Simon's Daughter

The boys of One Direction never knew Simon had a daughter and Simon wanted to keep it that way. Simon was very overprotective of his daughter and knew that one of the boys would try to win her over, which gave him the idea of "hiding" her from the boys.

*It may seem pretty lame in the beginning, but it gets better :)*


3. Chapter 3

Julia's POV:
"Julia Anne-" before my father could finish my full name, he froze seeing theboys. Wow. Well we're in a pickle now, aren't we? He cleared his throat, and motioned me to come outside into the hallway. "What are you doing!? Why would you let them in there?" He nearly yelled at me, but he had to keep his voice down so the boys couldn't hear.

"U-Uh I don't know. I panicked! They were looking for you and-" he cut me off, not bothering to even listen to what I had to say.

"Okay, well it doesn't matter, they are not supposed to know who you are Julia!" He said in the same tone. I rolled my eyes and began to go back into the dressing room to get my things. I was pissed off for sure. Everything just happens to be my fault doesn't it? Well whatever, I'm sick of it. I ran back into the dressing room not caring if they saw me or not. I ran back out into the hallway and spotted Christa coming back. I ran over to her and dragged her along with me. "Julia, where do you think you're going?" he crossed his arms and spoke with a stern tone.

"Anywhere but here." I spat back at him. "I don't know why you're doing all of this. I'm 17 years old, I don't need you babying me all the time!" I yelled, walking down the hall with Christa by my side.

We got outside of the studio and I gave my keys to Christa, telling her I would be taking a walk and that she could go home. I'm guessing she didn't want to upset me anymore, so she walked over to mycar, and drove away. I'm sick of having to live like this. They're just boys. I see boys all the time I don't understand what the difference would be anyways. Whatever, It doesn't matter.

Zayn's POV:
When we all made ourselves comfortable on the couch beside the strange girl, Simon came through the door.

"Julia Anne-" he stopped in his tracks and looked at all of us. He gave us a nervous smile and asked for the girl to step out with him.

"I'll bet you that's Simon's 'mistress'." Louis joked around. We all couldn't help but laugh a little.

"He seemed pretty upset. Why do you think that is?" Liam questioned. The rest of us just shrugged, not really knowing what was going on. A moment later, the girl known as 'Julia Anne' stormed back into the room, grabbing her belongings, then storming right back at. I could see the anger in Simon's face and the boys and I really wanted to know what was going on. We've never seen that girl before. But I must admit, she was pretty fit.

"Hey, wasn't that the same girl from Starbucks?" Niall asked. Well all took a moment to remember the morning's previous events and it seemed as though he was right. It was the same girl who bumped into Niall in Starbucks. Hm. Who knew she was going to the same place we were.

Simon's POV:
After Julia left, I let out a long sigh not knowing what to do. It's obvious the boys had seen her, but thank goodness they didn't know who she exactly was. I walked back into the room, getting ready to tell the boys what time they'd be performing on the show.

"So Uncle Si. Let me guess? Was that your mistress?" Louis questioned me and all the boys broke out into laughter. I didn't know how to cover this one up. But I guess it was time to tell them. Julia had a point, though. My little girl was already 17, and there was nothing I could do about it.

"No," I muttered.

"Then who was-" before Zayn could finish asking, I finally told them. After 3 years. Finally.

"That was my daughter." I sighed looking at each and every boy's face. They were all pretty identical; their jaws dropped, and eyes widened. Well the truth was out and no stopping it now.

Niall's POV:
As soon as Simon finally told us who she was, we didn't believe him one bit. She didn't really look like him at all. Then it hit me. Simon Cowell's daughter bumped into me and I had no idea who she was.

"That's a good one. No really, who is she?" Harry then asked. Simon repeated himself, not leaving out one detail.

"Woah..." was all that escaped our mouthes. She was a very beautiful girl by the looks of it. Long, brown hair, big brown eyes. She was very fit.

"How old is she?" Zayn asked almost immediately.

"Well why don't you ask her? Tonight I'm inviting you lads over for dinner. Be there by 7." Simon nodded at us and left the room.

"Wow, she's hot." Harry said with a large grin on his face, before he was hit on the arm by Zayn.

"Don't even think about it pretty boy. She's definitely going to be mine." Zayn added with a smirk. I rolled my eyes at the both of them and chuckled.

Tonight's dinner will be...interesting.


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