Life Sucks Love Hurts And Friendship Kills

Skylar is a girl in grade seven she just wants to fit in. Everyone has another side, and SMILES can only hide so much.


1. School


I was walking down the halls the bell rang for us to get inside and i put all my stuff in my locker and grabbed my binder and pencil case. I went into my class and took my seat, my first class was English so i opened my binder and flipped to the English section took out a pencil and eraser and started taking notes on the lesson. We were talking about space and the atmosphere. I was just a random girl that was part of many fandom's and had a crush on a boy named Damien, he was friends with all the boys. I had three close friends Jenny,Ember and Cindy. I was close friends with Jenny ever since grade one now in our second year of high school we are still really close. After the class ended I walked with Jenny we were on our way to the our lockers and we ran into Damien prom was this year so i kinda just looked at him and blushed. Jenny just glared at me and i saw it from the corner of my eye. I just ignored it and assumed she saw something or remembered something she didn't want to and was just out of it. I'm going to go to the cafe i'll see you around, Jenny said. I looked at her and she walked away, something was definitely up with her. Damien was still talking and i could barely focus on his words until he asked me one thing. Do you want to be my girlfriend? he asked me. I looked at him shocked and said Yes of course i would like to be your girlfriend, i said. 


I was at home and i was on my computer when my phone rang, I answered it.

D: Hey what are you doing

S: Oh hey Damien just playing games on my computer

D: Would you like to go out to a restaurant or something

S: Yeah i would love too

D: Give me your address i'll come pick you up

S: Okay but where are we going

D: Somewhere pretty

S: Okay pick me up in two hours 

D: Okay


I was looking through my closet and found a pair of white jeans and a pink camo-shirt i put them on, then i grabbed a gold necklace. I put my hair up in a messy bun, put on some lipstick and mascara. I heard a knock at the door and ran to get it, Damien was standing there with flowers. Oh my GOD Damien there so pretty thank you, I said. He walked into the apartment and put the flowers on the table and kissed me on the cheek. I blushed, looked down and smiled. He chuckled and pulled my chin up with two fingers and said why are you so damn beautiful.

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