Simon's Daughter

The boys of One Direction never knew Simon had a daughter and Simon wanted to keep it that way. Simon was very overprotective of his daughter and knew that one of the boys would try to win her over, which gave him the idea of "hiding" her from the boys.

*It may seem pretty lame in the beginning, but it gets better :)*


5. Chapter 5

Julia's POV:
I looked up and finally saw who our dinner guests were. One Direction. I glanced over at Christa who's face showed a worried, yet confused look.

"Welcome, boys. I'm glad you showed up." I looked at my dad who gave me a wink. Really? After all these years he's finally letting them see me? Maybe what I said earlier finally knocked some sense into him...

"Hello Simon." the 5 beautiful boys chorused in unison. I looked at each of them carefully. I'be never really 'observed' them before. Yeah I saw them in magazines, and when Niall caught me at Starbucks, and at the studio earlier but I was trying to hide then. I could finally look them in the eyes.

"Please, take a seat." my father motioned for them to sit down. They all looked like they were in awe. I would always see them glance from me, to Christa, and back and forth. Niall sat on the left of me, and Harry sat on the right of me. I just smiled not really knowing what to say. "Gentlemen, this is my niece, Christa." he gestured towards Christa, who had a small blush forming on her cheeks.

"Hi." she said, and gave them a small wave. Zayn and Louis were sitting on each side of her, while Liam sat on the opposite side of my father at the end of the table. They all looked very handsome, and fancy. They each wore a tux, with a bowtie or tie, and had a jacket over their dress shirts.

"And I'm sure you already know my daughter, Julia." daddy looked at me and pointed. The boys all gave me a small wave as they did to Christa.

"Nice to  finally meet you..." I muttered under my breath, but nobody could hear. Except for one person. Christa kicked me underneath the table and I flinched. "Hello." I said with a forced smile playing on my lips. I guess Niall saw Christa kick me under the table, because he let out a quiet laugh. I blushed and just looked down at my fingers.

"So how old are you girls?" Louis had the courage to speak first out of the lads. He smiled at the both of us, and Christa and I looked at each other.

"We're both 17." Christa answered for me, which I was thankful for. I honestly didn't want to even be here. I'd rather be anywhere else than here. Or just in my room. But I couldn't stand being in the same room as my father. I just couldn't.

"By your accent I'm guessing you're from America?" Liam asked Christa.

"Yep. I'm just visiting Jules and Uncle Si for a couple months. She nodded her head and looked at Liam. I hoped that nobody else would ask me questions, but I knew that they would. Before anybody could ask another question, Marcus and the chefs entered carrying silver platters. I realized that I wasn't really hungry. Even though the only thing I had to day was Starbucks (which was about 7 hours ago), I didn't have much of an appetite. As soon as the platters were placed on the table, Niall's eyes widened. Everybody dug in and had a little of everything.

I was the only person who had about 3 things on my plate, and they weren't even as big as my fists. I noticed my father looking over at me, but I didn't bother looking back. I knew he was just going to criticize every little thing I did. I felt someone nudge my arm, and I turned to look at Harry. He had a big, cheeky, grin on his face.

"Not hungry?" he asked trying to make conversation seeming as though everybody else was in one. Instead of actually speaking, I shook my head continued moving my food on my plate not bothering to eat it. After about 10 minutes of boredom, I decided that I was done, and wanted to leave.

"Wow, that was really good, but I'm stuffed. It was nice meeting you guys, but I should go. Not really feeling well." I started getting out of my chair when I was interrupted.

"Julia. Sit." I heard my father say sternly. I could tell he was trying not to yell. The room was silent. I sighed, and sat back down in my seat. My head lowered, and there I was staring at my fingers again. I saw Christa as I was sitting down and she rolled her eyes at my actions. I bit the inside of my cheek, as I endured the awkward silence. "Julia, in the kitchen please." I heard my dad say.

Ah, shit. Here we go again.

Christa's POV:
I thought Julia would actually be on her best behavior after Uncle Simon told her earlier. I guess she was in a really pissy mood today. I was actually very disappointed in her actions. I knew for sure her mother would not be very proud of her right now.

"Julia, in the kitchen please." I heard Uncle Simon's stern voice as Julia stood up and walked to the kitchen. Before standing, he sighed and followed his daughter into the kitchen. I couldn't really make out the words that were being thrown back and forth towards one another, but I knew I heard something about my Aunt (Julia's mother).

" new happening for you guys lately?" I asked trying to break the tension still hanging in the room.

"Just working on our album, and getting ready to go on tour, and rehearsing. The usual." Niall said, still scarfing down food. I nodded my head.

"What's it like being related to Simon?" Louis asked.

"It's, um...interesting." I let out a small laugh and received smiled from all of the boys. "Some people question me about my last name, but sometimes don't make the connection."

"What about Julia?" Zayn asked, suddenly seeming more interested than before.

"Well since Uncle Si had her 'hiding' from you guys, some people don't recognize her. Mostly only people at her school know who her father is. But she doesn't have any friends there." I sighed, feeling sympathetic for Jules.

"Wait, why not?" Liam frowned.

"Because people only want to be her friend to be famous. It's really messed up if you ask me." I shrugged my shoulders, as I saw Marcus come, and collect our plates. A moment later, I saw Julia come back with Uncle Simon. Her facial expression showed she didn't seem too pleased with what just happened. As soon as she sat down, I nudged her under the table with my foot. She looked up and I mouthed:  'Are you okay?' She just nodded and looked back down.

"Hey, Simon? Where's your washroom?" Niall asked.

"Julia, would you please show Niall to the washroom?" I heard Uncle Simon ask Julia.

Julia's POV:
"Of course." I forced out another smiled and stood up with Niall following behind me. I led him out of the dining room and over to the washroom. He was a bit chatty on the way there.

"You look very nice tonight." He smiled widely just trying to be friendly.

"Thanks." I said as I blushed. I realized Niall is a very sweet guy. Very hungry too.

"No problem, love." He replied back and I pointed towards the wahsroom. He nodded and walked inside, as I turned on my heels in the other direction. I walked back into the dining room seeing that everyone was in a conversation. I saw Zayn's eyes staring at me. He looked up and down at me, but I just quickly walked back to my seat.
"Thanks for coming, lads I'll see you tomorrow." my dad said to the boys. I shook each of their hands, as did Christa. When I got to Niall, I looked up as he offered his hand. I smiled at him and shook it. His hand was so soft, and his sparkling blue eyes were beautiful.

"You have pretty eyes." I told him. He smiled and I let go of his hand.

"As do you." he replied with a wide grin. "Goodnight, Julia." He winked at me and walked out of the house with the rest of the boys.

What the hell just happened?  
Hope You Like It. I Been Working Hard On This Book. ~HellloooAngiee
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