Simon's Daughter

The boys of One Direction never knew Simon had a daughter and Simon wanted to keep it that way. Simon was very overprotective of his daughter and knew that one of the boys would try to win her over, which gave him the idea of "hiding" her from the boys.

*It may seem pretty lame in the beginning, but it gets better :)*


8. Chapter 8

Julia's POV:
The room was silent. Nobody knew what to do or say. I could tell my father was due to explode any minute now.

"What is this?" He asked, trying to keep calm, but I knew it wouldn't last long.

"I-I um... u-u-uh..." I didn't know what to say. I was panicking too much on the inside. "How did you get that...?" Words finally came to me.

"It was an anonymous message. But I'm glad that this person sent it to me. Did you really think I wouldn't have found out about this?" He asked with a scoff. "And exactly why are you still wearing glasses inside, Jules?" He stood up and walked over to all of us.

"It's because I, um...-" before I could try and make up an excuse, he took the shades off of me, and I looked down.

"It's because you're hungover. Aren't you?" He crossed his arms, and I nodded my head silently. "And I suppose you wanted to take advantage of her while she was drunk?" He turned to Niall, and showed him the picture.

"WHAT!?" I nearly screamed. "Daddy, Niall is the one who took me home last night. He took care of me, he didn't try to get me in bed with me!" I yelled, and scoffed. Ew, that's disgusting.

"Simon, I-I swear I would never try to do that with Julia. Or anyone for that matter. I respect her and I took her home with the help of Christa." He motioned towards Christa, who's face showed worry like everyone else's face.

"Right, Christa." He then walked over to Christa and faced her. "I'm  very disappointed in you, Christa." He shook his head and made his way back to his desk.

"Dad, I'm sorry..." I mumbled, feeling tears forming in my eyes.

"Really? Sorry you went 'clubbing' last night, or sorry you got caught?" He said, shaking his head. " Jiall is trending all over Twitter. Do you see what you've caused? You'll get mobbed by paparazzi!" He yelled this time, making us all jump a little.

"I can handle-" I was cut off.

"No, you can't! This has never happened to you before, I doubt you can handle this!" He ran his hand through his hair and looked back up at me. "I am so disappointed. I'm sure your mother would be too..." He trailed off. That was my breaking point. I turned around and ran out of the door, and the tears ran freely down my cheeks.

Niall's POV:
I saw Julia run out of the room, and my heart broke. I felt really bad for her, and I feel like it's all my fault. Instead of begging her to come sit back with us, we just let her stay at the bar. She and Christa shouldn't have been able to even come in. They're underage, and I'm sure that's one of the reasons Simon is upset.

"I'm upset at each and every one of you." he spoke, not making eye contact with us. He just waved his hand, dissmissing us from his office. We all walked out with our heads hanging low, not sure what to say.

Liam's POV:
I'm sure we all felt bad for Julia. She was hungover, and being yelled at by Simon. All I can think of is who would send that picture? It's like somebody knew Julia would be in trouble, so they sent it on purpose.

I could see Harry's eyes filled with jealousy. He looked, down and went on his phone. I couldn't tell what he was doing but I saw some sort of picture with Julia and Niall last night at the club. It was a picture of Julia cupping Niall's face when she told him he was sweet, and Christa stood behind them

No, it couldn't be. I looked towards Harry who was just looking down at the ground. Harry would never do that to a person. Why would I even think that? I'm such a horrible person for thinking things like that.
Christa's POV:
I tried calling Julia over and over, but her phone was turned off. I knew the last place she would be is in her house, so I knew that couldn't be there. I thought for a while thinking and thinking. I didn't know my way around here too well, but I did know a few places. When we were younger and I visited, she always took me to this park that was pretty much unheard of. We would always hang out by the lake and lay down in the grass. Each of us spotted clouds that reminded us of different things. She had to be there.
I saw a figure, laying in the grass by the lake. I walked closer and saw long brown hair, and I smiled lightly to myself. I layed next to her, and she didn't look at me once.

"What have I done?" she asked, sighing. "I basically jeopardized Niall's career."

"No you didn't. Your father heard the truth, and I'm positive he believed you." I turned my head and looked at her, as she did the same.

"Well he's still upset at me. I'm the worst daughter ever." she mumbled and I saw tears coming down her face.

"Jules, he has a right to be upset at you. You're only 17 years old, and you went out and got drunk. That's illegal!" I kept my voice calm, not wanting to upset her any more.

"I know, and I regret it. But what do I do?" She asked, sniffling.

"You need to talk to him." I gave her an honest answer. I felt awful for her.

"You're right..." she muttered. I stood up, and helped her up with me.

"I know." I giggled a little and saw her smile. "Now let's get you back home, okay?"
Julia's POV:
Christa and I walked into the house, and I was pretty nervous. She pat my back and went upstairs to my room, while I went and sat on the couch. I waited about 5 minutes until my father entered. He turned to look at me and we were both frozen.

"Julia, before you-" I cut him off, as I stood up and ran to hug him.

"Daddy, I'm so sorry. I love you so much." I cried into his chest, and I felt him kiss the top of my head.

"Don't cry, sweetheart. I love you too, okay? I was just disappointed in you for what you did." He stated, rubbing my back with his hand. He led me to the couch, where we both sat down and I leaned my head on his shoulder.

"So what's my punishment?" I asked him, slightly looking up at him.

"No going out for a week." He stated. Only a week? Hm, he was being generous.

"Fine." I sighed.

"And..." He held his finger up before adding another rule.

"And what?" I asked, scared.

"This." He said quickly, before tickling my sides. I squirmed and giggled, trying to get loose of his grip. He picked me up over his shoulders, and started walking up the stairs.

"Put me down!" I yelled, making an echo throughout the house. He opened the door to my room, and I saw Christa looking up, laughing. He dropped me on my bed, and I laughed.

"Here's your cousin back, Chris." he said, chuckling a bit. "Oh and Christa, no going out for the night." then he left the room.

"YAY! You two made up!" Christa clapped her hands like an excited toddler. "What's your punishment?"

"No going anywhere for a week. Meanwhile you just can't go out for one night." She stuck her tongue out at me and rolled my eyes. I decided to check my twitter, and saw that I had thousands and thousands of new followers, not to mention even the boys. I smiled and showed Christa my screen.

"I know! I got a bunch too, after posting that picture of you and Niall at Starbucks today." She smiled.

"What!? That's just going to make people think we're dating even more!" I almost yelled.

"Don't worry, I said you two were only friends." She playfully hit my arm.

"Julia_Cowell: What a day :/ " I tweeted. In less than a minute, I received hundreds of favorites and other notifications. I noticed one reply in particular.

"NiallOfficial: Text me! :) ". I smiled and shot him a quick text.

To: Niall
From: Me

' Hey :) '

To: Me
From: Niall
' You okay, now? '

To: Niall
From: Me
' Yeah, thanks for checking up on me :) '

To: Me
From: Niall
' Sure, no problem! So how much trouble did you get in? '

To: Niall
From: Me
' No going anywhere for a week :/ '

To: Me
From: Niall
' Aw, man. I was going to ask if you wanted to maybe hang out tomorrow. '

To: Niall
From: Me
' Well he never said anyone couldn't come over? ;D '

To: Me
From: Niall
' Uh...are you sure about that? You could get caught.'

To: Niall
From: Me
' Don't worry, I'll ask him. He'll definitely say yes. He always falls for "the face" I give him. '

To: Me
From: Niall
' Aha, and what exactly is "the face" ? '

To: Niall
From: Me
' Maybe I'll show you tomorrow? Goodnight, Niall. xx '

To: Me
From: Niall
' Goodnight, Julia :). xx '

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