother, I was eating while in deep thought. I did not mean to seem rude by 'ignoring' your calls," He sounds so formal. I wonder if he is also from a rich family. Is this his castle?

"As long as you know. Take a shower and prepare for your bed time, seeing as you've already eaten- It is so late! You need to get to bed now!" Her foot steps got closer and closer to the room I was in. Crap! Taking slow and guided steps, I went further and further back before hiding under some fabric I found.

"Mother, Mother! It is fine, I can get ready by myself. Thank you, I love you," small chills flew up my spine from those small three words as I heard a small sound.

"It's like you're all grown up now," a small sniff sounded, "Good Night Harris, Sweet dreams, I love you too." Her foot steps slowly receded before a door was closed and a sigh of relief followed. The door opened to the room I was in before a light turned on.

"Miss?" He whispered, calling for me. I silently giggled as my tail swished slowly. "Where'd you go? Succubus?" The fabric I hid under was soon ripped from over me, I looked up surprised with a smile. "I've found you," He smiled back before holding out a hand to me. I giggled softly, reaching for his hand before freezing, remembering Gladias.

"I've found you Princess Sierra," I giggled and squealed as Gladias held out his hand to me. I took it before curtsying and running away with laughter sounding from my lips."Princess Sierra!" I turned around and pulled my bottom eye lid while sticking out my tongue at him before stretching my small wings, flapping them to take off. I lifted off the ground a couple of feet before Gladias grabbed me by my waist and tickled me over his lap, "I've gotcha'!" My laughter echoed in the castle. The large, lonely castle I once called home. "Succu- Succubus? Miss!"

Huh? I met green eyes staring me intensely into my light blue ones. "Are you okay Miss Succubus?" I nodded at him blushing softly as a wet feeling fell off my chin. What? Wiping my face, I realized I was crying. Standing suddenly, I bump my head and result in a crouching position from where I was, once again. "Are you sure you're okay?"

"Y-yea, I'm fine. Thank you." Looking up I realized I bumped my head on a shelf. I let out a huff before hearing a chuckle. He was laughing with a wide smile while holding his stomach and leaning back, "I-I'm sorry, b-but that was so funny!" The shelf sat over me as I looked at it before laughing with him.


Stepping out of the bathroom, I looked around to see Harris laying on his bed reading a book before a yawn took over his features, "Thank you for letting me shower." He glanced from behind his book before hiding behind it. "Harris, are you okay?" I asked carefully before stepping closer.

"Y-Yea, I-I'm fine. Y-You just need some clothes..." I looked down and blushed, backing into the bathroom once again and shutting the door. I waited quietly before a small knock came to the door. I cracked the door, peering out to see a golden haired boy holding out clothes. Taking them quickly, I shut the door and let out a timid  breath. "Thank you Harris," I tried to press my ear to the door but only bumped my horn it. I could hear Harris chuckle before walking away, "You're welcome Miss Succubus."

Lifting up a pair of panties I slipped them on before the shorts, buttoning up the white shirt. I stepped out and saw Harris snoozing in his bed, a soft giggle escaped my lips before I crept over softly. His eye lashes are so long, why do boys always have such long eye lashes? I winced and held my chest, what was that? My eyes gazed over his body, staring and remembering the details. A small scar crossed over his right eye brow as his hair splayed over the pillow. His breathing was slow and comforting but tantalizing.

I could feel my chest tighten up as I looked at his lips. They were a smooth shade of pink while being slightly parted, letting out alluring breaths. What's happening to me? I-I can't stop thinking about him! "Oh, you're finished?" I flinched in my spot before focusing on Harris once again. He stretched his arms, flexing the developing muscles before letting out a small groan. My tail flickered and swayed in delight as I began to feel hot. I turned and walked over to the closet I came out of, covering my eyes. Calm down Sierra! You can't hurt him too. Just don't let him look at you in the eyes.

"What is your name by the way Miss Succubus?" I jumped and flew to the not so very high ceiling, bumping my head as well as my horns, "What was that Harris?" I looked down at him, gazing into those green beauties.

"I asked what your name was, you already know mine, and I was wondering if I could know yours?" His hand reached around to scratch his neck nervously as he smiled sheepishly. I floated down gently before smiling back as well, "My name is Sierra, Harris." curtsying with an invisible dress. Darn these habits.

I let out a tired yawn, rubbing my eyes before I felt my lower back being touched and pushed gently. Casting a glance over my shoulder it was Harris, he's not much taller than me, but I still do have to look up at him. "Time for bed Sierra, Goodnight." He said, leaving me at one side of the bed before turning off the lights. I gazed up to see glowing stars on the ceiling  before I climbed in. Wait, am I really gonna share a bed with Harris?! I jumped up and took the top blanket before running to the closet with a pillow as well, "Sierra?"

"I'm gonna sleep in here, sorry Harris, Good night Harris." I said before shutting the door and walking to the back where another blanket laid on the floor from where I hid in it. I laid the blankets as a makeshift bed and curled under one, holding my pillow closely. I wonder what the human world is like outside of Harris' room. I thought before my conscious fell asleep on me.

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